Six Questions About Money: An Interview With Blogger Christina Brown

ChristinaBrownFamilyWelcome to Six Questions! It is a new feature where we’ll ask different people from various walks of life the same six questions. I expect that each person will bring something unique to a standard set of questions.
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Today’s guest is Christina Brown of Northern Cheapskate fame. I’ll let Christina fully introduce herself momentarily.

As you read through this Six Questions interview and all the previous interviews, I hope your thinking is sparked. That as you hearnew and different perspectives you will be prodded to think about your own relationship to money.  The views of our guest do not  necessarily  reflect the views of Pocket Your or its staff, but are a springboard for thought and respectful discussion.

If you’d like to be featured in a Six Questions column, email me to express interest.

Now to Christina…

Introduce yourself in 75 words or less

I live in northern Minnesota in the woods with my husband and three boys (an 8-year old and 6-year-old twins.). I’m the founder of the frugal living blog Northern Cheapskate, where I share money-saving tips and home management inspiration. I love reading, writing and finding creative ways to live large on a small budget.

What money issue are you dealing with in your life right now

We have had a series of major home and vehicle repairs which have really decimated our savings. Our top priority is rebuilding our savings and preparing to replace our aging vehicles.

One thing you learned about money while growing up that has stuck with you into adulthood

My mom was (and is) a great bargain hunter. She showed me how to find deals and get the best value for my money. Just this weekend she helped me find an Ethan Allen coffee table at an estate sale for my family room for $10.

One thing you didn’t learn at home about money, but wish you had

I wish I had taken the time to learn more DIY skills (like how to sew and use tools). I just never developed those DIY home improvement instincts even though I had plenty of great people in my life to help me learn.
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I’m learning those things now, but it’s harder now that I’m older and busier.
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Name your favorite money tool, resource or book?

The internet is my absolutely favorite money tool. You can do everything with it – Learn how to do DIY projects with YouTube, keep track of your budget, be entertained, print coupons, find deals, be inspired by others, get answers to your questions, find new recipes, connect with friends and family, and more. It’s allowed me to save money and earn money without leaving my house!  (PocketYourDollars here: I never would have thought big enough to name the internet as my favorite tool, but I’m glad Christina did because she is right on.)

What’s one piece of money advice you wish every American would follow?

I wish that everyone would spend less than they make.
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  The world would be a better place if we all learned to live within our means.

If you’d like to connect with Christina you can read her blog, Northern Cheapskate. Or, find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.


It’s PocketYourDollars again wondering how you can relate to these six answers to our six questions.

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