Three Top Tips for Saving Money on Life’s Big Expenses

Life’s full of expenses. Here are a few tip to deal with three of life’s biggest expenses.

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Legal and Medical Expenses

If you’re lucky, you will never need the services of a hospital or a lawyer in your life. But let’s be honest, if you never need a hospital it means you’re not living long enough to suffer the degradation associated with old age and if you never need a lawyer it means you’re pretty much hiding under a rock your whole life.

One of the reasons these things can trigger such life-changing bills is because we refuse to negotiate. We assume that the bill we receive is the bill we need to pay, no exceptions. But they are perfectly happy for you to make them offers, especially when it comes to medical bills.

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They charge a lot of money because they expect an insurance company to foot the bill and they know that insurance companies will immediately offer 50% or less to clear it.
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If you’re footing the bill yourself, you need to go in with the same attitude.

With legal expenses, you might even qualify for legal aid or for a no-win no-fee attorney.
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This is especially true for medical malpractice attorneys who will typically be happy to work with you in order to secure a big claim against hospital negligence.

Buying a House

Everyone is selling their home for a reason and if you want to buy a house cheap then you need to take advantage of that reason. If someone is looking to upgrade, there is no rush. But if someone needs to move out of the state or country, they need to downgrade or they have health issues, there is a rush.

It sounds horrible to have to take advantage of that sort of thing, but there are tens of thousands of dollars on the line and you have to be a little ruthless. So, get their story, find out why they are moving and that will give you an indication of how cheap they will go and how much they will reduce the price when it remains on the market weeks and even months down the line.

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The longer you can afford to wait yourself, the better the position you will be in, as houses that remain on the market when the seller is desperate to sell tend to come down rapidly.

You can also buy from an auction, which is by far the cheapest way to get a house in any climate. Just pay attention to the location and the state of the house before bidding, set a budget that you never go above, and make sure you’re prepared to work hard if the house needs some work.

Going on Vacation

There are some key things to consider when trying to save on the holiday of your dreams:

  1. Book flights as early as possible and hotel rooms as late as possible
  2. If you’re going on a cruise, never travel alone and always ask for an upgrade when you arrive
  3. Hassle the airline if they are late in departing as the law requires them to refund/compensate you under certain conditions
  4. Use comparison sites for flights, but clear your cache and use more than one
  5. Always book independent hotels/B&Bs on their main website or by phone, but book hotel chains through comparison sites
  6. Make sure you have travel insurance and that you take cash with you, as international banking charges are high
  7. Check roaming charges before using your phone
  8. Use independent, local car hire companies and make sure they know you have checked the prices of the big chains