Progressive Insurance Review: Car, Motorcycle, Home

The Progressive Insurance company was founded in the 1930s and currently has a revenue of over $30 billion. It supplies insurance policies to millions of Americans and, in some states, it’s one of the cheapest providers. In this Progressive insurance review, we’ll look at Progressive’s coverage options and rates to see if they’re the right choice for you.

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Progressive Insurance Coverage

Progressive offers all the traditional car insurance options, including bodily injury liability insurance, property damage insurance, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and underinsured/uninsured motorist cover. Policyholders can also choose from a number of optional add-ons and benefit from a host of other features, including:

Roadside Assistance

​With roadside assistance, you’ll get help when you’re stranded by the side of the road. Roadside assistance will cover you for services such as towing and tire changes, as well as other basic services.

Rental Car Coverage

Adding rental car coverage to your auto insurance policy will ensure your life doesn’t grind to a halt when your car is stolen or in the shop. You will be given a rental car for those few weeks, allowing you to continue your life as normal.

If you have another car or can make alternative arrangements, you can probably skip this.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance steps in to cover the difference between the insurance payout and the value of the car. It is required when your car is financed and ensures that the full bill is covered, and you’re not left to pay the remainder.

With gap insurance from Progressive, you will get cover for up to 25% of the car’s value.

Custom Parts

A special auto policy addition that pays for custom equipment and parts. If you add anything of high value to your car, it might not be covered elsewhere with traditional insurance policies but will be covered with this addition from Progressive.

Cover for Other Vehicles

Progressive can insure new cars and old cars; sports cars and SUVs. But you can also get insurance for boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. In fact, Progressive is considered one of the best insurers of motorbikes and offers extensive and affordable cover.

Claim Free Deductible

If you choose to opt-in to this program, your deductible will drop by $50 every 6 months that you remain claim-free. If you continue to stay safe on the roads and avoid those costly claims, your deductible can go all the way down to zero.

Pet Injury Protection

This feature is offered free of charge to every policyholder with collision coverage. It will pay for vet bills if your pet is injured during a car accident. This is a rare but very welcome addition, as animals are just as exposed as humans during car accidents.


SnapShot is Progressive’s driver monitoring app. It monitors your driving habits and the insurer then uses this information to tweak your premiums. If you’re a safe driver and think you deserve better rates based on your driving habits, sign up for this program. 

SnapShot is offered in 46 states, with the exceptions being California, Alaska, Hawaii, and North Carolina. Similar apps exist with other insurance companies, albeit with different names, including DriveWise from Allstate, DriveSense from Esurance, and DriveEasy from GEICO.

Rideshare Insurance

Rideshare insurance is designed for Uber and Lyft drivers and covers them when they have paying customers in their car. Whether you’re working for these ridesharing companies full time or just doing a few hours a week, it’s worth looking into this coverage.

Other Types of Insurance

Progressive offers homeowner’s insurance that covers your home, garage, and outbuildings. It also offers something known as Progressive HomeQuote, which encourages you to compare Progressive rates with those offered by other providers.

Not only can you take advantage of bundling discounts when getting your home insurance and car insurance together, you can also secure additional homeowners insurance discounts, such as:

  • Alarms and other safety devices designed to reduce the threat of theft and criminality.
  • Getting a quote at least 10 days before your policy ends.
  • Paying the policy upfront.
  • Going paperless.
  • Purchasing a new home or going from a renter to a homeowner.

Progressive Car Insurance Quotes

One of the best features about Progressive is something known as Name Your Price. The idea is simple, you set a price based on your budget and Progressive will tell you how much coverage you can get. It also has a comparison tool that makes it easy to check Progressive’s rates against those offered by other auto insurance companies.

Combine this with Progressive’s mobile app, which is equally feature-rich and helpful, and you have an auto insurance provider that makes it incredibly easy to find affordable coverage to meet your needs. 

Progressive is not quite as cheap as GEICO in the majority of states and for the majority of demographics, but it does have very competitive car insurance rates. What’s more, the nature of insurance and the fact there are so many variables at play, means it’s highly likely that Progressive will have the cheapest rates and the best coverage for some applicants.

Progressive Car Insurance Discounts

You can take advantage of a number of car insurance discounts to bring your insurance rates down and save huge sums across the board. Available discounts include:

Multi-Policy and Multi-Car

Car insurance companies want your business and will do everything they can to get it. Purchase a single auto policy from them and they will encourage you to add additional cars and drivers to the policy. If you own your own home, they may also offer you homeowners insurance.

By accepting these offers, you can save around 30% on your Progressive insurance. You’ll also simplify the application and claims process, as you only have to deal with one company and can familiarize yourself with their process.

Good Student Discount

Many states encourage insurance providers to offer discounts for good students, with these discounts typically offered for drivers who achieve and maintain at least a B average.

Discounts are also offered for students who live on campus and therefore spend less time at home and behind the wheel. These discounts are essential if you have a teen driver on your policy as they are some of the highest risk drivers and are forced to pay a huge premium as a result.

Payment Discounts

By opting to go paperless, paying upfront or using the Auto-Pay feature, policyholders can shave a few percentage points off their car insurance policies. The savings are minor when compared to other discounts, but they are also available to most customers and are easy to acquire.

Progressive Reviews and Claims Satisfaction

According to JD Power, Progressive has a rating of “Above Average” for insurance shopping and for claims satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Progressive also has stacks of great reviews from users and experts alike.

There’s nothing amazing here, nothing to suggest that Progressive is better than most other providers when it comes to customer support, claims, and ease-of-use, but it works both ways, as there’s also nothing to suggest that it’s one of the worst, either.

Bottom Line: Progressive Auto Insurance Review

Whether you’re a safe driver in New York or you have a bad driving history in Kentucky, we recommend comparing Progressive insurance premiums to what other insurers are offering. The more companies you include in your comparison search, the more likely you are to get the best cover at the most affordable price.

What’s more, if you need boat insurance or motorcycle insurance, Progressive should be near the very top of your list of priorities.