Meijer Store Credit Card Review

Hendrik Meijer was a barber who entered the grocery industry at the height of the Great Depression, using a line of credit to purchase essential stock and make his start. The Meijer chain grew quickly from there and these days it’s one of the 30 largest retailers in the United States.

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If you shop at Meijer stores regularly, the Meijer credit card may help you secure some extra rewards. It is a closed-loop card, which means it can only be used in Meijer and unlike the founder of this store, it can’t be used to help you start a business. However, it does have its benefits and if you meet the credit score requirements, it could be in your pocket before the end of the month.

Meijer Credit Card Review

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Interest Rate: 25.74% Annual Percentage Rate
  • Rewards Program: $10 for every $750 spent; $0.10 off each gallon of gas
  • Other Perks: N/A
  • Intro Rate: N/A
  • Sign-up Bonus: N/A

On the surface, the Meijer credit card doesn’t seem that impressive. The problem is, it doesn’t get much better once you dig a little deeper. You get $10 every time you spend $750, which is just 1.
3%. Not really worth the effort. 

There are exclusive savings at Meijer gas stations, equating to a cash back rate of 3.3%, but if you’re here for the gas discounts there are many better store credit cards and cash back credit cards out there.

One of the few benefits of the Meijer credit card is that you don’t need Excellent or Good credit to apply. A Fair credit score is all that’s required, which is fairly easy to achieve even if you have a limited or damaged credit history. And once you have activated the card, you can use it to improve your score, adding more successful payments to your credit report, and improving your chances of getting better cards in the future.

Is the Meijer Card Right for You?

Store cards are never going to offer better rewards and bonuses than traditional rewards cards, even if you’re using them in those stores.

Let’s assume that you have a traditional rewards card for all non-Meijer purchases (as this card can’t be used outside Meijer stores anyway) and are simply looking for a way to maximize your returns in Meijer. With some store cards, including those offered by Starbucks, Amazon, Target, and Best Buy, it makes sense to signup and just use the card for branded purchases. After all, it doesn’t charge an annual fee and if you don’t carry a balance, it won’t cost you anything.

With the Meijer store card, it’s a different story. As mentioned above, the rewards rate comes to just 1.3% when used in-store. If you use a cash back card like the Chase Freedom Unlimited, you’ll get 1.5% for every dollar you spend, including all money spent at Meijer.
What’s more, while the 3.3% gas discount is helpful, it pales in comparison to the 4% to 6% you can get from other cards. 

These other cards often limit those high rates to a specific quarterly or annual spend, but the vast majority of consumers will not spend enough to go over this limit and even if they do, the card will then drop to a rate of 1% and they’ll likely still earn more over the year than they would earn with a Meijer card.

There’s no reason to opt for the smaller cash rate other than to show your loyalty to the brand, and while it’s always nice to support the stores you like, that doesn’t apply to the big national chains.

Alternatives to the Meijer Credit Card

The Meijer Credit Card isn’t the best reward card or store card out there. In fact, it’s not even in the top 100.
To give you an idea of what you can get elsewhere in similar categories, take a look at these alternative store cards.

Kohl’s Credit Card 

The Kohl’s store card is a little different, but worth a look, nonetheless. This card doesn’t charge an annual fee and only requires a credit score that is Fair or better. It also doesn’t have a cash back rate or a rewards rate and instead offers regular discounts.
The end result is pretty much the same, as you spend less when you use the store in question, but it may be less enticing as a result.

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Interest Rate: 26.49% Variable APR
  • Credit Score: Fair and Better
  • Benefits: Discounts and Offers
  • Sign-up Bonus: 35% off your first purchase at Kohl’s

In addition to the regular cash back offers, which come 12 times a year and go as high as 30%, new cardholders can secure a discount of 35% with their very first purchase.

The APR is a little high for this store card, but if you clear your balance in full every month then you have nothing to worry about. If not, and if you’re tempted to carry balances that you can’t repay in full, you’ll be in for a nasty surprise at the end of the billing cycle.

Walmart Rewards Credit Card

Walmart shoppers can get 2% cash back when they use the Walmart Rewards Credit Card in store, and 5% when using it to make purchases through the Walmart website. That 5% rate applies to grocery pickup and delivery services as well, and there is a flat rate of 1% for all other purchases.

The Walmart card is a Mastercard and it can be used anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.
It has a decent APR range, although it is on the heavy side, and applicants need a credit score of at least the mid-600s to apply.

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Interest Rate: 17.99% to 26.99% Variable APR
  • Credit Score: Good and Better
  • Benefits: Cash back offers
  • Sign-up Bonus: N/A

The Walmart card doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus or any other enticing welcome offers, but it has a very good rewards rate for Walmart purchases and a standard flat rate for everything else.

Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card

Costco members looking to earn some extra cash back from everyday purchases should look into the Costco Anywhere Visa, which is one of the better branded credit cards out there. You will need to be a Costco member, which comes with its own benefits and costs, and you’ll also need an excellent credit score, but there is no annual fee and the interest rate is relatively low.

The Costco Anywhere Visa gives you 2% cash back every time you use the card on Costco purchases, both online and offline. You’ll also get 3% when you use it to make travel bookings and to purchase certain travel expenses, and there is a 4% rate of return when you use the card at gas stations.

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Interest Rate: 16.74% Variable APR
  • Credit Score: Excellent
  • Benefits: Cash back of up to 4%
  • Sign-up Bonus: N/A
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: No
  • Balance Transfer Fee: 3%
  • Cash Advance Fee: 5%

The Costco Anywhere Visa has a flat cash back rate of 1% when you use the card for non-qualifying purchases, as mentioned above. Simply put, unless you’re using the card to make cash advance transactions (which incur a fee) you should get some kind of cash back reward.