Five Unique Ways to Reduce Household Expenses

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We all know to clip coupons, turn off the TV when it’s not in use and switch to energy saving light bulbs.
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But there are other, less obvious, a little more do-it-yourself ways to save dollars in the long run. Here are five ideas to get you started:

Learn Basic Sewing

No need to become a seamstress if it doesn’t appeal to you, but learning the basics of a sewing machine can get you far. Not only can you repair your clothes for little more than the cost of thread, but you can take on the textiles in your house. For example, simple curtains, couch pillows, and even blankets can be inexpensive to make if you watch for fabric sales.

Go Solar

Consider switching to solar outdoor lights as much as possible. This can definitely save dollars in the long run for those who run their porch light all night. Solar lights can be hung, or staked into the yard. Discount and clearance stores often have them available from time to time.

Use a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers – commonly referred to as Crock Pots – are an often underestimated appliance. While many people think it is reserved for making pot roast, the truth is, it can cook nearly anything, including breads and desserts. Even though they run most of the day, they use far less energy than the stove or range. They also do well with cheap cuts of meat.

Many recipes can be adapted for it, so you won’t have to give up your favorite meals, either.

Take Care of Your Animals Yourself

While it’s important to take an animal to the vet for checkups and illness, there are certain things you can do at home to save money. Many animal supply stores sell vaccinations you can administer yourself (either nasal or by injection).

Also consider learning how to cut the toenails on your pet and simple grooming techniques so you can bypass those procedures which quickly add up.

Learn Basic Plumbing

Understand how sink, shower and toilet plumbing works. Many problems with these are easily fixed. For example, a toilet leaking water probably just needs the wax ring replaced. It’s simple to do, and a new ring is inexpensive from the home improvement stores. Far cheaper than calling the plumbers. At the very least, know how to shut off the main water line and individual fixtures so you can circumvent emergency phone calls.

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The ways to save money around the home are nearly endless. It often just takes a little creativity.
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Analyze not only your daily and monthly expenses, but yearly as well. Then look for ways to reduce them in the future.

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Your turn:  In what unique ways do you reduce household expenses?

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