Open Mic 11/21/13

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  1. Sue says

    I am thinking of trying Coburn’s Delivers and I am looking for any feedback.

    Also, does the Coburn’s Store ad coincide with the delivery service or is that two different things?

    • helperlady says

      I have used them a few times and found the food to be high quality. So nice to have a place to put my order online filling in thu the week and then send it before deadline. Highly recommend. I found prices to be reasonable.

  2. Karen says

    I had a very strange experience this week at St. Francis hospital. I was scheduled for out patient surgery at 1pm. Something happened and my surgery was pushed backed three hours. To make up for my inconviences, St. Francis gave me 2 Target gift card valued at $10 a piece. Now I have a little extra Christmas money.

    • scat says

      I had the same thing happen when I was hospitalized for 9 days last year. I had a roommate that was just awful. She complained loudly about everything. I really felt sorry for the nurses who had to deal with her. She was constantly buzzing them to come in and do something for her. Finally I told one of the nurses that I was going to go home, whether I was ready to be released or not. Within a half hour they were wheeling her down the hall to a different room and then came in and gave me a target gift card for having to put up with this woman.

      • Treev says

        Scat & Karen, That is super weird! Target?? What is the foot in the door with that?? Yes it is nice but oh my gosh makes me even more leary of our health care system. But tis the season; lets not go there! ;P

        • Karen says

          Many years ago, I learned that if the serving preparing you ice cream sundae at Cold Stone “accidentally” drops your ice cream on the floor, they will upgrade your order to the next larger size to accomindate for your additional wait time.

  3. DeAnn says

    Turkey Deals! Cub will take and match the Rainbow .55/lb turkey coupon so if you still have your $5 off of $50 booklet coupon you can use them together. I got a 24 lb turkey for $13!

  4. M says

    I’m thinking about trying the Cartwheel app but I am wondering about a few things:

    1) Do you have to be logged into Facebook while using the app? I noticed you can now just log in with your regular email but it is a newer option still in testing mode.

    2) For those that do use the app, how much do you save on average? Is it really worth it?

    3) Are there (or have you ever seen) deals for organic items through Cartwheel?

    4) Has anyone had any problems with using the app? I read elsewhere about people having issues but that was when the app first came out. I would think six months later any issues would be fixed but I just want to make sure.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    • Carol says

      I LOVE Cartwheel. Since I started using the app about 6 months ago, I’ve saved about $35.00. That may not sound like a lot, but considering how easy it is to use, I think it’s worth it. Regarding organic items, There are many cartwheel offers for Target’s Simply Balanced brand, which includes many organics. I also think Cartwheel is well-designed and very easy to use. In addition, you can use Carthwheel offers multiple times (up to 4 times per transaction).

      • Treev says

        Carol…I had been wondering about how many times I could use the cartwheel “coupon/offer”. So to be sure; if I had four $1.00 off coupons off of 4 items, and there was a cartwheel offer on the same item; I could get that cartwheel offer off each of the 4 items?
        If yes; would it all come off in one scan or do they need to scan it four times?
        So then could I use that same cartwheel in another transaction? How many transactions using the same cartwheel a day can a person use?
        Thank you so much! :)

    • Lisa says

      M, I don’t have any helpful info for you. I have never used Cartwheel because I don’t have a Facebook account. but thank you for your post! I was not aware that you are able to use an email address. I will sign up for it now.

    • Lisa says

      I also love Cartwheel! You do not have to be logged into FB to use the app. As a matter of fact, I have a separate Cartwheel app. If you would rather not use an app or your phone at Target, just print your Cartwheel before going to Target (your barcode doesn’t change, so you could just print once and keep using over and over with different items in your cartwheel). You can also change your settings on FB to have “only me” see which items you choose to put in your Cartwheel. I signed up almost immediately when the program started and have saved around $50 so far. I think every penny counts – so to me it is definitely worth it. I haven’t had any problems with it. I have found Target usually adds more offers on Sunday’s. They will also add some offers for only a day too. I did receive an email this week for the 40% off boots (one day event) to notify me. Best of luck!

    • Becky says

      I don’t have Facebook, but was excited to see that you can now log in to Cartwheel with an email. I tried it for the first time yesterday, and it worked great! I was able to stack manufacturer Q, store Q, and Cartwheel. It’s very easy to use, and I saved $4.80. I was always frustrated with Target deals, because I knew I was missing out not having Cartwheel. I would recommend trying it!

        • D says

          So, I have a red card but do not have a facebook account or a smart phone. Are you saying all I would need is my email account to get the cartwheel savings?

        • M says

          Yep! I read that there was a big response that people wanted an email address option too. And since you don’t have a smartphone, you have the option of picking everything you want and then printing the barcode from your home computer. Then take the printout to the store and the cashier can scan it just like they would with the smartphone option.

