Walmart Savings Catcher Program: Price Match *After* Your Shopping Trip

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Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart has a new online tool which can help you save money and time in your quest to save on everyday items. The new tool is called Savings Catcher.

The tool will take the items you buy at a Walmart store near you and compare the prices of those same items with local competitors. If any eligible items are found at a lower price, the difference will be applied to a Walmart eGift Card which can be used immediately or accumulated over time.

If you don’t like to look through the store ads every week and see which store has the best price for items on your shopping list, this is right up your alley, especially if you prefer to buy name-brand items. I look at this like price-matching after the fact.

How It Works

Walmart Savings Catcher

After you’re done shopping at your Walmart store, visit the Savings Catcher website and enter the receipt number and date found on your receipt (toward the bottom).

The tool will then take the price you paid for each eligible item at Walmart and compare it with advertised prices from the top stores in your area.

If lower prices were found, you’ll receive the difference (whether it’s $0.02 or $10) on a Walmart Rewards eGift Card within 72 hours of submitting your receipt. You can choose to use the balance right away or let it grow to a bigger amount.

What Items Are Eligible For Price Matching With This Tool?

Here is a list of items that are eligible and not eligible for price matching with Savings Catcher.

Eligible Items

  • Most groceries such as cereal, rice and cookies. Excludes: store brand items, deli, bakery and weighed items like produce and meat.
  • Consumable items, such as paper towels, bleach and trash bags.
  • Health and beauty items, such as shampoo and makeup.

Not Eligible Items

  • General merchandise items (including, but not limited to, electronics, media and gaming, toys, sporting goods, housewares, small appliances, home décor, bedding, books and magazines, apparel and shoes, jewelry, furniture, office supplies and seasonal products).
  • Non-branded items.
  • Tobacco, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical and photo products and services, or products that require a service agreement such as wireless, automotive or financial products.

Participating Cities

The Savings Catcher program is only available in select cities for now:

  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Dallas
  • Huntsville
  • Lexington
  • Minneapolis (woohoo!)
  • San Diego

Your turn: Have you had a chance to use the Savings Catcher tool? How much have you saved by using it?


  1. steve says

    I will pass on this program. I guess I do not have enough trust in the program. I want to see the immediate savings. I would be frustrated if they do not give my credit.

    The lady at Walmart last Wednesday wanted me to skip doing the price adjustments and just have me do the program. I said no. I wanted the savings now.

    • Skylar says

      It is still worth entering it. You are only human and you could have missed something that it catches. :)

    • Don says

      I keep getting error on all the receipt on scan. It also say to try again. I keep doing it and I still get an error message.

  2. Jennifer says

    I think this is great if it works. I always price match as best I can and use coupons but I always wonder what great deals are slipping through my fingers. So does that mean it only works at Walmarts in Minneapolis or just Minnesota? I hope I do not have to wait until it comes to my Walmart. And really what do you have to lose? Im always going to shop there so I might get some good savings. Hey a bucks a buck.

    • Debbie says

      This program does work, I have been doing it for a little over a month & have $36.00 on a Walmart card. I intend to let it build until the end of the year and then go spend it on groceries or a T.V. or whatever. You will not get any savings on Walmart brand items but everything else qualifies.
      Along with the savings you get on the card, they will also show you what you have saved on, compared to other stores. All and all it’s a good money saving program, you have nothing to lose by trying it, it’s free and you just enter your receipt number and the date….very easy.

      • Brenda Caudle says

        I accidently asked the program to save my $ to a Walmart Card. Then I realized WHAT CARD? How do I fix this. Can you help?

        Thank you,

        • kevin says

          I’m sure you figure it out but in case you haven’t or someone else has the same problem. Go to your email you used or signed up for.print the email from Walmart and bring it to the cashier or customer service desk. You can get a gift card that’s reloadable

  3. Drew says

    In a given week, how many grocery items do you purchase that might happen to be advertised in competitors ads? Two? Three?
    Those are the only items that are going to be price compared.

