The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in the US

Which car insurance providers offer the best rates, cheapest comprehensive coverage, and best car insurance discounts? How do these insurance costs differ from state to state and what are the best ways to get affordable car insurance? In this guide, we’ll answer all those questions and more.

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The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies by State

We have recommended the cheapest car insurance providers for every state, covering all of the big names, along with a few local providers, to ensure you get the cheapest. 

As you will see, Geico has the cheapest car insurance quotes in most of these states and can be found in the top 10 for nearly all of them. However, that doesn’t mean they will always have the best rates for you, as it all comes down to your age, driving record, and other key parameters.

  • Alabama = Geico leads the way for good drivers, bad credit, good credit, and many other discounts and demographics.  Auto Owners, Safeway, Allstate, and Travelers also have cheap options for most drivers in this state.
  • Alaska = State Farm and Allstate have consistently cheap options, but good drivers should also look into Umialik, which offers insurance in 20 states.
  • Arizona = Geico and Safeco head the pack in Arizona, but CSAA and American Family are not too far behind.
  • Arkansas = Geico, Safeco, and State Farm. The Arkansas Farm Bureau may also provide a cheap alternative.
  • California = CSAA is a good option for many struggling applicants and worth trying if you have had accidents or have bad credit. Other than that, Geico heads the pack.
  • Colorado = Geico and Esurance followed by State Farm and Allstate.
  • Connecticut = Amica seems to be a good option for car insurance in CT. State Farm and even MetLife may also tick a lot of boxes for certain discounts.
  • Delaware = State Farm, Progressive, Travelers, and Geico are the best options and the cheapest providers in Delaware.
  • D.C. = Erie is a cheap option for getting car insurance in D.C. Geico, as always, is up there as well.
  • Florida = State Farm, MetLife, and Direct Auto join Geico as the cheapest car insurance providers in Florida.
  • Georgia = A local company, the Georgia Farm Bureau, often has the best rates and should be considered before any other.
  • Hawaii = Take a look at Island Insurance, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate, as well as Geico, to ensure you get the cheapest rates.
  • Idaho = Geico and Safeco are the cheapest two providers here for most applicants.
  • Illinois = Geico and Safeco, along with Erie and Perkin, have some of the lowest rates in IL.
  • Indiana = Erie has some of the best insurance rates for most demographics.
  • Iowa = Auto Owners, IMT, and Farm Bureau Financial Services should all be considered and compared against the biggest providers.
  • Kansas = Be sure to include Farm Bureau Financial Services, along with the main providers, and you should secure the cheapest rates.
  • Kentucky = The Kentucky Farm Bureau, along with big names like Geico.
  • Louisiana = The Louisiana Farm Bureau seems to have the cheapest car insurance premiums in this state.
  • Maine = Frankenmuth, Concord Group, and MetLife offer cheap rates across the board.
  • Maryland = Erie, Geico, Travelers, and Progressive will be the cheapest option for many.
  • Massachusetts = Plymouth Rock and The Hanover will be the best for most demographics.
  • Michigan = Geico leads the way again.
  • Minnesota = North Star, Auto Owners, Geico, and American Family.
  • Mississippi = Compare Safeco and Direct Auto with the Mississippi Farm Bureau.
  • Missouri = The Missouri Farm Bureau has low rates for good drivers and good credit drivers.
  • Montana = Farmers Union, Geico, and Safeco top the list in Montana.
  • Nebraska = The Farmers Mutual of Nebraska and State Farm.
  • Nevada = Geico and Safeco have the cheapest rates for most needs.
  • New Hampshire = Concord Group has great rates for most needs, along with State Farm, MMG, and Amica.
  • New Jersey = Plymouth Rock, NJM, and the ever-reliable Geico.
  • New Mexico = Geico, Progressive, and State Farm.
  • New York = The big names, including Geico and Allstate, often have the cheapest rates here, but make sure you compare all of these with The New York Central Mutual as some drivers will get lower premiums there.
  • North Carolina = Geico, State Farm, North Carolina Farm Bureau and National General.
  • North Dakota = Local insurance company, Nodak, has some of the best rates for drivers in North Dakota.
  • Ohio = Grange and Erie, along with Geico.
  • Oklahoma = American Farmers & Ranchers will have the best rates for many, but the Oklahoma Farm Bureau also has competitive rates.
  • Oregon = Country Financial, State Farm, Progressive, and Geico have the cheapest depending on the type of driver.
  • Pennsylvania = Penn National has some of the most competitive rates in the state.
  • Rhode Island = Few insurers can top Geico and Travelers in the state of Rhode Island.
  • South Carolina = Auto Owners, Allstate, and Geico, along with other big-name insurers.
  • ​South Dakota = Farmers Mutual of Nebraska is one of the most competitive in South Dakota.
  • Tennessee = In addition to big names like Erie, Geico, and State Farm, compare rates to the Tennessee Farm Bureau to find the cheapest premiums.
  • Texas = Texas Farm Bureau, Geico, and State Farm.
  • Utah = Safeco, Bear River, Auto Owners, and Geico.
  • ​​​​Vermont = Union Mutual and Co-Operative may tick all boxes if you need a cheap provider.
  • Virginia = Erie, Progressive, State Farm, and Geico.
  • Washington = Geico, Progressive, and Pemco.
  • West Virginia = Westfield, State Farm, and Erie top the bill for cheap providers in West Virginia.
  • Wisconsin = The Auto Club Group and Wisconsin Farm Bureau have great options for all types of drivers.
  • Wyoming = Geico, State Farm, MetLife, and Safeco.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes

