Open Mic 11/14/13

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  1. Not inexpensive but at least on sale. Kid’s Hair is offering their Circle of Friends hair products at buy 2, get 1 free through 12/8. They are at least $10/bottle but the shampoo and conditioner each lasted a yr for my daughter. We had been buying kiddo hair products from Target and tried Pantene…with her too but she had split ends, frizzy hair…. When we tried this stuff for a few wks that went away. They do also have (yuck! but it happens) lice prevention products (not sure if they are included in this sale though).

  2. Is there a way to put in the product one is looking for and find the best price? Say AAA batteries. and then it would show up the prices at different stores/websites . This would be very helpful.

  3. I shop at a walmart where there is no Target in town…so can I use a Target coupon in Walmart with a manu. coupon for the same item?

    • Target coupons can only be used at Target. If you print a coupon from the Target website that says “Manufacturer Coupon” on the top, you should be able to use that anywhere, however you can not stack it with ANOTHER manufacturer coupon.

      The only way you could stack coupons would be if you had a Target coupon AND a manufacturer coupon for the same item…and redeemed them at Target.

    • I asked my Wal-mart employee family member: Yes, they do accept Target Web coupons. No, you may not stack them with a manufacturer coupon. (Could this be a store-by-store thing, maybe? It never hurts to ask.)

      Yes Wal-mart price matches for stores that are not in the immediate area (Cub is 40 miles away from me.) AND you do not need to have the ad with you. BEFORE the item is rung up, tell the cashier, “I have a price match for _________. The price is $____.”

      As an added bonus: Wal-mart price matches generic store brands. For example: Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand for the price of Target’s up & up brand, Walgreen’s W, etc.

      • Tag~ Thanks…I am going to try using a Target one just to see if it works at my walmart….I always feel too nervous to do it…thing is I know that even if they do it one time I am there doesn’t mean they will the next time.

        • Walmart in Monticello will not allow you to use a cents off coupon that is a Target coupon. The exact working in Walmart’s coupon policy says “We do not accept the following coupons: Dollars/cents off at a specific retailer”

  4. Thanksgiving is coming up….anyone know the best prices on turkeys??

    • Back of the Cub Booklet there is a coupon that is good until 11/28 for .69/ lb on Jennie O Turkeys with a $25 purchase.

    • I was wondering too.
      I looked through the Cub ad but didn’t see enough stuff I wanted to get to the $25 threshold.
      I assume Rainbow, Target, etc will have deals in the Ads next week.
      Late Thanksgiving this year.

  5. We missed the free shredding events in October. Does anyone know of any other free shredding events in the near future?

    • I just googled it and can’t find any in area either. We just kept a grocery bag in the corner of the den and found a shred event at a bank last month. I would think you would have more luck finding a free event in the spring.

    • Agreed, around spring time and around Earth Day as well.

  6. Has anyone heard if there will be any on-line banking promo’s on Black Friday?

  7. Any recommendations on where to go for a cheap flu shot?

    • Costco or Sam’s Club. $16 and you don’t have to be a member.

    • By law your insurance must pay for all things that are considered preventable medicine which includes immunizations of all kinds, including flu shots. No copays or deductibles.

      • For 2013 I think the law depends on what state you live in. 2014 coverage of preventative medicine will change with the Affordable Care Act (Also know as Obamacare).

        If you live in MN, what Nancy said is true for 2013.

  8. Has anyone else been checking out the Black Friday ads on What has caught your interest?

  9. Anyone know of a place to have a rehearsal dinner for a wedding on a Friday night in the Chanhassen area? It will be for approx 30-40 people.

    • We had our rehearsal dinner at Buca–was a big hit and something different (on hwy 5 in Eden Prairie close to Chan). You could also try Seasons restaurant in Chaska. It is in Oak Ridge conference center.

  10. I normally wouldnt ask this question on here. But we recent switched daycares 2 weeks ago. Then found out that our new daycare will be closing in 2 week. I am not sure why she took us on. But that is besides the point. Does anyone have any good recommendation in the Eden Prairie area for a 2 year old and 4 year old. Only part-time Tuseday and Wednesday. I am desperate for some good leads. Thank you

  11. Hi, I would like some advice on vacuum cleaners and ink jet printers. Does anyone have a good experience to share about one of these devices? I looked at Consumer Reports, but then when I looked at the customer reviews, a lot of them had issues. Reliability is my number one factor. I was considering switching to a bagged vacuum and am looking to replace my HP printer because I cannot get it to feed the picture paper correctly. Thanks in advance.

    • We’ve been relatively happy with our Kenmore (Sears) canister vacuums over the years. Only issue I’ve had with our present model is that hose doesn’t seem long enough to reach some areas up high, and power beater gets long hair caught in it if we don’t remember to vac first without beater on. I would suggest finding model you want then wait for a sale.

      We have a Canon MP600 printer, scans, prints photos, etc. Has worked for several years, but ink is expensive.

    • I love my Hoover windtunnel, T series that I bought last winter. It has a retractable cord and maneuvers so easily. IT’s heavier than my previous vac but its easy turning makes up for the weight. I got it at Sears, delivered for about $95. IT is also easy to get unclogged if you pick up something too big.

    • I second the Hoover. It was rated higher than the D yson byconsumer reports. I have had one for a year and still love it. They had really good deals on it around the holidays last year.

      • Have you considered purchasing a laser printer for your black and white printing? We bought a Brother small laser printer two years ago. It cost about $80. The printer came with half a toner cartridge that lasted about 6 months with printing coupons and homework, etc. We now only replace the cartridge once a year. The laser printer has paid for itself. Ink Jet cartridges are very expensive.

        • If you only need black and white printing I would recommend the Brother small laser printer too. check it out on Amazon, I think I paid around $95. Ink savings are amazing.

  12. Carver County Environmental Center in Chaska is celebrating American recycles day tomorrow, Nov. 15. Shop for free items in their newly remodeled reuse room. Friday hours 10:00-4:00

  13. I bought the Starbucks $5 for $10 11/6 i think that was advertised on this site and don’t know how to redeem it. I don’t have a smart phone. Any ideas?

    • Follow the directions on groupon to redeem, which will take you to the Starbucks website. Follow the directions to activate, which will produce the egift card image with a barcode. Print it, advance usr to redeem asset Starbucks. I’m writing this out of memory, so some of the steps might not be exact.

      • Sorry for the sentence that doesn’t make sense. Happens with mobile typing sometimes! Print and redeem asset any Starbucks.

  14. It’s coming on Thanksgiving, and I am trying to be ready for the “after the dinner” problem of how to get leftovers home with folks. Last time all my plastic wear went home with others, and I still was short. Looking for how you get things home with folks. Do you just stock up on plastic containers and send them out the door?

  15. Anyone have any ideas on buying an iPad – when is the cheapest time to buy? Would post-holiday season be better? Do other retailers other than the Apple store have similar warranties?

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