1. Amber says

    Lynn, they are pretty easy to use. You just download the Ibotta and/or Checkout51 app on your smartphone or tablet and register. Then you can page through the offers and pick the ones you want. For Ibotta, you have to see what items are listed for individual stores that participate, like CVS, Target, Walgreens, etc. But for Checkout51, it doesn’t matter what store you purchase the item at.
    Once you purchase the item, you open the app on your smartphone or tablet (or also a computer for Checkout51), select the item you want to redeem and take a picture of your receipt. Ibotta requires you to scan the barcode of the item you purchased to make sure it matches, but Checkout51 does not.
    Here’s the post we wrote explaining the Ibotta app:

    I know this all sounds confusing, but the apps are really pretty easy to use once you get the hang of them :)

  2. Diane says

    Another great feature of is that you do not have to pay full price for an item in order to qualify for the amount back they are offering. In other words, if you purchase one of the items being offered to you on clearance, for example, you’ll still receive whatever amount Checkout51 is offering (once you upload your receipt).

  3. Sarah says

    Hi, I’m fairly new to this whole couponing thing and i used Checkout51 my last trip to CVS and walgreens. I have one question, i bought the Glad plug in deal this week at CVS, i bought them in the same transaction (which i think was a mistake) but i can only seem to get 3.00 back instead of like the deal on most coupon websites say they get 6.00 back 3.00 for both. If anyone knows please let me know! Thank you..

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