    • tag says

      For those who are looking for a few more things for their Operation Christmas Child box or stocking stuffers:

      Cartwheel has a 20% off card for One Spot items. (One Spot is $1-3 dollar items at the entrance of most Targets.) We found socks, nail kits, small musical instuments, notepads, maze pens and slinkys. Made 6 purchases of 4 items each.

  5. Emily says

    Hi everyone! Usually I am just a follower but I am going to brave Black Friday for the first time for the huge sale at Joann Fabrics. I saw the ad online, and in it there are coupons. I don’t normally get Joann ads in my paper so I was wondering if anyone knew from previous years if it will be in the Thanksgiving paper or if I will have to pick it up at the store. Thank you.

    • JoAnna says

      If I am remembering correctly the ad has been in the Star Trib on Thanksgiving Day–but I do have a Jo-Ann Fabrics about 15 minutes away. You could check to see if the coupons are valid when printed from your computer.They may also send text coupons you can use.

    • Jill says

      Just a quick hint about shopping at Joann’s on Black Friday – if you want to buy fabric get your number to have the fabric cut RIGHT AWAY!! Then, do the rest of your shopping in the store. The line is to have fabric cut is insane but the deals are good. Good luck!

      • Rene S says

        ITA with Jill, get your fabric number first! Also, if you sign up for their emails you should get the Black Friday coupons. Their ad should be in the local paper–they don’t usually have current coupons in the store. You can also try Googling for their coupons.

    • Christine says

      I agree with Jill. JoAnn is crazy on Black Friday. It will take about 30 minutes to get fabric cut, and about 15-20 more to wait in line to check out. I use the store in Woodbury, and my hubby never wants to wait for me so he drops me off and goes to Dicks. Plan you time accordingly.

  6. Lisa says

    Can anyone recommend a place to have a prenatal massage? I live in the east metro. I have heard that some places have you lay on your side with pillows and others have a hole in the table…any preference? All recommendations are greatly appreciated! TIA!

    • M says

      I had mine in the southern suburbs, so probably not applicable location-wise but I can say this: it was SO worth it! Definitely the best massage I’ve ever had. I had it where I was on my side with pillows to prop my bump and if I had another prenatal massage I’d do it the same way.

    • Alicia Z says

      I see a massage therapist monthly and continued to see her monthly until I delivered both of my babies. I actually see her more often now that I am nursing. For my massage I laid on my tummy on top of 2 pillows that supported my body and did not put any pressure on my baby bump. She gave me the preference but I chose to be on my tummy since she could work my entire back easier. I definitely think it is a personal preference.

    • Sara says

      All About Me Massage. They recently moved from Inver Grove Heights to Woodbury. I have been using them for years. I had massages done during my first pregnancy there and enjoyed them. I am currently pregnant and have been meaning to schedule again.

      • Mona says

        I have had many massages at Make Your Day Massage. (So. Mpls) Phil Zuber gives the best massage I have ever had! And he is highly rated on Yelp. There is a Crowdcut Deal for $39 for 60 minutes New Customers Only. Snatch this up and give him a try. Easy to book an appointment online.

  7. Salome says

    I know that once upon a time someone mentioned that there is a website where you can freebie/trial items for babies and toddlers. Does anyone know the name of the website?

  8. Treev says

    I was planning on on buying a subscription to ABC Mouse dot com but wondered if there is anyway to save on this? Does anyone know if there are any codes or times of year they offer a deal on such a thing? Also if anyone use this site; do you recommend it?

    • says

      We just started using ABCMouse, as they gave me a free year’s trial to try it out. Let me see if I can traCK down a coupon code. If there aren’t any available, then I’ll ask if they can give me one special just for you. Hang tight and I’ll check…

      • Treev says

        Wow THANK YOU!! I am doubly excited to hear that you use ABC Mouse! I have looked at it several times and it seemed good but I still wasn’t sure. It must be good if they are having you try it out.
        Thanks again! Yep I have time to wait…I will wait till I hear from you on it.

  9. Melissa says

    I have been closely watching for deals on photo Christmas cards, so I was thankful to see the post today. I didn’t see anything about I have heard that they have run a 70% off black Friday special that includes postage (they mail them out for you)…does anyone know is this is a yearly deal?

    • JoAnna says

      Laura mentioned in last wk’s Open Mic that she doubts the Card Store deal will be back again this year. They were a new company last year and she thinks they offered that promo to get shoppers to know and like their product but hopes she is wrong and that they will offer the amazing deal again.

    • mikey says

      I would think they would. I have used manu coupons on top of price matches. I remember the not so long ago days when Target did price matches right at the register and how easy it was. I don’t shop walmart much these days, but last several times they have been super about price matches. It’s definitely gotten easier there. I find Target is more convenient most of the time, plus the cartwheels and mobile coupons make it even more worthwhile I think.