    Also only works if you do grocery and consumables shopping at Walmart. The bigger purchases of all other stuff aren’t included.

    Seems like a good advertising campaign with very low actual benefit to the consumer. Im sure the data mining info they get from tracking shopping habits is worth a lot more to Walmart that the value they give back to the consumer.

    • Treev says

      Drew that is exactly what I was thinking….they must want the full receipt for something…..
      They have it all figured out….they are NOT doing this for US they are doing it for THEM.
      Like Amazon Prime….I was going to order something and decided to save the $14 in shipping…so I signed up for Amazon Prime and when I went to order my item they jumped the price by $20! Needless to say even though that price was still the lowest I could find I didn’t order it….SHAME ON THEM FOR PULLING CRAP LIKE THAT! I even had a friend google the product on her non-Amazon Prime computer and she was offered the lower price….so yeah….so much for “free trial” HA! Joke!

    • Katie says

      Every time you swipe your credit card at a store you’re forking over your information and shopping habits. This really isn’t allowing Walmart to have any more shopping data on you than you everyday shopping.

      • Drew says

        Maybe a person paid with cash, or a check or a different credit card, its not always possible for the retailer to link different shopping trips together. This way the customer does the work of connecting all their purchases.
        Not trying to suggest anything shady on Walmarts part, but it could actually be a way to get more info than previously.

        • Debbie says

          Lets face it, tracking has become a part of our lives because we have allowed it. But this is just a simple way of getting some cash back, which is what most of us need these days. So do you really care if Walmart knows what kind of bread you buy or how many gallons of milk or pop you go through in a month?? You have to spend money on groceries anyway, so why not get back a little from the cheapest place to shop.

  4. Melissa says

    My Mom was just at Walmart and they told her they are going to stop price matching in the stores on June 1st and that this new tool will be the only way they price match. Anyone else hear this?

    • steve says

      I will be very surprised if they stop price matching. I guess my days at Walmart will be much less in the future.

  5. Kris says

    I had just stopped in Walmart to get my sickie a cool-mist humidifier and, of course, walked out with a basket full of extra stuff. I threw my receipt on this tracker and a few hours later they came back with $10+ worth of savings for me! Nice surprise!! There were no details on what the advertised savings were, but I’ll take it.

    • Drew says

      $10+ is a lot, nice to get back, they must of being way over priced than competitors on the few items they price match. Given that amount of disparity I wonder if consumer is supposed to just assume that all the rest of their non-price matched merchandise is lower priced to begin with?

      • Debbie says

        I don’t think so, if you shop at Target or a supermarket for exactly the same things, you will definitely see that Walmart is the cheapest on everything. At least this has been my experience, and I am a shopper. I do not always like to shop around some of the customers there, and was never a Walmart fan AT ALL but in the long run you are saving quite a bit.

    • tag says

      I tried a receipt from last week. The website says less than 7 days old.

      Is there an app for this where we can scan the barcode and submit?

      • Chell says

        You have to create an account on then you can just scan the barcode on the bottom of the receipt from the website. I’ve been doing this for about three weeks now and I am already owed back over $22.00.

  6. Julie says

    Tried a new receipt and 24 hours later still says it is processing. Another app/web page that doesn’t work?

  7. mikey says

    I sure hope they don’t take away the price match at checkout option! They have Target beat on that one big time. I remember the good old days when Target did this at the register also. Wal-Mart makes it so easy, I’d hate to see that taken away for this new program. Hopefully it’s not taken away, but rather just another option for us.

    • Debbie says

      I checked it out, if you get the savings at the register, you won’t get the same price match on the savings site, but chances are you will find other savings when you enter your receipt on the site.