In the list above, we only considered the cheapest auto insurance rates based on the average drivers, including those with good/bad driving records and very few discounts. But once you start including multi-policy discounts, multi-car discounts, and membership discounts, cheaper options may lie elsewhere.
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For instance, the USAA often tops the list for cheap auto insurance quotes if you can qualify.

That’s why it’s important to compare all available auto insurance companies and not to simply zero-in on the one you have been told is the cheapest. Auto insurers can differ greatly from state to state and even from person to person, and the only way to guarantee you’ll get the cheapest is to compare.

Here are a few of the biggest and cheapest providers:


Geico is huge and accounts for a massive share of the market. It’s one of the highest rated and best car insurance companies in the United States and can offer a wealth of coverage options.

With Geico, you can get a cheap car insurance policy with lower rates than many other providers. These rates will drop even further with good student discounts and a clean driving history.


Allstate is always a good option. It may not be the cheapest in all states, but always offers competitive rates for minimum coverage and optional coverage. 

Allstate is also one of the best if you are bundling policies, both because of the variety of insurance products available and the discounts provided.


Esurance was one of the first insurance companies to successfully sell insurance directly to the consumer, as opposed to going through insurance agents. This is a model that Esurance continues to adopt, and while it can help to have an agent answering your questions, Esurance has made the process of applying and managing car insurance very easy.

State Farm

State Farm is one of the biggest providers of liability insurance in the United States and offers cheap rates in most states. You can apply directly through the website or the mobile app, and you can also go through one of their many insurance agents if you prefer the old-school method.


USAA as a high rating from J.D. Power and if you’re lucky enough to be a military member, you should definitely consider USAA for your auto insurance. It didn’t appear on our list because it is a specialized provider, but if you qualify then it will likely be the cheapest option in your state.

Liberty Mutual Group

The Liberty Mutual Group offers an extensive range of insurance products across the United States. Safeco, an insurer that is part of this group, consistently appeared as one of the cheapest auto insurance providers on our state list.


Erie offers a wealth of insurance options, including life insurance and auto insurance, across 12 states. It was founded nearly 100 years ago and sells insurance products via over 10,000 insurance agents across the United States.


Progressive is one of America’s favorite auto insurance providers. You might not find them on a list of the cheapest providers in your state, but that changes once you add some car insurance discounts. You can get very good rates if you have a clean driving record, pay upfront and in full, and take advantage of bundling offers.
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​Nationwide is one of the biggest insurance providers in the industry and offers a host of motorist coverage options for all types of drivers. Nationwide is consistently ranked as one of the best insurance companies in the United States.

Amica Mutual

Amica is a great option if you can get it. It provides great options and extends cover that you won’t be offered elsewhere, including cover for the interior of your vehicle. The problem is, Amica feels a little archaic at times, with limited online and mobile options.

What’s more, Amica tends to only offer insurance to drivers with a clean record and a high credit score. If you meet the requirements and can get a quote, go for it, but a lot of you simply won’t qualify.

The Hartford

You need to be a member of the AARP to get cheaper car insurance through The Hartford, which is why we didn’t include this insurance provider in our state list above. The Hartford has been around for a couple of centuries at this point and offers members a wealth of features and coverage options.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners isn’t one of the biggest and it doesn’t make a big song and dance about its service. It operates an agent-only model, which means you will need an insurance agent to apply.

However, this company has been going strong for over 100 years now, has a high rating from reviewers and experts alike, and offers affordable liability coverage in many states.

Options to Consider for Cheap Auto Insurance

​If you’re confused about the many different elements of a car insurance policy and have more questions than answers, an insurance agent can help. But to point you in the right direction, here is a short list of the sort of coverage options that go into a car insurance policy.

