Best Buy Credit Card Review

Best Buy is a massive electronics retailer that has been supplying Americans with the latest tech and the best products since the 1960s. It sells millions of products from more than 1,200 stores, and countless consumers flock here to buy the latest and greatest tech. For those dedicated consumers, Best Buy has a credit card, one that combines the benefits of a loyalty card with the convenience of a credit card.

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Best Buy Credit Card: Basics

  • Credit Card Issuer: Citi (Visa)
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular Interest Rate: 26.24% Variable APR
  • Intro APR: 0% to 11.9% for between 6 and 28 months.
  • Minimum Credit Score Required: Good
  • Balance Transfer Intro Period: None
  • Cash Advance APR: 5% on cash advances; and 28.99% interest rate
  • Balance Transfer Fee: 5%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 0%

The Best Buy credit card is offered by Citibank and carries the Visa logo, which means it can be used everywhere that Visa is accepted.

My Best Buy Visa Credit Card: Rewards

Cardholders who pass the creditworthiness test will get a credit card that can be used in millions of locations but offers the most benefits for purchases made at Best Buy.

The My Best Buy card offers reward points every time you use your card. These reward points translate into the following cash back amounts:

  • Get up to 10% cash back on your first purchase at Best Buy, providing this occurs within 14 days of account opening.
  • Get 5% cash back on qualifying Best Buy purchases.
  • Get 3% cash back when you use your Best Buy credit card at gas stations.
  • Get 2% cash back when you use your My Best Buy Visa Card on food purchases, including restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Get 1% cash back when you use your card at department stores, supermarkets, subscriptions, and other non-Best Buy purchases.
  • Get an additional 1% as a member of My Best Buy Elite Plus.
  • All cash back is redeemed in the form of reward certificates.

Cardholders can choose special financing offers instead of the aforementioned Best Buy rewards program. With these offers, cardholders can purchase major items from the Best Buy store without worrying about interest.

However, all interest payments are deferred, which means even if you miss a single payment or make the slightest mistake, you’ll be tasked with paying all the interest up to that point.

As a result, we recommend sticking with the cash back and the resulting rewards certificates and avoiding the financing options.

Bottom Line: Is the Best Buy Rewards Card Right for You?

The Best Buy Visa card is great if you spend a lot of time in the Best Buy store or a lot of money at But if you’ll be forcing yourself to spend more money at Best Buy just to get those benefits, it’s probably not the card for you.

What’s more, the Best Buy card has very few benefits outside of Best Buy stores. The 3% cash back rate for gas stations, while good, is a fraction of what you can get elsewhere and the 1% rate for all other purchases is considerably less than the 1.5% to 5% offered by other cash back credit cards.

If we were to list the 10 best branded credit cards, the Best Buy credit card would definitely be there. If, however, we were to focus only on reward cards and cash back cards, it would be much further down the list. Because while the Best Buy card can match anything offered by competing stores, it’s unable to compete with rewards credit cards like the Discover It, Chase Freedom, Capital One Venture, American Express BlueCash, and similar cards.

Alternative Store Credit Cards

If the Best Buy credit card is not quite what you’re looking for, maybe one of these alternative store cards will fit the bill. These options include both open-loop and closed-loop cards and many of them offer better features and a higher rate of rewards.

Amazon Credit Cards

We wrote “cards” for a reason, because there’s more than one Amazon credit card worthy of your attention. In fact, the Big Zon has both open-loop and closed-loop credit cards.

The traditional store cards are somewhat limited. They can only be used at and while they do have a welcome bonus, it’s very small, much smaller than what the Amazon Visa Signature card offers.

As part of the Visa Signature program, this card provides a wealth of features, including travel protection, purchase protection, and more. Amazon also offers new members up to $100 in the form of an Amazon gift card and they can earn 5% cash back every time they shop at Amazon or Whole Foods.

To get the most out of the Amazon Prime Visa Signature reward card, you need to be an Amazon Prime member, which costs $119 a year. However, the interest rates are respectable, there is no annual fee, and even without Prime, you can still earn a respectable rate of 3%.

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular Interest Rate: Varies
  • Intro APR: Not Available
  • Pros: High rewards rate. Tied to one of the biggest and most varied online stores. Part of the Visa Signature program.
  • Cons: High APR. No intro APR. Requires an Amazon Prime membership to get the most out of it.

Costco Anywhere Visa

The Costco Anywhere Visa, as the name suggests, can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted. There is a cash back rate of 4% for purchases made at gas stations and 3% every time the card is used for dining and travel. 

You’ll get 2% when you use the card at or in Costco stores, and it returns a rate of 1% for all other purchases. One of the few downsides here, in addition to the fact that you need to wait an entire year before you redeem, is that only Good to Excellent credit scores will be accepted.

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular Interest Rate: 16.24% APR Variable
  • Intro APR: Not Available
  • Pros: High rewards rate. Low variable interest rate. The best rewards are not limited to Costco purchases.
  • Cons: Rewards can only be redeemed once per year. No intro APR.

GAP Store Card

​The GAP credit card is great for big families that spend a lot of money at the GAP, Old Navy, Athleta, and Banana Republic, as it offers a high rate of rewards every time the card is used at these locations.

It’s a closed-loop card, so that means you can’t benefit from balance transfers or low-interest rates and you’re also limited to using it in GAP stores, but you’ll get 5 points for every $1 spend at GAP stores and there are a host of discounts and special offers available as well.

You can apply for the GAP store card even if you have a relatively poor credit score. There are better open-loop cards available, but they all require higher scores, making this the ideal option for GAP-loving credit builders.

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular Interest Rate: 27.49% APR Variable
  • Intro APR: Not Available
  • Pros: Good rates for GAP purchases. Includes all GAP family stores.
  • Cons: Store card that cannot be used everywhere. Limited rewards. Very high purchase APR.

Lowe’s Credit Card

The Lowe’s credit card is our favorite home improvement credit card and, in our opinion, the best one around. However, the bar has been set very low, with only Home Depot and its poor credit card to compete with.

Still, if you’re spending big on home improvement supplies or have a big project around the corner, it’s worth looking into. The Lowe’s credit card offers either 5% off all Lowe’s purchases or gives you special financing on purchases of more than $299.

Other discounts and special offers are available as well, but this is a closed-loop credit card, so it can only be used in Lowe’s stores.

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular Interest Rate: 26.99% APR Variable
  • Intro APR: Not Available
  • Pros: One of the best cards offered by home improvement stores.
  • Cons: Store card that cannot be used everywhere. High APR. Limited rewards.