Best Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

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Best Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer is one of the most freeing careers you can be in. The fact that you can work from a laptop alone means that you’re not restricted in where you are, meaning you can work at home, in your favourite café, or anywhere in the world.  However, anyone who’s a freelance writer will know, writing is not the best-paid job in the world, which can sometimes leave us scraping the barrel when it comes to our bills.

This might leave you wondering, what can I do to earn a bit more money, perhaps to pay the bills, start a savings account, or even to save for that holiday that you’re definitely in need of. Today, we’re going to explore several of those ways, giving you the opportunity to have even more freedom than you had before!

Improve Your Writing Skills

Perhaps the best way to start earning more money, and to further your career, is to enhance your writing skills. You can do this solely through practice, taking an online course, a course in your own town, or by reading up on certain skills online. You can use writing guides like State of Writing and Via Writing to help you get started.

Also, checking the examples of great writing can help to increase your writing standards you want to achieve. Whichever way you decide to improve your skills, since you’ll have more behind you, you’ll be able to up your prices and start charging more for your work. Of course, this means you’ll earn more money over time!

Build a Website

No, don’t build any old website, build one for yourself! Even using simple blogging websites like WordPress can be a great way to build up your online portfolio, your testimonials and your personal blogs, which can then be given to someone to look at!

What’s more, people searching for freelancers can come across your site once you start promoting it, which will naturally attract more customers and clients and therefore more income! When you’re adding references and testimonials to your website, do so professionally using tools like Cite It In. You can also check your word count using tools like Easy Word Count to make sure your content is suitable for both desktop and mobile devices!

Harvest Those Reviews!

Every time you finish with a client, or even just collect a piece of work if you’re working in a long-term contract, make sure that you’re gathering reviews for your freelancer profiles and your website. Social proof is one of the most important and most effective ways to attract new high paying clients.

Don’t forget that you might have to edit your reviews to make them correct and professional – clients are always the best writer themselves. You can check the grammar using tools like Grammarix to be sure that mistakes and errors wouldn’t drive your potential client away.

“If you’ve got a ton of five-star reviews, flattering reviews behind you, it’s a great way to put your prices up and charge more for your services. Consider how Amazon sells products based on reviews. The same logic can be applied here. The better your reviews, the more you can charge. I managed to make over $10K after working with one client for three years for some great reviews,” shares Sarah Farrow, a freelancer working with Paper Fellows.

Consider Other Revenues

When it comes to writing, there’s no reason why you have to restrict yourself to just writing content for clients. Instead, you could try using your skills to create other products that you can sell to create passive income.

This could include blog templates, article templates, resume templates, eBooks, email marketing templates, poetry books or anything you fancy! It’s always best here to do something you’re passionate about to ensure that it’s the highest quality.

Open Your Horizons

Think about how you currently secure your freelance writing work. You might pitch ideas to publications. You might use platforms such as People Per Hour or Problogger, but these aren’t the only platforms out there. Here are some more you can sign up for to secure more work;

  • All Indie Writers – Founded back in 2006, there is a professional feed job here where you can sign up and apply for writing jobs all over the world.
  • Upwork – The merged versions of oDesk and eLance, Upwork is the biggest freelancing database in the world.
  • Blogging Pro – Sign up here for daily updated job posts as well as a tonne of writing resources.
  • UK Writings – An online copywriting service that has a wide variety of writing tasks for freelancers.
  • Fiverr – A freelancer marketplace where all jobs will be quick and pay around $£5.
  • Ox Essays – A database of editing and proofreading jobs for you to apply for and complete.
  • Freelancer – One of the biggest freelancing job boards with over 24,000,000 employers and freelancers.
  • Big Assignments – A website full of translation jobs that you can apply for.

Just Ask!

If you’ve already got clients that you’re working with and you enjoy working for them, or there’s a new client you’re going to work with, but the pay is not enough for you, there’s no harm in asking for more money.

Normally, a client is going to be working on a budget, so this might not always work, but after all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Aim for Long-Term Clients

If you’re dotting around from client to client, this can end costing you a lot more money because they’ll be times where you’re without work, and it’s inconsistent. However, having a long-term client means you can build up your relationship together into something that is profitable for you both.

If you’re using freelancing platforms like Upwork or People Per Hour, you also have to pay a percentage commission, which drops when you’ve earned over a certain amount with that client, so make sure you go for long-term clients to get the best rate.


As you can see, as a freelance writer, there’s a ton of opportunities available to you to help you earn more money in addition to the money you’re already earning. Make sure you’re asking yourself what you want to do and how you’re going to move forward so you can be sure that you’re making the best decision.


Brenda Berg