Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Shopping List 6/23 – 6/29/13 (Incl. Double Double Daze on Wednesday and Saturday)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick ‘n Save’s) coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week?


  1. Kristin says

    My husband brought home the store flyers today and there is a solo Kraft flyer with a $5 off coupon WYB 5 (mix and match flyer items). Great savings with the sale prices!

    Kraft Salad Dressing (reg. $3.39) 49¢
    Oscar Mayer Bacon (reg. $5.99) $2.99
    Kraft Singles (reg. $3.49) 99¢
    Kraft Shredded or chunk cheese (reg. $3.69) 99¢
    Miracle Whip (reg. $4.99) $1.99
    Capri Sun 10 pk Incl Super V & 100% Juice (reg. $2.69 – $3.39) 99¢
    Kool-Aid/Country Time/Tang (reg. $3.69) 99¢
    Lunchables w/drink (reg. $2.89) 99¢
    Oscar Mayer Carving Board or Deli Meat (reg. $3.59 – $4.19) $1.99
    Oscar Mayer Beef/Lean/Cheese Franks (reg. $4.79) $2.49

        • Janna says

          I understand that you would only be able to use one MQ for an exact item. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be able to use the $5/5 MQ since the coupons are different and isn’t the $5 coupon isn’t for a specific item.

        • Julie says

          You can not use both $5/5 Kraft MQ and another MQ. If you use the $5/5 coupon it is already “linked” to those products, you can’t use another on top of that.

        • Jenna says

          Maybe I just got lucky, but I went to Rainbow this AM and I was able to use coupons for the Kraft items as well as the $5 off.

      • artman1030 says

        The $5/5 Kraft MQ is a “bonus” coupon. It has a value of $5.00. not $4.99 or anything less. YOUR 5 Kraft items must EACH have a value of at least $1.00 BEFORE you can apply the $5/5 Kraft MQ.

        For instance: you can buy 4 of the carving board using 2 of the $1 off/2 coupons + 1 cheese item. That will give you 4 carving board items + 1 cheese item for $.99 cents each.

        OR you can buy 4 of the all BEEF hotdogs using 2 of the $1 off/2 coupons + 1 cheese item. That will give you 4 all BEEF hotdogs + 1 cheese item for $.99 cents each.

        BUT, if you try to use a $.50 cent /2 coupon with the cheese item above, your individual item price will be LESS than $1.00 on the cheese item and you will not be able to get the $5/5 Kraft MQ.

        TODAY, I bought 4 of the Kraft dressings using 2 of the $1.00/2 coupons, 1 carving board using a $1.00/1 coupon and 5 sharp cheddar blocks of cheese without any coupons to get the $5/5 Kraft MQ. The cheese is then $2.00 lb. a very good value.

        • says

          I’m confused – in these scenarios, are you calculating the final price with the $5/5 manufacturer’s coupon as well as the other coupons you have listed?

          If so, that’s incorrect. The coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon for $5 off 5 listed items. No other manufacturer’s coupons may be used along with this coupon.

          What you purchased (dressings, meat, cheese) is fine with the coupons you have listed as you purchased 5 blocks of cheese that would go with the $5/5 coupon.

          This may be a redundant comment. :)

        • Tracy says

          Are you saying you can use the $5/$5 Kraft at Copps/Pic N Save/Or Rainbow and also use other manufacturer coupons??

      • Tanya says

        Yes, you can. I work at Rainbow Foods. The Kraft manufacturer coupon ($5/5) is a kraft promotion my boss said it’s a “stackable mfr coupon”. So yes, you are allowed to use manufacturer coupons on top of the $5/5 coupon.

        • See says

          Here’s a scenario I did last night:

          Capri Sun $1.99×5= $9.95
          Fruitare Ice Cream $3 x 4=$12
          Dole fruit shakers $1.75x 2=$3.50
          Haiwaiian buns $2.50x 1=$2.50
          Yakisoba ramen: $.99x 1= $.99

          Total came to about: $28.94-$2 instantly from fruitare=$26.94

          Coupons used: 1 $5/5, 2 $1/2 Capri Sun, 4 $1/1 fruitare, 2 $.75/1 shakers, 1 $1/1 Haiwaiian bun, 1 $0.50/1 Yakisoba

          After the coupons doubled, I paid $3.95.

        • MJ says

          I’d be interested to hear if Roundy’s HQ agrees. This seems to go directly against the coupon policy and I wouldn’t really have any defense if they refused it. I contacted Copps via their website. We’ll see if they do anything but copy and paste the coupon policy back to me.

        • Christine says

          I would like to hear what corporate says too. Otherwise I was just planning on use the $5/$5 at either Festival or Piggly Wiggly since their Kraft promos are just instant promos.

        • Christine says

          PS I would rather give Copps the business as opposed to Festival or Piggly Wiggly. Esp since they are giving up 3 days of double doubles!

        • Tanya says

          I was told Tuesday night by our district manager that you can use mfr coupons on top of this deal. I work at the Rainbow Foods in Eagan, go there and we will take care of you.

        • Tanya says

          Really?? Glad to hear! I’m a customer service manager there and sometimes cashier. Did you do the Kraft deal this week? And if so, did you use manufacturer coupons on top of that?

  2. Sue says

    How exactly does the $1/5 Kraft Products in-ad manufacturer coupon work? Does it take off a $1 on each item when you purchase 5? Thank you in advance.

      • Chelle says

        Mine came off as one $5 amount. Not deducted from each item. It was taken off in the coupons section. Not up above on the receipt like when the $ off GM cereal deal does. Did that make sense?