State Minimum Cover

All states require a minimum amount of car insurance cover. This can differ considerably, but generally, you’ll be required to have a minimum of $25,000 bodily injury cover (per person and per accident amounts may be required) and $25,000 property damage cover.
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In addition, some states require minimum cover for personal injury protection, medical payments, and underinsured/uninsured driver. 

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers both bodily injury and property damage. You can be insured up to a specific amount, but this only applies to other drivers and other vehicles, and not to you or your vehicle.

Collision Coverage

Whereas property damage liability covers the other driver’s car in the event of an accident, collision insurance covers yours. It means you will be covered if you are in an accident that doesn’t involve another car, such as if you drive your car into a tree or wall.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle in the event of a weather issue, something that doesn’t relate directly to a crash. It’s full coverage and will ensure you get paid if your car is damaged by vandalism or bad weather, but it’s also not mandatory and can be expensive.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal Injury Protection covers you for personal injury claims when you are injured in a car accident. It also covers you as a passenger and may even cover you if you’re hit by a car while walking on the road.

With PIP, you will be covered whether you were at fault for the accident or not.

Underinsured/Uninsured Cover

It has been estimated that as many as 1 in 7 drivers are uninsured. Underinsured/uninsured coverage is designed to cover you if you are hit by someone who is not insured or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all the costs.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance will cover you if you break down, run out of fuel, and experience other issues by the side of the road. However, it’s not always essential, as this service is provided by many automobile membership clubs, and you may even be offered roadside assistance through your credit card.

Tips to Get the Cheapest Policy for You

Getting car insurance can feel like running an obstacle course and you look forward to it as much as you look forward to doing your taxes. Or stubbing your toe. But it’s a necessity, and if you put a little time, effort, and thought into the process, you can save yourself a lot of money. 

1. Compare All Providers

Geico has the cheapest car insurance for most providers, but that doesn’t mean it has the cheapest auto insurance for you. By all means, get a quote from this massive insurer, but don’t stop there.

Look into other major national providers, including State Farm and Allstate, and then work your way through the local providers. In some states, as you can see from our list, these localized providers offer the best rates.

2. Join a Club and Cash in On Benefits

If you’re a senior or a member of the military, there are clubs you can join to secure super cheap car insurance, as well as a host of optional extras. 

Your credit card and bank account may also offer you some discounts and deals. In this case, you’re unlikely to get cheap liability coverage, but you can get roadside assistance and other benefits, and these will reduce the cover you need to pay for.

3.  Ask for Discounts

If you qualify for discounts, ask for them; if you don’t, ask for them anyway. You don’t get what you don’t ask for.

The best discounts are offered to members of the military, good drivers, and those who have yet to be involved in an at-fault accident. But you could also secure a discount if you have a good credit score, have completed a defensive driving course, have good grades or agree to pay your premiums upfront.

Ask the insurer what sort of discounts they are able to offer you and then compare these to what other providers offer.

4. Calculate What Cover You Need

It’s essential that you get the minimum coverage required for your state, be that liability, PIP or uninsured coverage. Beyond that, everything else is optional and you need to weigh the pros and cons carefully to determine whether it’s a good fit for you.

Typically, this will depend on what sort of car you drive. If you drive a brand-new, expensive vehicle, you’ll want to consider comprehensive coverage because if that car is damaged by a flood or vandalism, you could be left to foot the bill. With new cars, you’re more inclined to pay up, because you can’t simply walk away from a vehicle that cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

But if your car is many years old and only cost a few hundred dollars, this cover isn’t essential.
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If anything happens to your car and you’re hit with a $2,000 bill, you can just scrap it and use that money to get a different vehicle.

5. Think About Your Car

The car you drive is one of the biggest factors in determining how extensive your coverage limits need to be and how expensive your policy will be. A new car may be fitted with safety features and anti-theft features, making it more appealing to insurers, who will then offer you much cheaper premiums.

If you don’t have a car just yet, think carefully about what you will purchase. A sports car may fulfill a dream of yours and give you something to impress your friends, but it could also leave you with huge premiums and more expensive cover.

6. Change Following a Major Life Event

Every time you experience a major life event, such as a marriage, divorce or move, you should look into changing your car insurance policy as it could save you a lot of money.

There are some quirks to the car insurance underwriting process, including the fact that married policyholders and policyholders with a mortgage are less likely to make a claim. As a result, they can get cheaper rates from most insurers.

It doesn’t make much sense on the surface, but it doesn’t need to. All that matters are that you can get a discount as soon as these things apply to you.

Bottom Line: Getting a Cheap Auto Insurance Policy

There are clearly a lot of things to consider when looking for cheap car insurance. But this is a competitive industry and if you have good credit, a safe car, and a clean driving record, you can take your pick of the best companies and policies.

For more information on car insurance, take a look at the dozens of other guides we have on this subject, covering everything you need to know.