Two Books That Will Change Your Financial Destiny

debt proof living

Some day I will write a book (or two or three). ‚   One will be about our journey to get out and stay out of debt (and one might be about my adventures in life including a year in the Amazon as a missionary, having Juan Berenguer [former World Series pitcher] work as a roofer on my house, and the time I was an extra in the Christian Slater film “Untamed Heart, but I digress…). ‚   The book about our journey to financial freedom will outline the attitudes that kept us broke, how we organized ourselves including making a spending plan and expense tracking, and common financial temptations and how to overcome them.

‚   Until my New York Times bestseller is written and hits the market, I am going to recommend two other books that will help you in your journey to financial freedom.

My top pick for a money book that will change your life is Debt Proof Living by Mary Hunt. ‚   Mary addresses your money mindset, but gives practical step-by-step instructions on how to get organized in a way that anyone can do. ‚   You won’t have an excuse for staying in a financial mess once you read this book.

Many folks rave about Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. ‚   I only read it recently and enjoyed it, but prefer Mary Hunt only because she gives some step-by-step instructions that Ramsey assumes you are able to do – and frankly, when we were in debt I needed hand holding. ‚   Ramsey’s book talks through 6 baby steps that take you from broke to retired wealthy because you make smart decisions along the way. ‚   Inspiring and will help you create a vision for a better future than you can see today.

For all who wonder how we got out of debt, what did we do, and how can you get started yourself, check out these books from the library.

Just having the books in your hands won’t change your life, it is actually DOING WHAT THE AUTHORS RECOMMEND that will make a tremendous impact. Go do it. ‚   I dare you.

Your turn: Which books or online resources have been a tremendous help to you in your journey to financial freedom?