  8. Molly says

    I tried this with 2 different Walmart receipts and no savings was found for either receipt. I guess I don’t shop to much at Walmart because I am an avid couponer and find that Walmart cannot compete with prices offered at other retailers especially when stacking and triple stacking of coupons can be used and are offered at other local retailers, I found that their customer service is also not at the top of the list and their for prefer to shop elsewhere. I have to say that I believe Walmart really lacks on the way they offer discounts/coupons to customers; just for example target offers mobile coupons, cartwheel, online target coupons, and then the manufactures coupon can be used in conjunction to score some great deals. I thought this application would be a little better then what it turned out to be expecially because there are so many exclusions. They also state that they price match aldi’s but most of aldi’s products are not name brand and I dont offen find the same products at walmart as I do aldi’s so I am not sure how that is a “great” way to price compaire.

  9. Tag says

    Okay, let me get this straight:

    Currently, I can price match at the register for pretty much everything in the store (including generic/store brand items) but only for grocery isle items with this service.

    How is that advantageous when I can use an app like Favado which tells me all the sale prices (+ coupon match-ups) at my local stores?

    I’m curious to see how this new service is going to pan out. It would stink if they did away with price matching at the register and I wouldn’t be able to price match electronics or toys any more.

  10. Steph says

    When it says Minneapolis, MN, does it mean strictly Minneapolis? Or the Twin Cities area? MN in general?

    Anyone know? I’m curious to try this out, but I’m over in Stillwater.

    • Jennifer says

      It worked at mine North of cities. First receipt I scored an extra 3.50$. This is going to be a good thing. I shop there every week for all our needs. I always price match but this just makes sure I do not miss anything. A little birdie told me that by Christmas it might work on electronics and larger items as well.

  11. Elizabeth says

    I tried it this week and got a $6.28 savings credit. I was really pleased. Does take the full 72 hours and will list which products and where they were found cheaper. If you are gonna shop at walmart why not take advantage of it…

    • Drew says

      I wonder if any consumers would have the opposite reaction?

      “Yay, I got $6.28 back this week because Walmart prices are higher than other stores.”

      “Wait a second, does that mean I’ve being gettign ripped off every other week?!”

  12. Steve says

    I use store ads every week and often would run to CUB or Rainbow or other places for special coupon savings. (The cashiers at Walmart are gestapo-like for price matching at our Shakopee store, so this changes everything.) I submitted my receipt from March 28th and, yes, it takes 3 days to process, and I received $1.67 in savings.

    Those saving included the CUB and Rainbow coupons in the weekly ad. So I’m not going to drive to the other stores anymore to save on those coupons. I just submitted my April 3 receipt today. The news media and grocery insiders state that this is a “game changer”. I agree.

  13. Steven says

    This form of shopping seems to be the trend for retailers. An example is Menard’s with their 11 percent rebate. The idea is to shop at their stores, and any savings goes right back to them.

    Wal-Mart is trying it with a different approach, and I’ll try it next time I shop there. My only concern is that they don’t have a limitation 30, 60, or 90 days after credit is posted) on when you can turn in your credit (if you choose to let it build up for a bigger purchase).

    • Debbie says

      They want you to enter it asap, but you have up to 7 days I think. They keep track of the savings for you and anytime you want it, you click on the button and a walmart store card is yours right away. I plan to let mine build to the end of the year, and then request it.

      • Skylar says

        Taking it right from their FAQ “Frequently Asked Questions”

        Do my savings accumulate?
        That’s entirely up to you. You have the option to accumulate your Savings Catcher Credits and build your balance or transfer it onto a Walmart Rewards eGift Card at any time. If you haven’t redeemed your Savings Catcher Credits at the end of the calendar year, Walmart will automatically transfer it onto a Walmart Rewards eGift Card.

  14. Christine says

    I’ve used this in my region several times and I’ve saved over $7.00 and to me that’s the bottom line that I saved. If you read the instructions on their website it says no receipts older than 7 days and that it takes 72 hours to process but usually I see something within 24 hrs time. I like it because it saves me time and money and for a mother of three that is worth it for me. Just saying my opinion but it works and every penny saved is well worth it for me. Give it a try if it’s in your area and times are changing so saving anything in my book whether it be 1 cent or $1.00 is worth it.

