A First Step to Less Financial Stress This Holiday Season

Pocketeers: Because there are so many of you wanting to change the holidays to a time of peace and joy instead of a time of credit card debt and stress, we’re sharing the following lesson from my free 40 Days of Holiday Savings e-course. It’s not too late. If you’re busy and interested in saving money, then sign up for this free e-course. I put it together just for you.

The Single Key to Making This Year Different

You’re here because you want this holiday season to be different. By “different” I mean less financially stressful.
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Hey, that’s an awesome and good goal, but it isn’t enough. To me, it sounds like a vague want for change. Vague wants are really just hopeful wishes without backbones.

I’ll prove it: think of the last time you wished you weighed five pounds less.
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Then you followed that thought with another helping of potato chips and no movement toward the treadmill. You get the idea.

There’s only one way to make that desire for change a reality: you have to do something differently.
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It’s so important, that I’ll repeat myself.
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You need to do something differently this year in order to experience something different.

I get it that this is a season laden with traditions so I’m not suggesting that you change everything. No way. Just some thing. As in, one thing. If you’re bold and brave, then change some things. The more you change what you do, the more change you’ll experience.

Your To-Do Item

The next step is even easier. Identify your unmovable, non-negotiable holiday traditions.

Knowing these unmovables allows you freedom to try new money-saving ways elsewhere. When you stop to really think about it, it’s surprising how few you probably have.

What are the things you and your family do year after year that bring you joy and satisfaction?

  • Maybe you make a favorite cookie or fudge.
  • Maybe you always give a certain gift – like new pajamas for everyone on Christmas morning.
  • Maybe your family always attends a particular Christmas concert, party or event.

For us, we always eat lasagna on Christmas morning. We make homemade gifts for our girls’ school teachers. Those are the only two absolutely immovable things I can think of. That leaves plenty of room for new money-saving approaches to everything else.

Your turn: Have you signed up for the 40 Days of Holiday Savings e-course yet?