Six Questions About Money: An Interview With Fashion & Beauty Blogger Lindsey Peterson-Smiley

Lindsey Peterson-Smiley PhotoWelcome to Six Questions! It is a new feature where we’ll ask different people from various walks of life the same six questions. I expect that each person will bring something unique to a standard set of questions. Today’s guest is Lindsey Peterson-Smiley. I’ll let Lindsey introduce herself momentarily.

As you read through this Six Questions interview and all the previous interviews, I hope your thinking is sparked. That as you hear  new and different perspectives you will be prodded to think about your own relationship to money.  The views of our guest do not  necessarily  reflect the views of Pocket Your or its staff, but are a springboard for thought and respectful discussion.

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Now to Lindsey…

Introduce yourself in 75 words or less

I am a 30-something, wanna be fashionista in Metro area of MN. I am also a mom of two, stepmom to one, and a happily married wife. I also have a full time job in Golden Valley, MN. I lurv to find and share great beauty and fashion items on my blog, When I’m not working, writing or running, I’m reading (so I can go to Brunch Book Club!).

What money issue are you dealing with in your life right now

My husband and I are very poor savers. We are excellent at spending (yay for the economy!) and adding to our personal debt (boo!).

One thing you learned about money while growing up that has stuck with you into adulthood

I really wish I had a good answer here, but my parents were extremely secretive about money. I didn’t receive an allowance, wasn’t taught how to balance a checkbook, and did not understand how credit works. My mom even worked at a bank, so I knew how to endorse a birthday check!  (PocketYourDollars here: So many of us  experienced  a similar secretiveness about money. I’m glad Lindsey called this out.


One thing you didn’t learn at home about money, but wish you had

I put myself in debt, with no way out as a single, working mom. I had to declare bankruptcy. If I could have had one lesson early on, it would be how credit works. Credit is something that we all need, but it needs to respected and used wisely.

Name your favorite money tool, resource or book?

I actually really like Smarty Pig. It’s a free online savings tool, meant for saving for a specific reason.

What’s one piece of money advice you wish every American would follow?

Learn how to budget! You can’t spend more than you make without consequences!

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It’s PocketYourDollars again wondering how you can relate to these six answers to our six questions.