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  1. Jenny Benton says:

    Hi Laura,

    What is the url for PayPal. I signed up for an account for ibotta, but I'm not sure it's a legit url that I used.

    Thank you,

  2. Jenny – You can sign up for a free Paypal account here: https://www.paypal.com/home

    If you signed up via the Ibotta links above, you're probably good to go. You should have received a confirmation email to get your account started.

  3. It sounds like a good idea but who has the time to do this item. It seems like there is something new every couple weeks. It takes enough time to organize, cut and print my coupons. I am not sure who has the time to do things like this.

  4. Steve – We are keeping track of Ibotta offers on our end and including them in the shopping lists whenever possible. That will hopefully save you some time. :)

  5. I was wondering about the ibotta app.. If I purchase the items I've selected and pay with ebt card will I still get rewarded money?

  6. FYI — I tried this with a Rainbow receipt, and they apparently do strictly mean "Pick 'n Save". Maybe it will come to Rainbow soon!

  7. Why when I go to upload a receipt with the ibotta app are there only 5 stores listed. I have the latest version of the app, but it is almost like those are the 5 original store from when I downloaded it a month ago.

  8. how much of the reciept has to be in the picture, please explain so we will understand, thank you

    • you need to send almost the whole receipt, from store logo until payment info. it will not fit on one photo. the app asks if you need another photo/s to capture entire receipt. Idk how the even read the receipt the receipt at all. The P n S receipts arent the easiest to read in the first place, the ink lines are sort of grainy, i couldnt make anything out on the picture i submitted but i was sent confirmation that it was acccepted or whatever.

      Carrie or anyone…i didnt get the 5$ bonus even after i did one of the offers…was i supposed to use a specific link to dl the app? i thought the 5$ was for all new users :(

  9. steve, the barcode scan and receipt submission really only took me about 5 min the first time i used it and i'm sure its the sort of thing that with use will become second nature and less time consuming. I could see it being a bit of a pain if you bought many items that offered ibotta rebates but when its just a few I feel its well worth the few minutes spent. Goodness knows Ive spent literally 3+hours planning a shopping trip that saved maybe 15-30$ so 5 min for 1.50$ is like a pay raise for me!

  10. Linda – Did you sign up through the link mentioned in this post? http://www.pocketyourdollars.com/2012/11/ibotta-a

    If you signed up the *first* time we mentioned Ibotta (in this post, before the $5 credit offer was added), you wouldn't get the free $5 credit since they counted "new users" as everyone who set up an account after that deal went live on 11/16.

    • Laura, i have Android phone so i just signed up maybe a week ago. I didn't use a link to sign up, I think i just searched the app store on my phone bc i can never click links on sites such as pyd. Maybe the deal expired?

      • Linda – If you didn't use a referral link (like in this post) to sign up, then you wouldn't get the $5 credit as that was a referral bonus only. :(

        For others who are wondering, the free $5 credit is still good for new signups, but you must sign up through a referral link. I'll change the wording to make that more clear.

  11. How do you change your PayPal account after you linked one to ibotta. I had my email account hacked and had to get a new one.

  12. I recently got a smart phone. I'm wondering if those that are using this app can post about how much they are earning for this, what kinds of products you have to buy, etc. Thanks!

    • I've only been using this app for about a month and I've accumulated $10.25. I even had a friend sign up and received $1.00.

      Products vary because they update often. Right now I have Smuckers, Heinz, OreIda, Chef Boyardee, Folgers…they even have some beauty products and cleaning supplies sometimes.

      The great thing is that they are usally high values .75 – 1.50 and you can use coupons while you're shopping to make it even better.

      One offer I remember was for Pine-sol, I believe there was a $1 coupon out there plus you got $1 back from the app and you ended up making .03.

  13. I earned $11 on my first shopping trip with ibotta yesterday, and have nearly $10 more in potential earnings for this week. And that's without doing any of the $.50 tasks for twitter and facebook. I can verify that it works with ebt. So far, i'm loving it.

  14. Sherrie says:

    I did it and got an email confirming it was accepted but money not showing in my Paypal acct?

  15. My husband is suspicious. He was wondering where the money that I get back is coming from? Is it from the individual retailers that I shop at or is it from the retailers of the products that I purchase?

  16. Hi, I was wondering if the app charges you any taxes or fees other than the inactivation one? Have you guys been taxed or charged?

  17. I unlocked 3 neutrogena $2.00 rebates through ibotta. When I went to redeem, it says I only have one rebate for $2.00. I am confused. What did I do wrong?

  18. I am very confused about the referral program. I use the invite for fb put my code. Emailed ppl with same info. Even watched someone sign up under my referral use my code. Help them with there first refund they recieved there 2.00 i got nothing. I have 9 friends on my account never recieved a dime. I know 4 have done a refund. Someone please explain what i am doing wrong.

  19. Pricilia says:

    Please explain the 5 dollar minimum.


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