NJM Insurance Review

The NJM Insurance Group was founded way back in 1913 and offers a wealth of insurance products to individuals in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

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It’s one of the highest-rated car insurance companies in the United States and offers a wealth of products in a direct-to-consumer model, with transactions completed over the phone or at NJM.com, and not through insurance agents.

In this NJM Auto Insurance Review, we’ll see how New Jersey business holds up against the competition.

NJM Car Insurance

All NJM Insurance products are offered direct, much like Esurance. This has its benefits and is the preferred method for countless consumers who have grown up in the digital age.
But if you prefer dealing with someone face-to-face, the lack of an insurance agent can be a pain.

NJM Insurance offers all of the basic, state-required forms of insurance, including bodily injury and property damage liability cover. It also offers underinsured/uninsured motorist cover, medical payments cover, and both collision and comprehensive coverage. If you opt for the latter, you will receive all the following benefits:

  • Pet Coverage: Always a welcome sight on car insurance policies, this extra feature will payout up to $1,000 if your pet is hurt in a car accident. It only makes sense, because if your dog or cat is in the car with you and you’re in an accident, your repair bills and medical bills aren’t the only things you have to worry about.
  • New Car Replacement: Your new car will be covered if it is completely destroyed or stolen within the first 12 months, providing it has less than 15,000 miles on the clock. NJM Insurance will give you the money needed to buy a replacement vehicle.
  • Car Rental Reimbursement: Not only does NJM Insurance offer car rental coverage if your insured car is in the shop or has been stolen, but this also extends to taxis and rideshares, depending on the policy and the location.
  • NJM SafeDrive: This program works in much the same way as DriveEasy, DriveWise, and the countless other similar programs out there. NJM Insurance tracks the driving habits of all applicants who agree to this program, changing their premiums accordingly.

NJM Insurance Car Insurance Discounts

Like all good auto insurance companies, NJM Insurance offers a wealth of car insurance discounts. These can be added to all applicable auto policies and provide significant savings:

  • Multi-Car and Multi-Policy: Offered when you add more than one vehicle to your policy or purchase a homeowners insurance policy as well.
  • Driving Courses: Available for all applicants that complete a defensive driving course and other safety courses.
  • Paying Upfront: Offered when you pay for your premiums in full.
  • Safety Equipment: Provided for safety equipment such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, as well as anti-theft features.
  • New Car: Obtainable if your car is no more than 2 years old.
  • Good Student: A discount provided to young drivers who maintain a specific grade point average. NJM Insurance also has discounts for students who spend a lot of time on campus.

Other NJM Insurance Products

In addition to auto insurance policies, NJM Insurance offers homeowners insurance with all the following features and benefits:

  • Extra Coverage: Get extra coverage for expensive items, including jewelry, high-priced electronics/equipment, and family heirlooms. If you have anything in your home that carries a substantial value, this feature can ensure it is covered completely.
  • Earthquake Insurance: If your home is damaged in an earthquake, resulting in significant loss, NJM Insurance will ensure you’re covered. NJM Insurance doesn’t offer insurance products in any of the ten states where earthquakes are most common, but they can occur anywhere, so it’s still a good option to have.
  • Water Coverage: You will already be covered in the event your home suffers from internal water damage, such as leaks. But with this feature, you will also be covered for up to $5,000 following an overflown sump pump.
  • Mold and More: Dry rot and mold can spread rapidly and cause serious damage to your home. Before you know it, the fungi have taken over and left you with expensive repair work.
    Fortunately, with NJM home insurance, you may be covered.
  • Fraud and ID Protection: The amount of money stolen by fraudsters in the United States has remained relatively stable over the last 5 years or so. However, the number of victims has increased significantly, suggesting that fraudsters are now targeting more vulnerable people, including those who have very little to lose in the first place.
    With these extra protection options, NJM home insurance will cover you for the financial damages that result from fraud and ID theft.

A multitude of home insurance discounts are also available and offer policyholders a chance to save a few cents on their cover. Discounts are available for all the following:

  • Smoke-Free: NJM will shave some money off your policy if you install a smoke alarm or sprinkler system. You can also save some money if you are a non-smoker. There are over 350,000 house fires every year in the US resulting in nearly $7 billion worth of damage. With these two benefits, you significantly reduce the risk of such an issue.
  • Safety Features: There are over 7 million property crimes in the United States every year, leading to the theft of belongings and property damage. By installing features such as burglar alarms, there’s less chance you will be the victim of this type of crime, and your premiums will match this. 
  • State-Only Discounts: In the state of New Jersey, policyholders can save money by installing impact-resistant glass, while a paperless billing discount is offered in Pennsylvania.

NJM Insurance Car Insurance Rates

​NJM Insurance has cheap rates in general, but these rates won’t suit everyone. It’s one of the cheapest car insurance providers in the state of New Jersey and offers especially low rates for drivers with at-fault accidents and other blemishes on their driving records.

However, this usually only applies if those drivers have good credit scores.

With lots of insurance claims, speeding tickets, and other marks, and a bad credit score, you likely won’t get the best insurance rates here or anywhere else for that matter. Still, be sure to get a quote, compare it to other auto insurance quotes, and choose the best one.

NJM Insurance Reviews and Ratings

NJM Insurance has an A+ rating from AM Best and has maintained at least an A rating for several decades. It has also received high ratings from JD Power, who have previously voted this insurer as one of the best for claims satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

You don’t have to look far to find bad reviews and complaints, but the same can be said for all car insurance companies.

The simple fact is, more consumers leave bad reviews than good ones. If a company provides them with the service they expect, they’ll just move on, maybe tell a few friends, and leave it at that. If they falter in any way, the consumer will leave a bad review and maybe even complain, as that’s the only way they feel like they can get through to big corporations.

Contacting NJM

NJM Insurance has several offices, the biggest of which is located at 301 Sullivan Way, West Trenton, New Jersey.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch via a contact form at NJM.
com or dial the following phone number: 1-800-232-6600.

As noted already, there are no NJM insurance agents and you will need to go through the website or, if you prefer, to speak with someone directly, opt for a phone call. In any case, the process is quick and easy.

Bottom Line

We definitely recommend getting an auto insurance quote from NJM Insurance, but this shouldn’t be your only quote. As always, it’s important to see what you can get elsewhere, as the chances of you getting the best possible coverage from the very first provider you try are pretty slim.

Get quotes from the likes of State Farm, SafeCo, Allstate, Progressive, Nationwide, and more. If NJM Insurance has the cheapest and the best, great! You can sign up for an auto insurance policy with a very competent and highly reputable provider. If not, other providers are just as reliable.