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Car insurance premiums can cost you upwards of $1,400 a year if you opt for full coverage, and even more if you are a teen driver or have a history of claims and DUIs. But with a little research and some comparisons, you can shave hundreds of dollars off this cost and get the cheapest possible auto insurance quotes every time.

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Which Providers Have the Best Insurance Rates?

There is no “best” or even “cheapest” car insurance provider, because it all depends on the user and their state of residence. 

The car insurance quotes you receive as a senior with a clean driving record living in California are likely to be much different from the quotes offered to a young Michigan-based driver with a blemished record. Car insurance companies offer very specialized rates and a company that excels in one area and for one type of driver may not provide the same benefits elsewhere.

Below, we have listed some of the most consistently cheap car insurance companies in each state, before highlighting specific companies and the reasons you should consider them:

  • Alabama = GEICO, Auto Owners, Allstate, and Safeway.
  • Alaska = State Farm, Allstate, and Umialik.
  • Arizona = GEICO, Safeco, CSAA and American Family are not too far behind.
  • Arkansas = GEICO, Safeco, and the Arkansas Farm Bureau.
  • California = CSAA, GEICO, and Amica.
  • Colorado = GEICO, Allstate, Esurance, and State Farm.
  • Connecticut = Amica, State Farm, and MetLife.
  • Delaware = State Farm, GEICO, Progressive, and Travelers.
  • D.C. = Erie and GEICO.
  • Florida = State Farm, GEICO, MetLife, and Direct Auto.
  • Georgia = Georgia Farm Bureau, and GEICO.
  • Hawaii = GEICO, Island Insurance, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate.
  • Idaho = GEICO and Safeco.
  • Illinois = GEICO and Safeco.
  • Indiana = Erie and GEICO.
  • Iowa = Auto Owners, IMT, and Farm Bureau Financial Services.
  • Kansas = Farm Bureau Financial Services, Allstate, and GEICO.
  • Kentucky = The Kentucky Farm Bureau and GEICO.
  • Louisiana = The Louisiana Farm Bureau and GEICO.
  • Maine = Frankenmuth, Concord Group, and MetLife.
  • Maryland = Erie, Travelers, and Progressive.
  • Massachusetts = Plymouth Rock and Hanover.
  • Michigan = GEICO, Allstate.
  • Minnesota = North Star, Auto Owners, and American Family.
  • Mississippi = Safeco, Direct Auto, and the Mississippi Farm Bureau.
  • Missouri = The Missouri Farm Bureau.
  • Montana = Farmers Union and Safeco.
  • Nebraska = Farmers Mutual of Nebraska, GEICO, and State Farm.
  • Nevada = GEICO and Safeco.
  • New Hampshire = Concord Group, State Farm, Amica, and MMG.
  • New Jersey = Plymouth Rock, NJM, and GEICO.
  • New Mexico = GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm.
  • New York = GEICO, Allstate, and The New York Central Mutual.
  • North Carolina = State Farm, and North Carolina Farm Bureau.
  • North Dakota = Nodak and GEICO.
  • Ohio = Grange and Erie.
  • Oklahoma = American Farmers & Ranchers and the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.
  • Oregon = Country Financial, State Farm, and Progressive.
  • Pennsylvania = Penn National.
  • Rhode Island = GEICO and Travelers.
  • South Carolina = Auto Owners, Allstate, and GEICO.
  • South Dakota = Farmers Mutual of Nebraska.
  • Tennessee =  Erie, State Farm, and the Tennessee Farm Bureau.
  • Texas = Texas Farm Bureau, GEICO, and State Farm.
  • Utah = Safeco, Bear River, and Auto Owners.
  • Vermont = Union Mutual and Co-Operative.
  • Virginia = Erie, State Farm, and GEICO.
  • Washington = GEICO, Progressive, and Pemco.
  • West Virginia = Westfield, State Farm, and Erie.
  • Wisconsin = The Auto Club Group and Wisconsin Farm Bureau.
  • Wyoming = GEICO, MetLife, and Safeco.

Farm Bureaus: Better for Local Insurance

In the past, we published a guide looking at the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in the US, in which we found the cheapest providers in each state. There were a few big providers in the mix for the majority of states, but in a handful, the Farm Bureaus came out on top and put the big providers to shame.

The Farmers Mutual of Nebraska, the Kentucky Farm Bureau, and the Texas Farm Bureau were all ahead of the pack in their respective states. And that’s not all, as there were many statewide and region-specific insurers leading the way, including Penn National in Pennsylvania (this company operates in other states but doesn’t have the cheapest rates outside of Pennsylvania) and American Farmers and Ranchers in Oklahoma.

