Redbox Instant: 4 Free Redbox Rentals + Unlimited Streaming with Free 1-Month Trial

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If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to watch movies at home and/or a way to downgrade your cable package (for example, by dropping the premium movie channels), listen up! Redbox is offering a free 1-month trial of their new Redbox Instant program for new subscribers.

Redbox Instant Free Trial

The Redbox Instant free trial includes 4 free 1-day DVD rentals at a Redbox kiosk near you along with unlimited access to streaming movies for 30 days.

Once your free 30-day trial period is over, you will automatically be charged $8 per month unless you cancel your service before your trial ends. Service can be cancelled at any time during the free trial period to avoid future charges.

Redbox Instant Services

If during your free trial you find that you enjoy Redbox Instant and want to keep your subscription, your monthly membership will continue to include 4 free Redbox movie rentals and unlimited video streaming.

Redbox Instant streaming movies

Videos On Demand

Redbox Instant offers Videos On Demand, which allows you to stream and watch movies from their library online by using your smartphone, a TV connected to the internet, or a computer.

A few movies I spotted while browsing their extensive library of movies include Jeff Who Lives at Home, One for the Money, The Hunger Games, The Expendables 2 and Marvels Avengers, to name a few.

The free streaming movie selection does not include the newest releases, but if you are interested in streaming newer release movies without having to visit a Redbox kiosk, you do have the option to rent them online for $4.99.

Free DVD Rentals

Each month, you will receive 4 credits each valid for one free 1-day DVD rental at a Redbox kiosk. To redeem your free rental, all you have to do is login to your Redbox Instant account, reserve a movie and pick it up at a Redbox kiosk.

As with regular Redbox rentals, you must return the DVD by 9 pm the following day to avoid additional charges.

Your turn: Are you planning to give Redbox Instant a try? How often do you visit a Redbox kiosk?


  1. says


    I just signed up for this service and notice that a lot of movies they have to Rent via Redboxinstant are already free on Netflix. Just wanted to make sure people knew that who already have Netflix so they don’t fork out $6.00 for a movie they could have gotten for free. Also, it’s not clear if you can use your 4 DVD credits on streaming movies or not. I think there are a lot of kinks to work out, but overall, it might be a good service to have if you watch Redbox movies a lot.



  2. Thomas says

    We just signed up for Redbox Instant on our Playstation3. We are a young couple (ages 23 and 25) and are very budget conscious so instead of having cable we just have subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. Comparatively, we are severely disappointed in Redbox Instant. We do live very close to a Redbox kiosk and we pass by it everyday where all movies are under or around $2, but to rent from Redbox Instant is $4.99?! Are you kidding?! That is a joke! The selection that you get to watch for $8/month subscription are old and unattractive. There is more of a selection than Netflix, but like I said they are all old. Not all movies are streaming. And it still is a slow interface. There are clearly some technical issues. And I have the sense that there was little to no group studies or consumer testing. Its not very user friendly. Basically, yes they have more than Netflix, but the movies are old and seem very corny or outdated to the millennium generation. (Not in a classical kind of way either). We have really no interest in watching any of the movies they have that Netflix does not. There are 4 free movie credits which is kind of good, but the subscription based movies are severely lacking so it makes the $8/month not worth it. We will be canceling after our first free month.

  3. Jennifer says

    I signed up for the free trial, but I will definitely be cancelling after I use the 4 credits at the kiosk. I just went through every movie available on the free subscription service and couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch. I am in my 40s so I have seen every single one of the (very) old movies on the list and the few newer ones are mostly the really gross horror movies that I’m not going to watch anyway. So then I went through a good portion of the available movies for streaming rental. $4.99? Are you kidding? For even more really old movies? The cheapest one is $2. Why would I pay those prices when I can get a DVD at a kiosk for $1.20? I had Blockbuster Online for years and got 12-15 movies per month for $20 through the mail. Now that it’s gone I’m trying to see what’s comparable for streaming. I guess I will try Netflix next.

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