      • JoAnna says

        They will take the Target coupon off and then price match. They will not price match and then take the Target coupon off the price match. So the Target coupon is really just wasted when you price match–no need to use it at all.

      • JoAnna says

        Here are the details:
        Can I use a coupon when price matching?

        A guest can use coupons when price matching per Target’s normal coupon policy. When the guest presents a coupon(s), these steps will be followed:

        Manufacturer coupons: manufacturer coupons will be applied after the price match is made.
        Target coupons: Target coupons will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price.
        Combining both Target and manufacturer coupons: the Target coupon will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price. Once the price match is made the manufacturer coupon will be applied.
        Reminder: we accept one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for the same item unless either coupon prohibits it. Target does not ad match a competitor’s coupon-required offers.

  10. Sally says

    Any one know where to get best deal on George Foreman Grills? I need 3 of them for xmas gifts. I don’t want the small one. I found one on Amazon for $29.99,

    • Treev says

      Sally if you do get it from Amazon and you have an ebates account go through ebates first to earn those dollars there. For some reason I never thought of Amazon as a place that Ebates would have but they do. So there is some extra savings there too.

      • says

        Ebates doesn’t offer cash back on *everything* from Amazon. I took a quick peek and they offer cash back in:

        – Jewelry Shop
        – Watch Shop
        – Musical Instruments Shop
        – Health & Beauty Gift Guide
        – Clothing Shop
        – Shoe & Handbag Shop
        – Luggage Shop
        – Sport Shop
        – Amazon Prime Instant Video

        And that’s it.

        • Treev says

          Ah that is right….I do remember the last time I went that route I ordered a printer and I didn’t get my bonus cash off Ebates; so I asked and they told that. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. mikey says

    Looking for a way to trim or switch home phone to something cheaper. Century link-long, long time customer and getting sick of having to call for a loyalty discount every 6 months or so. For many reasons, we keep home phone with caller id and internet. Open to suggestions as we are not ready to drop home phone yet-elderly parents trying to call, etc. Thanks for any input cuz pyd people always have great input/feedback!!!

    • jo says

      Push harder with Centurylink retention department. I have been customer for years and finally after same thing tired of calling I said I don’t want to keep doing this and got low price for life from them. Took a bit of wrangling and call transferring but paid off.

    • carol says

      If you have a computer, MagicJack lets you have free unlimited calls to the US & Canada. You must buy the MagicJack & the service package, don’t have to keep the computer on in order to receive calls, caller id is included, as well as voice mail which goes to your email. Only thing is, 911 can’t locate you automatically.

    • brendaw says

      We have had Ooma for over a year now and really like it. I think it cost about $100 for the unit and the montly fee is around $5. That includes call waiting, caller id, voice mail and all of those other services. You can pay more for Ooma Premium which adds on some things like call block (esp nice if you get repeated telemarketers calling your house even when they aren’t supposed to).

      We’ve had very little in the way of problems (prob due more to our Century Link dsl dropping more than Ooma’s fault).

      • david says

        I agree with Ooma. We switched from Century Link / Qwest about a year and a half ago. The transition was a little awkward as they ported our new number over to Ooma, but after that, it’s been perfect. We don’t have the Ooma premium, but are getting more features than we had for a lot less money. has the hardware on sale this month.

        • mikey says

          Thanks for all the helpful info. I think if we switched to something like Ooma we would still have to find an internet provider or keep that thru Century link right?

      • brendaw says

        Yep, you still need internet. Century Link gave us a retention deal for a year. I need to call & see what they’ll offer me now to get a little more off again.

        • Emily says

          How is the quality of the phone calls with Ooma. I’ve never heard of them and this intrigues me. I saw on their website that 911 will go to your registered address. I have not gone the cell phone only route or other routes becuase I wasn’t sure about this. But if I can register my address and have it show up on a 911 screen I’d probably do this. I have a small child at home and just can’t do cell only yet. Also, one of you commented about importing over your “new number” – can’t you keep the one you have now? It looked like on their site you could, but you would have to pay a fee to have it imported over to keep the same number.

  12. Treev says

    A few weeks ago there was a offer to buy two Finish dishwashing products for a mail in rebate so both would be free. I had the rebate slip with me when I bought it to make sure I bought the right stuff then when I get home to mail it off I can’t find the rebate slip.
    I went on their site and found the following in print:
    1Offer valid for purchases of FINISH® QUANTUM® up to $7.00 bought between February 1, 2013 and December, 31, 2013. Offer is only available to legal residents of the 50 US states and District of Columbia. Must return original cash register receipt indicating UPC for FINISH® QUANTUM® product purchased. Refund offer must be postmarked no later than January 31, 2014. Void where prohibited.
    Does anyone know if there is a place where I could print the rebate slip? I have till Jan. 31st to mail it off.
    Thank you~

    • Allison E says

      Treev- I looked through my coupons and saw this “coupon” in my stack. It says to send the original, store identified cash register receipt dated between 10/20-11/16 with purchase price circled, UPC code copied from detergent carton or rinse aid bottle. Fill out your full name, address and email on a 3X5″ card. Mail to:

      Finish Try Me Free
      PO Box 2209
      Grand Rapids MN 55745-2209

      Receive a check for the purchase price up to $9 by mail.