  15. randa says

    Been using savings catcher for a month first receipt gave me 25 cents. The second receipt they said was invalid. The third receipt netted 0 in credit. Still waiting on the fourth. Overall its not worth the trouble. I would not recommend.

    • Debbie says

      Yes it is worth it, for the ‘invaild’ one, you may have entered the wrong number, easy enough to do, they are long. As for 0 credit, you didn’t purchase anything that wasn’t already lowest in price. And it does take up to 72 hours for processing.

  16. Staci says

    I’ve been using this about a month and have about $20 back.
    I LOVE IT!!
    I know about price matching, but frankly never have all the ads with me when I need them. Plus the catcher sometimes finds stuff I miss. And despite “coupon policies” I have seen plenty of arguments at checkout stands over whether you can prove match and coupon the same item. This will do that automatically! No hassle, no rude cashier.

    It works for Walmart because they are giving me the difference in credit. Which means I’ll buy more. It works for me because its convenient.

  17. Dawn says

    I would love to see this in Louisiana, there are a lot of low income families in our state that can benefit from this program. How about it Wal-Mart?

  18. Guy says

    I found a receipt of my boyfriends and entered it in and it came back with $4.55 in savings! We shop at a brand new store, so it is clean and staff is nice. No problems here and with that kind of easy money, why not spend the 1 minute it takes to enter in your receipt number?

  19. jackie says

    No. Wal-Mart is not higher priced than other stores. I do all of my shopping there because Kroger, Publix and Ingles are ALL higher priced. They price Match each stores sale prices for that week.

    • Manda says

      Publix with BOGO, and ingles, end up being way less expensive then our local Walmart. And does this whole thing not kill walmarts whole motto about having the lowest prices?

      • kevin says

        Think about what you’re wasting in gas and time. If there’s a bogo Walmart matches that too. Why waste time going to those other places waiting in line when you get a one stop place. This is the whole point

  20. Paris says

    It works My first receipt was $6.98 back, 2nd was $0.98, 3rd was $0.98, 4th was $0.00, and my 5th is saying invalid when that is the most $$ I’ve spent trying to find out why because this is ridiculous!

  21. Jody says

    umm yeah…this sucks actually. I have been fighting with them for over 2 weeks on something. Six emails later and it’s still not resolved. Aldi had Strawberries and Pineapples on sale and they didn’t match the price. I couldn’t report the error from my phone so had to go to a PC. First they told me that it was because they don’t match farm fresh produce and to refer to their FAQ. So I did that and that policy was nowhere to be found. The only thing even close says it does not match WEIGHED items. Well I can see that with bananas but pineapple and strawberries are sold by the item, not weight. So they emailed me back and said they were working on “correcting” the confusion on their website and then told me that I submitted my receipt 10 days after the purchase which is not true. I bought it on 5/7, reported it on a few days later and their first email back to me was on 5/12 which is only FIVE days, not 10. I am sooo frustrated because it’s almost $5. I should have just gone to Aldi and saved myself the headache. Thank god they are expanding in my area and we will have one right across the street. I am over Wal-mart’s abysmal Customer Service.

    • Skylar says

      I know this is from a month ago but i thought id throw my 2 cents in all the same.

      Was it an advertised sale? The FAQ says they only match printed ads and online ads from the local competitors sites.

      people are only human mistakes happen. I feel sorry for the people who work in customer service in store or on the phone for any company. Getting yelled at all day by upset customers for things they didn’t do, because someone else messed up or because the customer is having a bad day and decided to take it out on the customer service.

      Also I will point out that this program is still in beta. That means they are still working the bugs out of it and working out the “confusion”.

      That also must have been a lot of Pineapples and strawberries to equal a 5 dollar difference. :P

      • jody says

        It was front page of the Aldi ad and it was their advertised price. The pineapples were a $2 difference and strawberries were 60 cents. Doesn’t take much to get five bucks with that difference. Ill still submit receipts IF I shop there but I don’t trust their system. I would definitely do the prework to make them match at the register. Better yet, just go to Aldi because I don’t have to worry about it.

