Cub Foods Coupon Book 2/27 – 3/15/14

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Check your mailbox for a new Cub Foods coupon book with deals valid from Thursday, 2/27 through Saturday, 3/15. If you didn’t get this in the mail, it should be available at the store entrance along with the weekly ads.

The home-mailed coupon books contain two coupons for $5 off your purchase of $55 or more or $10 off your purchase of $100 or more in a single transaction. One coupon is valid from 2/27-3/16 and the other is valid from 3/17-3/23. Your total must be $55 or $100 after all store coupons are applied before the $5 or $10 will be taken off your order.

This is not a list of every coupon in the coupon book – only the deals that we found noteworthy.

Your turn: What other coupons did you find to match up with these store coupons?

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  1. Is it me or did you miss the Cheetos/Fritos 3/$7

    • Randy – We didn’t include every deal this time around, just the ones we thought were noteworthy. I don’t buy Cheetos or Fritos – is that a good price? I was thinking $2/bag would be noteworthy but I don’t buy them.

  2. Hi. The book we received in Shakopee has two $5 off $55 purchase and two $10 off $100 purchase. It’s too bad they went up to $55 from $50 :(

    • The interesting thing is that I NEVER use their $5.00 off $50 coupon. Their prices are so high compared to Aldi, Target and Walmart. I thought it is interesting when Cub puts something on sale and the regular price is still 40 cents cheaper at Target. I am not sure why anyone shops at Cub. Once you figure out that they are something 30% higher then Target and Walmart how can you afford to shop at the store.

      • Steve, It takes a savvy shopper to shop at Cub. Some of my best deals have been scored there. I’ve gotten cereal for $1 and ground beef for $1.99/lb. I agree, most of their regular prices are outrageous, but their store coupons combined with mq’s make for some awesome deals. And many things are cheaper there than Target. They have the best deal on store brand tissues–even at regular price. Worth checking out their ad if you live near one (Target and Cub are the only stores in my area).

        • I also shop at Cub once or twice a month to get their lowest-priced deals (I’ll be stopping there this week – I was just waiting for the new coupon book to come out). I usually do most of my shopping at Aldi but Cub usually has at least a few items each week that beat Aldi’s prices.

          Cub is the closest grocery store to my house and right near my son’s preschool so it’s not a huge hassle to me to stop in to pick up a few items on occasion. I definitely don’t do my regular shopping there but there are still some good deals to be found.

    • Thanks, Ella! I hadn’t received the coupon book in the mail yet so I was just going off of what we’d seen with previous coupon books. I’ll update the post.

      • Hi Laura. Can you double check this post. In the second paragraph it mentions that you have to spend $55 and then it says that you need to spend $50 to get the $5 off. Also, under general deals, it says $50 when it should be $55. Thank you!

  3. Received email from Holiday today. Through March 26 show you My Cub Rewards card and receive a 20 oz Holiday Pantry water or any size coffee, or fountain drink for $0.59 (limit 2).

  4. I love shopping at Cub! I can usually find great deals, especially with the coupon book and the fact that they accept expired coupons. I used the $100 off q yesterday, the cashier told me that the q comes off first.
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys do to put out these lists! I first heard about it on KTIS! I have gone from saving 20-30% to saving 50-80% on groceries for my family! God bless!!

  5. A coupon for $1.00 off 2 Chips ahoy just popped up on facebook,so $1.50 each with coupon from booklet

  6. as I am reading some of your posts on items , when using Cubs B1G1F coupons you are able to use 2 coupons (you are able to use a coupon on the “free” item?)

    • Depends on the cub and cashiers most of the time its not allowed

    • Pat – There is nothing in Cub Foods’ coupon policy that specifically allows or prohibits this.

      Readers have found that it’s easier to use two manufacturer’s coupons when the buy 1, get 1 free needs a store coupon (a regular buy 1, get 1 free sale doesn’t work as well). Just give the manufacturer’s coupons to the cashier first.

      I regularly use two manufacturer’s coupons with Cub B1G1 coupons and sales with no issues.

  7. Amanda B says:

    Just curious, how does the Cub coupon booklet come in the mail? Is it tucked in with a Smart Source type flyer? I don’t seem to be getting the coupon booklet in the mail. I called Cub’s customer service number and they said I should be getting them. I’ve filed a mail complaint too. Bummer because I like those $5 off $50 coupons.

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