Why Money Won’t Solve Your Money Problem

money man

Have you ever told yourself something like this, “Once I make this last car payment, then I’ll have more money and then my financial situation will change” or “After I get this next raise, then I’ll be better able to make ends meet”? ‚   I suspect you have, at one time or another in one way or another.

Let’s walk through an illustrative example.

Think back to what you were making five years ago.

Fast forward two years from there and think about what you were making three years ago. The majority of us experienced some kind of increase, whether annual raises or promotions, in that two-year timeframe. Let me ask you, did you have fewer money problems as a result of that financial increase? ‚   Probably not.

In fact, many of us may have been worse off as our income increased. ‚   The reason is simple. It does not matter how much you make.

What matters is how much money you keep.


Your expenses have to be less than your income or you will always be upside down.

If you are not committed to living within your means now, that commitment doesn’t come when you have more money. ‚  

In my opinion, blaming your financial problems solely on a lack of money can be an excuse for taking personal responsibility to live within your means.

Your turn: Do you agree or disagree with me?