How Do I Get Better At Personal Financial Management?

I love learning about personal finance. I devour books on it. I follow lots of blogs about it. I talk about it with my friends and family and oh, I share money-saving tips and tricks as well as some personal money management stuff with here at Pocket Your Dollars.

In times past I’ve mentioned Dave Ramsey and Mary Hunt, two authors whose books I recommend.

One day (and one day soon, I might add) I’d like to write a book that shares the principles we used to get out and stay out of debt, as it is inspirational and applicable to middle America.

After I write a book and have oodles of free time, I’d like to share personal finance tips and information on a daily basis through a blog or daily email.

But, until then, I’ll enjoy what others, like Daily Worth, are writing. I recently subscribed to Daily Worth and really enjoy it. In fact, I signed up for it using my “junk email” account (the second email I use when I request online deals) because I assumed I get a deluge of spam, the Daily Worth emails themselves would be pointless and I’d soon unsubscribe. Quite the contrary. The emails are so good that I actually check my junk email folder in the mornings now to dig it out.

I like that the emails are short, but yet contain one or two good nuggets of food for thought and don’t have spinning and flashing graphics (I hate that!). They say it is advice for women, but other than the site being a purple color, I’m not sure why guys wouldn’t benefit.

Now that I’ve been getting them for over a month, I realized that the Daily Worth topics follow this schedule:

Budgeting – Mondays
Earning – Tuesdays
Saving – Wednesdays
Investing – Thursdays
Spending – Fridays

I hope that one day when I blog and write more about personal financial management that you’ll read it, but check out Daily Worth in the meantime.

Your turn: Which online personal finance sites do you really enjoy? (Maybe I’ll review them down the road)

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