Target REDcard Store Card: A Review

The Target REDcard is often said to be one of the best store credit cards on the market, one with a long list of perks that benefit Target shoppers and reward them for making regular purchases. It’s a low-fee, high-rate, cash back credit card, and it could be just what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for a store card.

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  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Credit Score Requirement: Fair or better
  • Rewards Program: Save as much as 5% on Target purchases, with access to special deals and exclusive extras.
  • Interest Rate: 24.4%
  • Purchase Intro APR: N/A
  • Cash Advance Fee: N/A
  • Balance Transfer APR: N/A

You don’t need an Excellent or even Good credit score to apply for the Target REDcard, but you will likely be refused if you have bad credit or no credit. Contrary to what you might have heard, store cards are not available to everyone. They are certainly more accessible than open-loop credit cards (ones that can be used everywhere) but they’re not available to everyone.

There is a high APR and penalty fees, but as is the case with all credit cards, this rate and these fees won’t apply if you pay your balance in full every month.

The Target online store spans a huge range of products, so there are plenty of opportunities to save on everyday essentials for your home and your family, including:

  • Home and Garden: Furniture, decor, appliances.
  • Target Optical: Prescription glasses, sunglasses, eye exams, contact lenses, and more.
  • Target Gift Cards: Valid throughout the Target store, but often excluded from reward card benefits.
  • Beauty and Health: From cosmetics to skincare and more.
  • Gifts: Gift wrap, toys, hampers, and more.
  • Clothes and Accessories: Sizes and styles for all the family.

Benefits of the Target Credit Card

The Target REDcard offers cash back rewards in the form of regular discounts, with 5% off many Target purchases, except for gift cards, pharmacy items, and a few other things. You’ll also be given an additional 30-day refund period on all Target purchases and free shipping on orders from

You can get a 5% discount in Starbucks and save on Target subscriptions and specialty gift cards. In addition, you’ll get a 10% discount on your cardmember anniversary and free two-day shipping on thousands of items.

In essence, the Target card is a glorified loyalty card, one that gives you access to special items and discounts, as well as a better return policy.

Alternative Store Cards

If the Target store card isn’t quite what you’re looking for, or you want something else in your wallet that will reward regular spending, take a look at the following reward cards. These are some of the highest-rated store credit cards that we have written about:

GAP Visa Card

The GAP Visa Card is arguably the best credit card offered by a clothing store. The variable APR is a little high at 27.49%, but there is no annual fee and you can earn 5 points every time you spend a single dollar at GAP stores, including Athleta, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.

The sheer variety of GAP brands and the quality products on offer, in combination with the high rate of rewards, makes this a top card. However, it’s not rewards and benefits, as there are some high fees, a high interest rate, and you won’t earn many points for purchases not made at GAP stores.

Like many other cards in this category, the GAP Visa Card is really just a glorified store card or loyalty card, albeit with the addition of a credit limit and the benefit of being able to use it as an emergency card for non-GAP purchases.

If you like the GAP or the other stores connected to this brand, we recommend taking a look. If not, there are better alternatives elsewhere and there’s no point going all-in with a brand you don’t even like.

  • Type: Visa
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular APR: 27.49% Variable
  • Minimum Credit Score: 580 (“Fair” Range)
  • Rewards Program: 5 points for every $1 spent at GAP stores; 1 point for everything else
  • Welcome Offer: Get a 20% discount on your first order

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

There are several Amazon cards and these are split between general store cards and actual credit cards. All these cards have their benefits and are well worth a look for people who spend a lot of money at However, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa is the one that stands out the most for us.

You need Amazon Prime to apply for this card, and that costs over $100 a year but there is no traditional annual fee. What’s more, in addition to a host of credit card benefits, you also get all the benefits provided by Amazon Prime and Visa Signature.

This includes everything from regular discounts and fast, free shipping, to room upgrades at many eligible hotels around the world, travel protection, and more. This card is issued by Chase Bank on behalf of Amazon.

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees, offers a $70 Amazon.Com gift card, and rewards users with 5% cash back at and Whole Foods; 2% cash back at restaurants, drug stores, and gas stations, and 1% on everything else.

  • Type: Visa Signature
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular APR: 16.49% to 24.49% Variable
  • Minimum Credit Score: 690 (“Good” Range)
  • Rewards Program: Between 1% and 5% Cash Back
  • Welcome Offer: $70 Gift Card

Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

You will find the Costco Anywhere Visa on countless lists of the best credit card offers and store cards and it’s easy to see why—it is one of our personal favorite cards as well.

Offered by Citi and branded by Visa, this is an open-loop credit card, which, as the name suggests, means it can be used “anywhere” and not just as Costco. You can also buy the medication at a discount. However, if you use your Costco Anywhere Visa at or in Costco stores, you can earn a cash back rate of 2%.

Surprisingly, this is not the highest rate that you can earn with the Costco Anywhere Visa. You will get 3% when you spend money on eligible travel purchases and at restaurants, and you will earn 4% when you make purchases at eligible gas stations. This 4% rate is fixed for the first $7,000 that you spend, after which the rate will drop down to 1%.

This 1% rate is also what you will earn on all purchases that don’t fall into any of the aforementioned categories.

  • Type: Visa
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular APR: 16.74% Variable
  • Minimum Credit Score: 750 (“Excellent” Range)
  • Rewards Program: Between 1% and 4% Cash Back
  • Welcome Offer: N/A

My Best Buy Visa Rewards Credit Card

The very first day that you use the My Best Buy credit card you will get 10% cash back. Every day that you use your card after that you can secure a rate of 2% at restaurants and 5% for all purchases at Best Buy. If you are an Elite Plus member, these rewards increase to 6%, while all non-eligible purchases earn just 1% cash back.

There are a few versions of this card, including a Gold and Platinum version. The one you qualify for will depend on your credit score, with the Gold costing you $59 a year and the Platinum coming without an annual fee.

The rewards can only be used in the Best Buy store and the highest cash back rates are paid on Best Buy purchases, but you can earn points elsewhere that you then redeem at Best Buy.

  • Type: Visa from Citi
  • Annual Fee: Up To $59
  • Regular APR: 26.74% Variable
  • Minimum Credit Score: 670 (“Good” Range)
  • Rewards Program: 6% rewards for Elite Plus members
  • Welcome Offer: Get 10% the first day you use the card

Bottom Line: The Target REDcard

The Target REDcard isn’t the best credit card in the world. It’s a fairly limited store card, but one that offers numerous perks and a high rate of cash back. It is connected to one of the most popular chains in the country, which is a huge benefit.

All in all, the Target REDcard Credit Card is a very generous, worthwhile card and one you should consider if you spend a lot of money at Target and have a standard cash back card (Discover It, Chase Freedom, American Express Blue Cash) to use on non-Target purchases.

Apply now if you have a Fair or better credit card and save a fortune on the thousands of items available at this popular store.