How-to Save Your House from Foreclosure


Foreclosures are happening all around us with thousands of families already having lost their homes and thousands more at risk.   If you are at risk of losing your home, let me encourage you to call Minnesota’s Home Ownership Center right away.   They offer free foreclosure prevention counseling and are the most well-respected non-profit doing this work  in the state.   Their website ( is chock full of information and resources to help you get through this difficult time. (By the way – you should never have to pay for foreclosure prevention assistance.   Hear me?   I said – never.   If someone wants you to pay them, turn and run.)

Listen up –  more than 50% of all people who call them avert foreclosure one way or the other.   But time is of the essence when you are on the brink of losing your home.   I cannot say it strongly enough – jot down their number and make the phone call right away.

By day I am the Chief Operating Officer for HousingLink, another  non-profit in Minnesota’s housing industry, and  am familiar with Home Ownership Center’s work and reputation that way.   I have no affiliation with them other than an awareness of their good work with incredible results.

If you live outside Minnesota and need help to avert foreclosure, then contact your state’s Housing Finance Agency.   They will point you to a reputable organization working in this field.   There are so many scam artists out there right now that you need to be smart.

Your turn: What else do you know of that can help someone save their home?   Email me here if you prefer because of the sensitive nature of the topic.