Six Questions About Money: An Interview With Aaron from

aaron from three thrifty guysWelcome to Six Questions! It is a new feature where we’ll ask different people from various walks of life the same six questions. I expect that each person will bring something unique to a standard set of questions. Today’s guest is Aaron from I’ll let him introduce himself momentarily.
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As you read through this Six Questions interview and all the previous interviews, I hope your thinking is sparked. That as you hear  new and different perspectives you will be prodded to think about your own relationship to money.  The views of our guest do not  necessarily  reflect the views of Pocket Your or its staff, but are a springboard for thought and respectful discussion.

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Now to Aaron…

Introduce yourself in 75 words or less

Sinner-saved-by grace, husband, personal finance writer at and graphic designer.

What money issue are you dealing with in your life right now

Since marrying a few years ago – we are focused on getting rid of marriage debt (that goes with taking on each other’s pre-marital financial obligations).

One thing you learned about money while growing up that has stuck with you into adulthood

Don’t hold on to it too tightly. Both of my parents were fairly frugal by nature: they didn’t need to have the latest gadget nor did they need to go on vacation every other weekend.

But even in the midst of their thrifty ways – they were givers. I think being a giver is just as important as saving/investing money.

One thing you didn’t learn at home about money, but wish you had

More of the details of money management: how to setup a budget, how to invest, save. I also wish my parents talked more freely about their good/bad experiences with money. (PocketYourDollars here: I like the idea of talking with my kids about my wise and unwise experiences with money.

Thanks, Aaron!)

Name your favorite money tool, resource or book?

Excel. Great tool for keeping a budget and tracking everything.
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What’s one piece of money advice you wish every American would follow?
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Pay yourself first on every pay day. Meaning, set money aside for savings. Emergencies happen – and having a reserve fund will aid folks in not getting “behind” or pinched.

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It’s PocketYourDollars again wondering if you married into debt and how you handle that?