Checks in the Mail: Personal Checks for $5 + Free Shipping for New Customers

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Just a reminder – this offer from Checks in the Mail is still available!

Checks in the Mail

New Checks in the Mail customers get a box of personal checks for $5 + free shipping when you use the coupon code BESTOFFER. This offer is for singles, but you can get duplicates for just a dollar more with this coupon code.

Do note that you will need to select the “non-trackable mail” shipping option, which is also the slowest, to get free shipping. Otherwise shipping starts at $6.95.

Checks in the Mail

With over 250 personal check designs, you’re sure to find one that appeals to you. You can also “Shop by Design” (on the left-hand side of the page) to quickly find designs that fit your personal style.

Don’t forget that you can also get 2 boxes of singles for $8.95 shipped or 2 boxes of duplicates for $9.95 shipped from

Your turn: Where do you find the best deals on personal checks?


  1. Kate says

    Good price. I ran out of checks a couple weeks ago, shopped around, and best I could find for 2 boxes was about $14.50 (Bradford)

  2. Alexis says

    Great deal! I've been meaning to order checks ever since I moved (2yrs ago). Haha! Just got the most beautiful Dolphin & whale ones ordered up.

    Thank you!

  3. Lisa says

    As a former bank teller…

    When the checks arrive, look at your routing number on the deposit tickets. It should be different than the routing number on the checks. Many of the discount check printing companies would print the same routing number. This can cause a delay at the teller line if the bank teller has scanning abilities. If not at the teller line, it could cause delay of your account being credited in the back office.

    If the checks arrive with the same routing number, please do not use those deposit tickets.

    I personally haven't wrote a check in over 5 years. Too scary, your account is on every check. Think how many people come in contact with that one check when a bill is paid. No thank you.

    • steve says

      I am not sure how you pay for things at your kids school without checks. I am not sending cash. I want backup to say that it was paid.

  4. LIsa says

    My child is not in school yet. But I just checked their website, and we can pay via check or online payment from a credit card or paypal for anything from athletic activities to lunch, etc. Maybe more schools will go to online payments in the future.

  5. Marne says

    Thanks, Laura! I ordered some today and it was still working. It's sure nice to pay less than what the bank charges!

  6. Marne says

    Lisa, Why would the routing number on the deposit tickets be different? If it's for your checking account, I would think the numbers should be the same. Can you explain how they are supposed to be different? I just don't understand why they would be different if they are for the same account. Thanks!

  7. Janice M says

    There's usually a convenience fee when paying online for school fees, hot lunch, etc. For us, a fee of some amount applies no matter if paid by check or credit card. We've dealt with three different vendors in the two school districts and the fees applied to all three.

  8. Marne says

    Lisa – I got my checks in the mail yesterday and you are right, the deposit tickets do have a different routing number! Thanks for letting us know to check!

  9. Roxanne says

    Just ordered one box of duplicates for $6.47. Perfect! Needed checks for little used account, so didn’t want to pay full cost! Thanks…keep up the good work!

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