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    I didn’t know about this til about a month ago but if you have children in school that qualify for free or reduced lunch you can get internet thru comcast via internet essentials for 9.99 a month

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    I’m a long time user of FreedomPop, both for wireless internet on the go, and for my cell phone service. Both of those services are free for the basic plan as well. I

    I have gone over my allotted data in a couple months, and I think I ended up having to pay about $10 extra that month, even without the alerts/etc. Not a big deal.

    This plan is perfect for folks that aren’t doing much video streaming or other intensive online activities. For example, if you mainly just surf sites like this one and check your email online, this plan will probably work just fine for you. If you’re watching a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime video streaming, you’re likely going to have overages.

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      Sheila, There isn’t a firm way to know. For me, I looked at my mobile data usage as a gauge. I know what I do on my mobile phone data wise and I can see a firm measure of how much data that uses. In my mind I extrapolated that out to what I use my home internet for. (That said, I couldn’t find anything on my Centurylink bill or in my online Centurylink account that showed my home data usage. I *didn’t* try calling Centurylink to ask. That *might* be an option).

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        As an example – to show you how much data it uses, a typical 2 hour movie at regular quality on Netflix will use about 600MB of data. At high quality (1080p HD video), it could use closer to 4-5GB.

        So in other words, if you’re doing a lot of video streaming, the free plan probably won’t be enough for you. If you don’t do a lot of video it’ll probably be fine.

        With the 10GB plan you could watch a few movies a month and still be fine – as long as they’re not high quality streaming. You can probably forget about those 10 hour marathons of your favorite shows though.

  3. Tanya says

    Hi. I live in Wisconsin and was looking into this internet. It says we would get a refurbished device for internet. All we have available in this area is 2g. Would this service be good for our household. We use the internet alot with alot of devices. Wii. smartphones, computers, Nook. We have 3g of internet speed and paying about $50.00 a month. We have Tmobile for our cell phone provider. Just would like to pay less for internet.

  4. Kim says

    We don’t stream movies, but use the Internet and stream music thru Pandora. We have smartphones and simply use the smart phone mobile Hot spot to provide a connection for our tablet and laptop. We cancelled home Internet once we upgraded to smart phones and just set usage alerts on the phones. Super easy, and we can connect anywhere as long as we have the phone with our tablet or computer.

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    Sally, I have Centurylink, too, and there is a way to find out! I was curious so I did an internet chat with customer service and got my usage for the last six months. I don’t make my living on the internet but I figured it was used a lot, and I’m very glad I checked. Our six-month average was 78.2 GB, with the lowest being 47.8, so we would have gone over every month.

  6. tag says

    No available in my area, yet. I did sign up to receive an e-mail when it happens.

    My computer (with Window 8/8.1*) has a setting that tells me how much internet we use. I can’t find the control menu for it or I’d share the information. It is there. somewhere.

    (*Windows 8 & 8.1 – We’re all finding it difficult to use, including the teens! Here’s to hoping something more 7 or simpler is coming out soon.)

  7. Julie French says

    I have been looking very seriously at freedompop for my cell phone service. I am living in a suburb of St. Paul and I’m wondering who out there is currently using freedompop’s cell service and are they happy with it?

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