Holiday Photo Card Deals 2013

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Every year we’re asked what the best holiday photo card deals are, so this year we thought it would be best to keep them all in one spot. That way it’s easier for you, our faithful Pocketeers, to quickly find the best deals and share your tips in the comments.

Usually pre-Thanksgiving deals are the best, but we’ll keep track of prices up until the very last minute for those of you who procrastinate. (Full disclosure: one year I mailed my holiday photo cards on Christmas Eve. Yup.)

This year we’re shooting for a price point of $0.50 each or less, including shipping. The deals in this list are ordered from lowest to highest price per card, but note that some of these low prices can only be achieved by ordering a certain amount.

Please note: Carrie and I have not personally tried out all of these websites so we cannot vouch for the quality of products and/or customer service on all of them. Just something to keep in mind. :)

Your turn: Where do you find the best holiday photo card deals? Which deals here look like a winner to you?

$0.20 Each

Christmas Cards, Holiday Photo Cards   Pear Tree Greetings

Pear Tree Greetings — $25 for $50
Spend $25 for a $50 Pear Tree Greetings gift certificate, then use it toward your purchase of holiday photo cards priced as low as $0.30 each. If you buy 175 photo cards for $0.30 each, your final price (including $7 flat-rate shipping) will be $34.50, so $0.20/card.

$0.23 Each

Sam's Club photo greeting cards

Sam’s Club — 30 for $10.50 or Less
Sam’s Club’s regular price for classic photo greeting cards is 30 for $10.50. Choose from hundreds of designs in a 4×8 or 6×8 size. If you order 150 or more, your price will be $0.23 each (sold in sets of 25). (Thanks, Jen and Brenda!)

They also have a Black Friday and Cyber Monday special where you can get 100 holiday photo cards for just $15. (Thanks, DeAnn and Thelma!)

$0.27 Each


York Photo — 50% Off (Exp 12/31)
New customers get 50% off all holiday card orders from York Photo with coupon code GREETINGS through 12/31. Plus, get free rounded corners and address printing on select cards. Prices start at $0.41 each (when you buy 200), which works out to as little as $0.27/card with shipping.

$0.28 Each

Walmart Digital Photo Center - Photo Cards, Photo Greeting Cards, Photo Stationery Cards

Walmart — Free Shipping
If you order your photo cards from Walmart, you’ll pay as low as $0.28 each for 4×8 cards and get free shipping. However, you’ll need to order 241 or more photo cards to get the $0.28 each price. If you order a more average amount of 80 or so, your price will be $0.40 each.

$0.30 Each

Costco — $14.99 for 50
Costco’s regular price for 6×7 1/2 photo greeting cards is $14.99 per set of 50. They also have premium stationery greeting cards available for $34.50 per set of 50(Thanks, JoAnna!)

$0.36 Each

Zazzle Groupon

Zazzle — Groupon Offer + Free Shipping
Zazzle has an offer on Groupon for 40, 75 or 110 flat photo cards + free shipping. That works out to 5×7 cards for as little as $0.36 each (when you buy 110). This is the same offer I used last year and I was really pleased with how everything turned out.

$0.38 Each

Walgreens Christmas Cards

Walgreens — 50% Off 3+ Sets of Photo Cards (Exp 1/1)
Through 1/1/2014, use coupon code 2013CARDS to get 50% off 3 or more Sets of Photo Cards. Select in-store pickup for free shipping. That works out to cards for as little as $0.38 each (when you buy 3 or more sets of 20).

$0.39 Each

Shutterfly Christmas card

Shutterfly — Extra 25% Off (Exp 12/17)
Use the coupon code JOY25 to take an extra 25% off sitewide at Shutterfly through 12/17. With photo card prices starting at $0.40 each, that means you’ll pay as little as $0.39 each when you take the cost of shipping into account (keep in mind you’ll need to order a l-o-t of cards to get this low price).

$0.42 Each

York Photo LivingSocial

York Photo — $11 for 40 from LivingSocial (Exp 12/25)
Spend $11 for 40 5×7 holiday paper photo cards with envelopes from York Photo via LivingSocial. Shipping is a flat-rate $5.99, which works out to $0.42/card.




  1. Michelle says

    Walgreens also had a deal posted on their Facebook page to get 20 5×7 photo cards for free with their code.

    From their FB page:
    How do you make your holiday cards extra special? Try adding confetti, glitter or sequin stars into each envelope for a celebratory surprise. Speaking of surprises, Like our page for a set of 20 FREE Photo Cards! Click here:

    You have to order before December 7th. And it is completely free when you do pick-up at the store.

      • Susan says

        That’s too bad–I think I saw the post on hip2save (didn’t realize it wasn’t PYD) and both my son and I got a coupon code and got 40 free cards. It was wonderful as I didn’t need to create a separate Walgreens account for him, I could go back and order 20 more of the exact same card. Was really slick! Was wondering if CardStore will come back with their crazy offer to mail the cards again for less than the price of a stamp. I think they mailed about 120 card for me last year for about $.25/card. I actually threw away tons of other cards I had already bought because the deal was so good–covering postage. Would love to see this deal again…

  2. Rebekah says

    Last year there was a site that included free shipping to each addressee – is that what the “free shipping” means in the above offers? I’m trying to recall who i ordered from last year – I swear it was around $0.20 per card, mailed to the addressee. Thinking we’ll see something simiarl this year?

