Rachael Ray Cookware Set for $28.97 + Free In-Store Pickup at Walmart

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This deal has been reported as out of stock and may no longer be valid.

Rachael Ray Cookware Set

Get a smoking-hot deal on a Rachael Ray cookware set for a limited time at Walmart.com. This Rachael Ray 10-Piece Porcelain Enamel Non-Stick Cookware Set in Orange, Purple or Red has dropped to just $28.97, plus you can pick it up in select stores for free (it’s not available for shipping to your home).

This set is normally priced at $125.99, so you’re saving a whopping 77% with this deal. This 10-piece cookware set includes 1- and 2-quart covered saucepans, 3-quart covered saute, 6-quart covered stock pot, and 8.5″ and 10″ skillet pans.

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Your turn: Have you used Rachael Ray cookware before? Which set(s) were you able to order today?

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  1. Catherine says:

    This deal ran out of stock!

    • Catherine – It may be out of stock at your Walmart – it’s still available for pickup at mine (Maple Grove).

      • I just checked at Maple Grove- Three of the colors were shown as out of stock, but I want able to add any of the colors to my cart. Price listed as $139.96.
        Is this a real deal?

        • Drew (and all) – I was able to order it (in orange) this morning for pickup at the Maple Grove store. I haven’t yet received my email to pick up my order but my order hasn’t been canceled (yet).

          We’ll see what happens. We do NOT post deals that are fake, but sometimes orders get canceled.

          ETA: I just got an email that my order is ready for pickup.

  2. Exceptional offer but difficult to search website to find store inventory on this product. I’m contacting Wal-Mart to convey my frustration with ordering items that appear as out of stock at checkout.

  3. The website said the cookware was In Stock at my Store, but when I went to check out the shipping options were greyed out. I called Walmart customer service the representative said that it takes 24 hours for the website to correctly reflect the inventory at the individual stores, but most likely if I can’t check out that means the store does not have any available inventory.Not sure if Target sells this set or not but if they do could I do a price match to the online price?

    • Target does not match clearance prices and they also state the item must be in stock for them to price match (Competitor online items must be in stock at the time a price match is requested.) Great idea though–too bad it won’t work

  4. Keri Wurm says:

    I had a set in my cart and by the time I checked out they were out of stock. I tried this for three stores. Now it says out of stock on all three colors at the Walmart website.

  5. Just bought it in Shakopee Store

  6. How come this set doesn’t come up as $28.97 for me??

  7. Liz White says:

    Is there supposed to be a coupon code to get this deal? When I click on the link it’s showing the original price.

  8. Fridley has this set in orange but not for $28.97. It is $139.96. The lady said she hasn’t even heard of them going this low. Any help???

  9. they just all went back up. I was going to buy one for my mom. when I went back to search for more prices were regular.

  10. I just called Shakopee and the lady said someone bought all of the ones in stock and the lady doesn’t know how she got the price she did. At this point, they are ringing up for $139.96.

  11. I wonder if they marked down prices in error.

  12. This price was adverrtised incorrectly…don’t waste your time its been fixed and they won’t give it to you for that price….

  13. I orderes this set, finally got an e-mail thay my order was ready. Then when I went to pick it up they said it was a mistake and they will be refunding me.

    • I ordered at about 8:30am. I got email confirmation for pickup around 1:30pm. I went and picked it up at 9:00pm and the woman was extremely rude, but I did leave with the cookware.

  14. I was able to buy 5 sets today in ohio by ordering online, I found 2 still on the shelf and tried to purchase them in store, they rang up at 139, the manager wouldn’t honor the online deal because corporate said that is was an online mistake that they were fixing, and that I was lucky I picked up my 5 before they caught it!

  15. I just need that set of Rachel ray 10 pc. pots and pans on sale for 28.97.
    I really don’t know how to order on line and not able to get out much, could someone help me from on line ordering from Walmart ?

  16. i was able to get them for this price i printed it and went to kohls and they price matched it for me. I was able to get another store to price match also

  17. I know its late but is this cookset available at Maple Grove still??? http://www.givinggallery.com/

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