  13. mary says

    Hi, I was wondering the best way to save money on carwashes? Besides the coin op DIY places. I’m in the northeast metro. TIA! :)

  14. Zer says

    We are looking for new tires for our 2010 Toyota Highlander. Does anyone have a good place they went to that they can recommend? Is this a good time of year to buy new tires in general?

    • tag says

      We’ve been getting our tires at Discount Tire.

      My husband bought tires for his truck there and Hated them. After several months of grumbling about them, he rated them and spelled out why on the website. Within a few days DT had contacted him and offered to let him return the tires. He chose different tires, paid the difference and Discount Tire installed them at no charge.

      I’ve had no problems with the tires on my Bravada.

    • brendaw says

      We had a good experience with tire I could choose the installation place I wanted to go to (there were quite a few local ones) and they delivered the tires directly to that place. In addition, the tire buyer site showed me what that place would charge me for installation so I knew all the $$ going into it.

    • Heather says

      I love discount tire too and have had great service at every location I have gone to (Plymouth, Brooklyn park, Fridley, and Blaine). I had got them to give me great deals if you ask.

      • Merlene says

        We Love Discount Tire! They repair your flat for Free even if you didn’t buy the tires from them. Excellent customer service…I took them brownies because I was so pleased. This came in my email today…

        Black Friday Weekend Instant Savings!
        Shop for Tires and Wheels at Discount Tire

        Discount Tire
        Wednesday, November 27th through Sunday, December 1st, 2013 we’re offering a web-only deal to save you money instantly!

        $50 Off a set of 4 tires or 4 wheels installed

        Purchase online and schedule an installation appointment for a day that works best for you!

        Offer Details

        Shop For Tires Shop For Wheels

        Store Locator | Make an Appointment | Shop for Tires | Shop for Wheels
        Edit eMail Preferences | Change eMail Address | Unsubscribe From Future eMails
        Privacy Policy

        This eMail was sent by: Discount Tire
        20225 N. Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ, 85255, USA

  15. Carol says

    Treev I did the finish rebate also .It does not say you have to have the rebate form. It says send original store identified cash register receipt dated between 10/20/13-11/16/13 with the purchase price circled, upc code copied from the detergent carton or rinse aid bottle 8.45 oz. or both. Fill out your name, full address and e-mail on a 3″x5″ card . Mail to Finish try me free P.O. Box 2209, Grand Rapids Mn. 55745-2209
    Must be post marked by12/31/13. (the rebate form did not have a place to fill in your name.)

  16. Tim says

    In past years there has been a “seasonal” store that sells nuts in St. Paul. Does anybody know if it is open this year and the name & location?

  17. Shelly says

    Does anyone know of movie theaters in the Twin Cities that show movies with Spanish subtitles (the first run movies like Hunger Games 2 I mean). My son-in-law is here from from Bolivia, and would love to see Hanger Games and the Hobbit 2 with subtitles so he can enjoy as well. Thanks!

  18. Nicole says

    Does anyone know how we can view the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade online? We are a tv free house for the first time this year and I am having a hard time letting go of this tradition.

    • Kira Campbell says

      whatever channel airs it (I think NBC?) will have it streaming on their website. We have watched it that way many years.

  19. Paige says

    I want to make rosette cookies this year. But I need a rosette iron to do so, does anyone know where I can buy one in store and not online? Or online that’s a good price? Would rather buy in store.

  20. Melissa says

    Does anyone know of any discounts for the Monster Truck show this Saturday at the Metrodome?
    any help appreciated – Thankyou!!

  21. Cindy says

    If anyone is interested in an inexpensive visit with Santa, I have the deal for you!!!
    My parents dress up like Mr. & Mrs. Claus at their house…
    8450 Ann Marie Trail, Inver Grove Heights, MN
    They have one of the biggest displays of Christmas Lights around and a sleight that they sit in for pictures.
    Pictures are FREE with them. ad they make appearances nightly, depending on weather (The rain today and yesterday caused the lights to go out… :-( )
    They have several displays of a variety of items, such as a religious theme, Santa’s Pet Shop, Santa’s work shop, etc.
    One thing they also have is a box for a collection of food shelf items in which they turn into the Inver Grove Heights Food Shelf and have given me some to turn into the Big Lake Food Shelf as well.
    They don’t believe me that these sites work as far as deals and getting the word out, so if you go, tell them I sent you via this website! Thanks!

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