    • says

      Rebekah – “Free shipping” above means free shipping to YOU, the purchaser.

      I believe that Cardstore was a new company last year and I really don’t think they’re going to offer any sort of similar promotion this year. :( I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Korene says

    I bought Fresh Step cat litter at Target on Sunday and received a printout coupon when I paid for $20 off Shutterfly photo cards – said for Target pet owners on it, so I’m not sure what other pet products may qualify.

    Also, I’m on Kellogg’s mail list and they sent an email a week or so ago with a $20 off Shutterfly photo cards and free shipping coupon code.

  4. Jen says

    I have used Sam’s Club in the past. The regular price is $10.50 for 30 cards, which works out to 35 cents each. The quality was good enough for me. Last year I did the free/very reduced offers from and the quality was definitely better, but I’m not really trying to impress anyone, so I wouldn’t shell out extra money for them at regular price.

    I have a TON of Pamper’s Gift to Grow points, and see that they have free Shutterfly cards, so I may go that route, depending how much they want to charge for shipping.

    • Korene says

      Shutterfly shipping rates very depending on how many you order. When I order a couple days ago, I did two orders. The order of 25 was 4.99 shipping and the order of 50 was 6.99 shipping.

  5. Becky says

    I just recently found out about Peartree greetings – I believe they are a MN company, but seem to have good prices and run deals weekly. I just ordered from there, so hopefully my cards will look nice, because I thought I got a pretty good deal!

  6. lisa says

    I ordered the amazon deal and it charged me an extra $7. I also assumed that free shipping meant free shipping for each card mailed. I emailed invitation box regarding the charge and never heard back. I wouldn’t recommend this deal.

    • Renee says

      Shoot. This just happened to me and I hoped it was an anamoly. Have you heard from them yet? I called but of course it’s Sunday morning so they weren’t answering.

  7. Brenda G says

    I used Sam’s this year and got 100 6×8 cards for $25 (price break for larger order)… I’ve even got them all stuffed, licked, and ready to mail already! :)
    I thought $0.25 each was a great deal!

      • Mandy says

        DeAnn, do you know if the Sam’s Black Friday offer applies to their new stationary cards or just the classic ones? I’ve ordered in the past, but have always ordered the classic ones – just curious as to the options…. THanks!

  8. jack says

    People can check their emails from Kellogs there was a free 20$ off holiday greeting cards with a free shipping code (I suppose that could be select in boxes). I guess I am just wondering how many codes you can use with Shutterfly.

    • DeAnn Strenke says

      I just asked at Sam’s Club and the big sale is coming up – 100 cards for $15 next weekend Black Friday thru Sunday! I just get my card prepped online and then when the same goes on I am all set to get them ordered! For .15 a card you cant beat it!

    • ToriSC says

      I got the same from Kelloggs & was able to use both codes at the same time – cost shipped to me was $1.36 (state sales tax). A great deal especially when paired with that Walgreens deal.

      Between the 2 deals I got 45 cards for $1.36 total. And here I dreaded buying them this year……

  9. jack says

    Big question for anyone who shops at Shutterfly, How many codes can you use on their website? If all codes can apply to what is in your cart will they work?

  10. Mary Kay says

    I need help, please.

    I am looking for Christmas Photo Cards where I can write in a paragraph about our year.
    Do you know of any sites that have these types of Greeting Cards? I know Shutterfly has 6 of them but they are very expensive.

    I am trying sooooo hard not to write a Christmas Letter.

    Thanks for the help.

  11. Sidney says

    I’m not sure if this is a regional deal or not (I don’t live in MN) but I just ordered 50 Christmas cards from Staples for $5. All quantities up to 50 were only $5. You have to get 4×8-inch matte finish cards for that price (glossy ones were $4 more), but they have a ton of different layouts to choose from. When I called our local store yesterday they said the sale only went through today, but I just ordered ours and the website said the sale goes through Dec. 3.

  12. Molly says

    I don’t see the cardstore deal for 69cents for 4×6 flat cards (100). The cheapest I can find is 99cents for postcards (before the sale). Any advice?

  13. Thelma Jorve says

    Just for future reference – Sam’s Club has the deal every Thanksgiving weekend and this year Cyber Monday was included – 100 cards for 15.00.

  14. Michelle says

    Walgreens also has 50% off cards through 12/18 with the code hohocards you don’t have to purchase any certain amount either.

    • Stephanie Crisp says

      Thank you so much. I missed my free ones waiting on the photographer to finisher our photos. URGH. So this will be very helpful.

  15. Treev says

    WeIl I guess I failed this lesson of getting cards at the goal set here. But I may have learned my lesson to get them ordered next year at Thanksgiving time. I know I will be happy with the quality of what I ordered. I got my cards for 50% off at Shutterfly and free shipping I still paid $1.06 per card including shipping. So actually even though that was twice the price point goal; I got card stock cards and it includes about 12 pictures of my precious family members….so that is priceless!
    Thanks again for all your staff at PYD for all you do year round. Especially now at this busy time of year; many more thanks!

  16. Catherine says

    Shutterfly has a new 50% + 20% off through tomorrow, 12/11. Do you update this post regularly or do you create a new post? (so I know what to watch for).

    Thanks, also, for all you do at PYD! Love this site!

  17. MOvalle says

    We ordered our stationery cards from Sam’s Club & have yet to receive the order today is 12/17). Very disappointed because the various options & layouts are super cute. Buyer beware!!

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