They may not be as well-known on a national level or have the financial backing provided by the likes of Progressive and State Farm, but if it’s low-cost insurance coverage you need, you should never discount your local providers.

USAA: Better for Military Members

Current and former military members should always look into the USAA when applying for an auto insurance policy. Military discounts are offered by several other providers and if you’re on active duty these discounts can go as high as 90%. But you will struggle to find cheaper insurance costs outside of the USAA.

The coverage is great, the resources are abundant, and the customer support is second-to-none. The only downside to USAA insurance is that it’s limited to military members and their families.

Amica: Better for Discounts and Variety

Amica doesn’t have the cheapest auto insurance rates, but it does have a solid reputation, some great customer support, and a host of car insurance discounts. Once all these discounts have been taken into consideration and the benefits of its customer support, reputation, and features have been accounted for, it’s one of the most cost-effective providers out there.

The best rates are reserved for applicants with a good driving history and a high credit score, but discounts are provided for motorists who meet the following criteria:

  • Remain loyal to the company
  • Take out multiple policies or add additional cars to a policy
  • Remain claim-free
  • Pay the premiums in full
  • Complete a defensive driver course
  • Own their own home
  • Study away from home

The Hartford: Better for Older Drivers

In some states, The Hartford is one of the five cheapest auto insurance companies, but in the majority, it struggles to make it into the top ten. It’s a different story, however, if you increase the average age of the applicant.

The Hartford has a partnership with the AARP that allows it to offer very reasonable rates for drivers over the age of 55. It also has a wealth of online resources aimed at drivers in this category and considers discounts for:

  • Defensive driving courses
  • Anti-theft devices and safety equipment
  • Bundling of home-insurance and auto insurance

It has a new car replacement benefit and a lifetime guarantee on all car repairs. Those things are great if you’re an older driver and can benefit from the reduced rates and improved service, but young drivers and individuals seeking full coverage may struggle to make The Hartford work for them.
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Esurance: Better for Comparisons

Backed by Allstate, Esurance is a unique provider that processes everything online, with a site that’s full of helpful resources and an application process that can be completed in just a few minutes. With Esurance, it’s easy to compare coverage options and to get the best auto insurance for your needs.

Esurance offers discounts if you’re a safe driver, have good credit, and have completed driving courses, and there are coverage options for rental cars, roadside assistance, and more.

Allstate: Better for Bad Credit Applicants

Allstate is a good option for drivers with low credit scores and insurance claims, and it also has some good rates for teen drivers. Allstate is a huge name in the insuring game and alongside some very affordable bodily injury and liability insurance options, it offers the following discounts:

  • Good student discounts
  • Discounts for purchasing multiple policies
  • Discounts for new vehicles and “green vehicles”
  • Safe driving club and safety equipment discounts
  • Driving training and driver course discounts
  • Discounts for going paperless

Allstate also offers discounts for using the Allstate Drivewise application, including an initial reduction of 3% when signing up. This application uses telematics to track your driving patterns and determine key characteristics that the insurer can use to set more accurate rates in the future.

GEICO: Overall Provider

We have saved the best for last, as GEICO is one of the few providers that ticks most boxes and offers the lowest car insurance rates in most states and for most demographics. In particular, it’s a very affordable option for teen drivers and other young drivers, and it also has a great app that makes the application and claim process a breeze.

GEICO has insurance options for boats, ATVs, classic cars, motorbikes, and a host of other non-vehicle related policies (pet, travel, home, renters) and it also has a selection of accessible car insurance discounts:

  • Safety equipment and anti-theft devices (airbags, anti-lock brakes)
  • Driver education courses
  • Using a seatbelt
  • Good student 
  • Good driver
  • Multi-policy and multi-car
  • Federal employee and military members

GEICO is one of the better options for applicants with poor credit and a history of at-fault accidents, as well. It is also available across the United States.

The only real downsides here are that GEICO probably isn’t the cheapest option if you’re a senior driver or member of the military and it also falls short in states where local insurers head the pack.

What’s more, GEICO struggles a little with regards to customer support, but J.D. Power marks it as above average for customer satisfaction.
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Bottom Line: The Best for You

When highlighting the best car insurance providers, we used the word “better” and not “best”, and in general, this is important, because while one provider may be better for a specific need or location, it’s not going to be the best for everyone.

The onus is on you, the applicant, to use all tools at your disposal to find the best car insurance rates. Read our guides on the subject, use comparison sites, speak with insurance agents, get only the coverage options that you need, and pay close attention to the type of car you’re buying. If you put in a little time and effort, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars and get the car insurance coverage you need.