“Pocket Your Dollars is a FREE Helpline Assisting American's in Getting Out Of Credit Card Debt, Improving Their Credit Score, Getting Seniors Medicare Coverage and More!”

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Credit Card Debt

  • Getting out of credit card debt can be complicated. We make it simple.
  • Find actionable tips, tricks, and gameplans for getting out of credit card debt today
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  • Choosing the best Medicare plan can be overwhelming. Our team is here to walk you through all of your options
  • See if you qualify for additional coverage
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Get Help With Score

  • A high credit score can save you $000s in interest rates and fees
  • Learn how your credit score works and simple credit-raising solutions so you can start living your dream today
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Health Insurance

  • Your one-stop shop for finding the health insurance plan that meets your needs
  • Compare plans, save money, and go to sleep stress-free knowing you and your loved ones are covered
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  • A low rate can save you thousands a year!
  • Learn about mortgage loans, compare rates, and discover your options
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Auto Insurance

  • Compare, save and get better coverage
  • Average savings of $738 a year
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How we work

  • one simple call

  • We will talk to you

    We will contact you to recommend the best options based on your unique situation

  • You save money

    You analyze what makes sense to you, choose and save a lot of money, wahoo!


We’re on a mission: to help you achieve financial freedom.

Understanding your finances can be confusing—but it doesn’t have to be.

Too many “financial experts” talk in complex language that is nearly impossible to understand.

That’s why we created Pocket Your Dollars—to cut the fluff and give you the information you actually need to make smart financial decisions today that will positively impact your future and the future of the ones you love.

To get started, give us a call at (800) 673-4596. We have one of our financial experts ready to take your call and direct you to where you need to go.

Helping individuals around
the world save money.


Over 2.4 Million American's Have Called The Helpline


What clients say

"Lowered my debt by 40% and more"

So far pocket your dollars has lowered my debt by 40% and more. I have one more debt they are working on. They have been responsive to my questions and made sure I understood the process. I would recommend Pocket Your Dollars 100% if you need help with your overwhelming debt.


"Got my credit card debt down from 16k down to 6k"

Got my credit card debt down from 16k down to 6k. And they have really helped me so much. I was paying it a little bit over $425 a month. But I was getting no where, it was all interest. But if you need some help on your debt, reach out to the Pocket Your Dollars, and let them help you with your situation.


"Pocket your dollars saved my life"

I am very grateful for pocket your dollars. Due to my health decline I wasn’t even able to make the minimum payments to my debtors. Pocket Your Dollars saved my life. In one year so far they have resolved the credit card debt I owe 2 out of the 3 companies that I owed money to. For a reduced amount I owed them.


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