Legit Side Hustle From Home: Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

If you are looking for a great way to make money while in class, look no further than  Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.  This is a great idea that Amazon created that allows users to post odd jobs that need to be done, but that don’t suit a computer to do.  For example: identifying what is in a picture.

These are very easy and quick jobs that humans do very well.  So, Amazon created this site where users post the jobs, and other users fulfill them for a small price.  The job range anywhere from $0.01 to $30.00 per job, or what Amazon calls a hit.


 Many of these jobs are very menial, but that is what makes them so easy to do while you’re in class.

How It Works

Users simply apply to the hit, do the job, hit submit, and they can get paid!  You might be thinking, why on earth would I want to do a job for a penny!!

?!  Well, a penny does suck, but you would otherwise be sitting in class and not earning any money!  Also, if you do a job that pays say $0.

10, and that job takes you 2 minutes, you would earn about $3.00 per hour.  While that is not a lot, it does add up, and some people also offer bonuses for providing great answers.

The Most Popular Jobs

The most popular jobs (or HITs) on MTurk are ones that have you identify the picture.  A common one is identify whether the picture is pornographic or not.  This job typically pays $0.02 per HIT, but you can go through so many jobs at once, you can actually make a pretty good sum of money rather quickly.

Some other popular HIT types are data entry, or provide a description/summary.  Once again, these are jobs that humans do much better than machines, and you can get paid while doing it.

So, if you want to make some easy money on the side, try out  Mechanical Turk. Have you tried it? What other side hustles do you do?

Article reprinted, with permission, from The College Investor Robert Farrington.