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"Just wanted to let you know that my credit score has changed dramatically in the past couple months fifty to a hundred points. I do recommend use this credit repair Agency for your credit score. They did an awesome job. They're still doing an awesome job. You your complete when you feel like your score is where you Wanted to be so give these guys a call get your credit score up and go get that car and house that you want."

Chassidy Stringer

My credit report has increased big time. Isn't that amazing? I highly recommend that you call this credit repair company. It really works, don't delay and call them today to get help with your credit score. Before calling I was worried about my credit score and worried about not getting approved for a home or car loan. The signup process was super easy and dealing with them even easier since they do everything for you..

Marquitha M Thomas

Before I started my credit situation wasn't good. I really didn't even know what my credit score was. I just know it wasn't getting approved for loans. Now, I am. So go ahead make the call.

Nahom Alemseghed

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Frequently asked questions

Does this program cost money to enroll in?

The initial consultation is free. After that program costs vary depending on the circumstance and goal of each individual. Our experts will work with you to discover what’s currently bringing your score down, what can be done to improve your score and what length of time it might take. Based off those variables they’ll present a plan price. In the long run nearly all of our users save money by improving their credit score, since with a better score they pay less monthly fees or high interest rates on loans. We often hear this program pays for itself many times over.

Will this hurt my credit score?

No, this program will not hurt your credit score. We have a team who are experts at diagnosing what’s causing a credit score to be lower than it should and how it can quickly be improved. We never take actions that would lower a credit score.

How long does this program take?

Timeline for the program to work will vary from individual to individual. It may vary based off what is causing a credit score to be low, for example we often find wrongful/negative items are a cause of a lower credit score, but getting these items removed takes different amounts of time for each item. During your free initial consultation our team will be able to give you a better estimate of how long it might take for the program to work for your score.

Why do I need a good credit score?

There are many benefits to having a good credit score. Having a strong credit score is critical for any type of financing. Personal Loans, Car Loans, Mortgage Applications all will offer better interest rates for individuals that have higher credit scores. This means you’ll save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. Having a strong credit score also helps for Rent Applications by increasing your chance of getting approved for a rental. Lastly, having a solid credit score will likely result in fewer or zero monthly banking fees that individuals who have poor credit have to pay when they get behind on payments.