Top 5 Money Saving Tips for College Life

College life can be regarded as one of the most crucial aspects of a person`s life. There are about 24.2 million students that are enrolled for undergraduate programs in colleges in the US. Regarding this, we should appreciate that students going to college are generally exposed to an entirely new environment, and it is at this point that they can enjoy freedom in the world of academics. In addition to this, they have to concurrently learn myriads of things that will enable them to achieve success in their years ahead.

It is important to note that students need to prepare themselves in advance for settling in life after they have completed their higher-level studies. One of the most vital things that a college should learn is the art of saving money effectively. This is because these money-saving principles that they cultivate while still in college go a long way in enabling them to manage their funds later in their lives. In light of this, below are some of the most outstanding ways that a college student can use to inculcate a money-saving culture while still in college.

1. Save Money by Cutting on Unnecessary Costs

You’ll be surprised at the vast amounts of cash that you can save when you do away with some habits. An excellent example of this is saving money when you keep yourself from buying things on impulse. Strive to stop yourself from giving in to the temptation of spending all your money on something like a dress when you’re walking by a store without prior plans of doing so.

You could also try cutting down on living expenses such as fuel costs by taking a public transportation means instead of driving your car to school on a daily basis. You should also try buying clothes and even electronics among other items during the festive season when there are myriads of discounts. If going on vacation, look the best deals on budget vacations. These are but some small examples of how cutting costs could, in the long run, lead you into saving vast sums of money.

2. Save Money on Books

In most colleges around the globe, lecturers or professors teach students using notes or any other form of data that they collect via research work. With this in mind, you find that the need for textbooks gets reduced and in some cases even becomes ruled out in its entirety. Therefore, before you set off to buy a textbook or get it on rent, it is of the essence for you to first do some detailed research work to establish whether you require that book.

It is highly likely that you will find some notes from online sources or even old students that will serve to suffice your reading needs at no cost!

This, in turn, will result in you saving your cash which could be otherwise spent in the renting or purchase of these textbooks. In addition to this, you could alternatively opt to get used textbooks at cheaper rates.

3. Save Money on Basic Amenities

Many things are essential for the survival of college students while living away from the guidance of their parents. Some of these items include the likes of utensils, crockery, furniture items and a refrigerator among many others.

Instead of purchasing all these items from a store, you can check within the college campus to find out if there’re unused items that old students may have left behind.

At times, you can even find that these old students could have used them without having to pay for them. In case you find such items, you should strive to find out from the school premise authorities whether there are offers for acquiring free amenities which you could make use of during your tenure in school. On the other hand, you could check your college’s storage space where such things are usually piled up. Once you find items that you think will be of use to you, you can take them at lower prices or for free after getting permission from the relevant authorities.

4. Maximize on the Resources Available for Students

As a student, it is only prudent for you to search for the various opportunities that will allow you to spend less and still acquire more value for your money. Whether you are outside campus or you’re on-campus, you should form the habit of always asking for any special discounts that are tailored for students. A good example of this is when going to the gym or swimming pool. It will be significantly cheaper for you to use your college’s gym and swimming pool facilities which are significantly subsidized as compared to similar services outside the campus.

On top of this, for the students that earn extra cash through online platforms, it would be cheaper to access the college’s free Wi-Fi instead of digging into their pockets to acquire internet connectivity. In light of this, always remember to have your school ID with you at any given time to access these college facilities.

5. Save Money on Accommodation and Rent

If you are patient and hardworking enough, it is possible for you to acquire accommodation which is brokerage-free online which will enable you to save some money. It is almost obvious that getting accommodation asks that you pay rent. Regarding this, you will be able to save money by getting a good roommate who you can comfortably live with and also rely on to help in cost-sharing the room’s rent.

Therefore, you should search online for good accommodation options as well as roommates that are located near the college you are going to be attending. Stay alert for the broker-free options because brokers tend to charge relatively high amounts of cash from clients looking for accommodation.


College life gives you the opportunity to plan and craft a better future for yourself and your future family. Other than education, there are various other lessons that college life provides a platform for you to learn adequately from that you can hardly learn from the most successful people by simply reading their books and articles on
their site.

Among these life lessons, the art of saving money is one of the most vital lessons that one can learn. There are few better ways for a person to learn how to save money by maximizing the few money-saving opportunities at hand especially when there are few sources of a good inflow of cash. These 5 tips will serve to help you save money wisely and effectively in your college life, and in the process, give you contentment in your financial life and assist you in building a brighter future.

What’s your experience with saving money while in college?

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