  22. Theora Thompson says

    I’m rather upset with the wed site. I used the pass I signed up with and got turned down twice so had to create a new pass word. Then I finally got on site it would not accept how the date was put in. The date was 05-28-2014 how is that wrong?

  23. Vonnie says

    I have entered several receipts now and all it ever tells me is how much money I saved shopping at Walmart. Unless I see some results soon, this is pretty much a time-waster.

  24. Andy says

    No luck doing this so far. There stating that “No Lower Price Found” or comes back later saying “Invalid Receipt.” How can it be an invalid receipt when after entering the TC# it shows me my purchase total and items purchased. Looks to me that anything that might have a saving is getting kicked back as “Invalid!” Have emailed Walmart Price Catcher folks with no results. Think I’m emailing a robot!

  25. Cindy says

    Just tried to enter my receipt it didn’t like my email or password so I changed it like 3 times still no go I think I’ll just take my newspapers with me and make the girls at the check out do the work

  26. Mary says

    I have not had any lucky with this. It keeps asking me to enter my code. The problem is i have not gotten a code yet and i have been waiting now 4 weeks now

  27. says

    Anyone try to redeem the egift card? I took my savings catcher money and converted to an egift card so I could buy something at but the website keeps saying it’s not a valid card #/pin# combination! So what good is it if you get all these savings when you can’t actually use it!!

  28. Elizabeth says

    I live in Texas and redeemed my $1.90 the first week. I wanted to make sure this worked and didn’t want to waste my time scanning receipts and then not receive anything. The egift card is supposed to be sent to your email but I haven’t received anything yet. So I logged onto and it doesn’t recognize my email. Not feeling very good about this.

  29. Kim says

    I am in indiana and have been using savings catcher for about 3 months (I think). I do all my shopping at Walmart. So far I am at 32.90 on my ecard. Today is the first time my receipt came back invalid! I spent $175!!! Not sure why it’s invalid, the site gave me a copy of my exact receipt! Suggestions anyone??? Thank you!

    • Davida says

      Did you know if you ordered the American Express BLUEBIRD card, it’s free, that you can have your monies you save from your Walmart catcher put on this card and they will match you dollar for dollar. So lets say you got back 2.50 on the Walmart Saving Catcher, if you have the American Express Bluebird they will DOUBLE YOUR MONEY, so you will actually have $5.00! I have been doing this for over a year.

  30. Sharon says

    At least Walmart is trying to help the consumers. I don’t see any other store out here doing anything like this. It’s a FREE program that is new. There are going to be bugs and glitches. But it’s FREE! [Edited by moderator]

  31. patti says

    I acquired $20 so figured it was time to redeem to an egift card. I never got an email so I searched the site found the “resend email” option. When I clicked that it says…”Request cannot be fulfilled. You do not have an active Savings Catcher Rewards eGift Card”…Does anyone know what this means? I know I don’t have one…I never received an email. When I try to view my Rewards Cards it shows where I can add re-loadable gift cards. I happened to have a gift card, entered it and still nothing. Does anyone know what I need to do? Did I miss a step or does it take 48-72 hours to be initially issued. I will be soooo mad if I’ve been saving receipts and scanning only to be screwed out of my $20

  32. says

    I forgot password, and there is no link or anything to renew password. I like savings catcher. Just last week used blue bird card, and saved15.00. Just need to renew password. :)

  33. says

    I lost my password and have tryed múltiple times to find a way to recover it and their is none.besides the few times I did use it ,it was a waste of my precious time.walmarts fill of scams look how they treat their employees..

  34. Sherry says

    I had only downloaded the app. I have been putting in my receipts and saved money up that I was ready to redeem. Then I was informed that you had to have a Walmart account and now I can’t get my app to link to the online Walmart account. Can anyone help me please?

  35. Kathyd says

    I have been using the price matcher for 6 months no money they only price match family dollar and dollar general here so it does no good.

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