Erie Insurance Group Reviews: Auto, Life, Home, and More

Erie is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, even though it operates in just a dozen states. Founded in 1925 and based in Erie, PA, this highly-rated, and hugely respected insurance provider offers a host of insurance products via a vast network of insurance agents. 

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In this guide, we’ll look at Erie insurance reviews, coverage options, and more, before comparing them to other auto insurance companies and seeing how the Erie Insurance Group holds up.

Erie Auto Insurance Coverage

Erie car insurance provides a host of insurance coverage options to consumers in 13 states (D.C., Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

Erie car insurance options include:

Property Damage Liability

A basic type of insurance that covers another person’s property if you damage it during a collision. This occurs for most types of property, including the damage you do to a yard or house.

Bodily Injury Liability

If you cause an accident that harms the person or passenger in the other car, bodily injury coverage will pay for some of their medical costs and may also cover additional fees associated with their injuries, such as money lost by missing work. 

Bodily injury liability insurance is split between a per accident and a per person amount, with most states setting minimum requirements governing how much each of these options should cover.

Collision Coverage

With collision coverage, you will be covered in the event that you hit another car or object. With collision insurance, you’re covered if you damage your vehicle by hitting a tree or guardrail, and this applies regardless of who was at-fault for the accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

​Many of the things not covered by collision insurance will be covered by comprehensive insurance. For instance, while the former will not cover direct collisions with a deer or moose, the latter will. It also covers you for damage caused by extreme weather events.

​Locksmith Coverage

We’ve all locked our keys in the car at least once and while it’s becoming increasingly rare due to the introduction of key fobs, it still happens and it’s a frustrating and often expensive issue. With locksmith coverage, however, you will be covered for a $75 call out fee as you pay for a locksmith to bail you out.

Rental Car Reimbursement

With rental car reimbursement insurance, your life won’t be affected just because your car is in the shop. Erie will reimburse the costs of hiring a rental car, allowing you to continue making your daily commute and getting from A to Z. 

Rental car reimbursement is offered as part of Erie’s comprehensive coverage insurance.

Rideshare Coverage

If you drive for Lyft or Uber, this insurance product is essential. You can get this insurance simply by designating your vehicle for business use on your policy. This will cost you just a few bucks extra a month but could cover you in the event your vehicle is damaged while you’re ferrying passengers for a ride-hailing app.

Reducing Deductible

When you choose this policy option, you can reduce your deductible by $100 for every year that you are claim-free. This applies for up to the first five years. It’s a great incentive to avoid making any claims and stay safe behind the wheel, and if you manage to do just that, you could save yourself a lot of money when you eventually make a claim. 

Pet Coverage

If your dog or cat is in the car with you during an accident, pet coverage will ensure that some of the resulting veterinary bills are covered. With Erie, you will receive a payout of up to $500 per pet, with cover provided for up to two animals.

If there is a serious accident, there’s a good chance the money offered here will not be enough. But it can cover you for check-ups and other minor issues, while taking a significant chunk out of larger vet bills.

Erie Car Insurance Discounts

As with all insurers, you can save money on your Erie car insurance quotes by maintaining a good credit score, being married, owning your own home, and taking a defensive driving course. Minimizing your insurance claims and proving yourself as a safe driver will also keep those costs to an absolute minimum.

The following car insurance discounts are also available for Erie auto insurance customers:

  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: Save up to 15% by adding multiple vehicles to your Erie insurance policy. 
  • Safety Features: If your car has some basic safety features, including airbags and anti-lock brakes, you could save big, with the actual discounts varying based on the type of features.
  • Anti-Theft Features: The right anti-theft discounts could net you a small saving of 5%.
  • Prepay Discount: Save as much as 7% by paying for your car insurance premiums upfront.

Other Types of Insurance Offered by Erie

Erie is a major insurance company providing millions of policies across several key areas. In addition to the car insurance policy options outlined above, it also offers the following:

  • Homeowners Insurance: A competitively priced insurance option for renters, condos, and more. As is so often the case, some of the best bundling discounts are offered to consumers who combine auto insurance with homeowners insurance.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Erie offers cover for two wheels as well as one. You can add some basic liability insurance to your policy, as well as some more comprehensive options.
  • Classic Car Insurance: If you own and drive a classic car, you need a specific type of insurance. These cars are typically more prone to breaking down, have fewer safety features and anti-theft features, and their parts may be more expensive to fix and replace. This type of insurance takes all of those things into consideration.
  • Flood Insurance: Homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover you for floods. It needs to be added as an additional coverage option, one that will cost a lot more if you live in an area prone to flooding.
  • Business Insurance: With Erie business insurance, you will be protected against damage, loss, and litigation, an important type of insurance in this increasingly litigious world.
  • Life Insurance: An essential type of insurance for anyone with dependents. Erie offers whole life and term life insurance policies, providing payouts, investment opportunities, and death benefits. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from owning these policies and having something for your family to fall back on in the event of your demise.

Erie Car Insurance Rates

We found Erie insurance quotes to be much higher than the cheapest rates offered by some of the biggest providers. For instance, GEICO was often up to 30% cheaper for applicants with a good driving record, and we found similar rates with Progressive.

However, once we started adding at-fault accidents and moving violations into the mix, we found Erie to be much cheaper, with rates far lower than the average. It still wasn’t the cheapest provider, but its rates were certainly more competitive than those offered to drivers with clean records.

Erie Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Erie has incredibly good ratings and reviews. According to JD Power, it is one of the very best insurance companies throughout many of the states in which it operates. It also has good ratings from AM Best, suggesting it has the financial strength needed to maintain your policy and resulting payouts.

There are some bad reviews and complaints out there, but for the most part, the feedback is very positive. Erie has good customer support and claims satisfaction. Like many other regional insurance providers, it hasn’t spent much time and money on creating a streamline high-tech approach, and you won’t find any simple mobile apps or sign up processes here. 

Bottom Line: Erie Review Summary

Erie may not have the size, revenue, and reputation of insurers like GEICO and State Farm, but it’s far from a local, small-time insurer. Erie offers a wealth of insurance products, some great discounts, and some of the best car insurance policies across a dozen different states.

As always, you shouldn’t opt for Erie just because you received a reasonable quote and can secure some decent discounts.
There are many more providers out there, many more options to choose and discounts to collect, so make sure you shop around, compare, and get the best rates before you sign on the dotted line.