  3. Rachel says

    At Fond du Lac Pick N Saves, the Johnsonville Chicken and Pork breakfast sausage have been rolled back to $1.99, but I’m not sure for how long. Pair with the $1/1 Johnsonville Chicken and Pork breakfast sausage and they are free after doubling.

      • Katie says

        I haven’t seen an ad for a few weeks now and finally asked someone at the Coon Rapids store. They told me that corporate pulled the ad from some zip codes. They also said that if I call corporate at their customer service number, that they will direct mail me the ad. I haven’t called yet, but will do that tomorrow and see what happens. Thankful that the Coon Rapids store had an extra ad for me last week!!

        • Katie says

          Just called and they said they will direct mail me the ad AND the coupon books! Phone number is the “Roundy’s Customer Experience Line” 1-866-279-6269.

        • te says

          I’m tired of rainbow not having enough ads this is plain cheap you need to print more cub never has this problem .

  4. Jen says

    Some other coupons match ups are suggesting using the pick n save coupon at Festival Foods in WI, to get great free deals. Any thoughts on if this would work?

    • says

      Jen, it *should* work, but mileage may vary. It says “manufacturer coupon” on it, it has a valid remit address, a scannable barcode, and it doesn’t say “redeem only at”, so it can be used at some other stores (on PYD, it’s also used in the Cub match ups).

      What you want to avoid is a situation where the cost of your 5 items total less than $5. Registers usually beep or reject coupons, or prompt for an override or a manager’s approval, when the coupon exceeds item value. Depending on the cashier/manager, they’ll look at the coupon and first things first, they’ll blame the Roundy’s logo in the corner as the reason they can’t take it (when in actuality its because the coupon exceeds value). So I’d suggest making sure your 5 items are greater than $5.

      Also make sure to follow the Limit 1 per transaction written on the coupon.

        • says

          Anne, Festival has posted on their Facebook page that they do take manufacturer coupons with another store’s logo, as long as it says “manufacturer coupon”.

        • anne says

          thanks,just called festival back and they said they should have taken the coupon.
          too bad i already used it at walmart.

        • Jenny says

          You can use the 5/5.00 coupon at Cub Foods this week making the cheese and hit dogs a better deal. You can get 5 shredded or chunk cheeses for 2.50 when you but 5, or you can combined this Q with the cub Qs and get 2 Oscar Mayer hot dogs one Kraft slices cheese and 2 Kraft shredded cheese for 1.00the coupon works I tried it.

      • Katie says

        To the best of my knowledge, they don’t double and you can only use some deals with other MQ. If it is a “$1.00/1 item” then you can’t stack another MQ with that. If there is a ” spend $30 on ABC brand products and receive $5.00″, you can use other MQ with those deals. That’s how I understand it anyway. Hope that helps.

    • Janine says

      Jill, where do you go to load the ecoupons to your Roundy’s card? Are you referring to Saving Star or is there another organization? Do you need a smart phone to access the coupons (ie cellfire)? Thanks for any additional info! :)

      • Anna says

        You can go to the Rainbow Foods website and on the bottom right corner under coupon center you click download digital coupons and then select your store and then the coupons appear. You don’t need a smartphone. I’m sure if Pick n save has this.

        • Drew says

          I am still confused.
          Rainbow website has tabs labeled “Card Loadable Values” and “Printable Coupons”.

          The product list seems very similar.

          A lot of the coupons on the “Printable” list look the same as ones available from other sites. If I print these off can they be doubled?
          I assume if I load a coupon as well as print it off that the paper copy will take precedence for doubling?

  5. says

    Cascadian Farm Cereal or Bars, Selected 10.3-17 Oz. or 5-8 Ct. Varieties.
    2/$6, use 2 $0.85/1 coupons, doubled = $1.30 each

    Tom’s of Maine Deodorant or Toothpaste, Selected 2.25-5.5 Oz. Varieties.
    $2.99, use 6/23 SS $1/1 Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste or Mouthwash, doubled = $0.99 each

      • says

        I found it on the Copp’s website. I am not sure how I found it but it was by brand. Now, I found that the granola bars are listed at $3.99. Can’t find the 2/$6 now, so it must have ended right around the time I posted it, unless I just can’t find it. Sorry!

  6. beth says

    Hello! Does anybody have any extra 0.50/Huggies wipes coupons they would be willing to share???? We are getting really low on wipes and of course the one weekend I decide to not stock up on papers their are Huggies wipes coupons!
    I would be willing to send a self-addressed envelope or meet somewhere… also willing to swap for other coupons if you want. Please email me if u have any extra!! cczzay@yahoo.com

    • Lydia says

      Go to Huggies and play their Mess Manor game. You can still get $1 coupons for wipes, and they DO double, making your wipes free. You can usually clear your cookies and play again, to get multiple couons. ; ) We’ve been stocking up on wipes for awhile now…my daughter is 9 months old and I don’t believe we’ve paid for any of her wipes! : )
      Good luck

      • Amy says

        I have played that game so many times and cannot get the coupon- I click on get coupon and it goes to the huggies home page and then I click on coupons and there are only coupons for diapers- I don’t get what I am doing wrong- so frustrating!

  7. EmilyS says

    So here is my question. For the Kraft manufacture’s coupon $5/5 this states 1 coupon per person, per transaction. I am wondering if it is ethical to pick up another in-store flyer and do another separate transaction and do the deal twice (with my 3 kids)? Any thoughts on this if rainbow even allow the deal done twice.

    • scat says

      IT seems the language allows for using this coupon in as many transactions as you like. You are limited to one coupon per transaction. I have done multiples of this type of deal many times with no problem. Some coupons of this type add another limitation such as “only four of this coupon can be redeemed in one day” . If the coupon you are using has no such language, then you can do as many as you like as long as you are not violating any store restriction as to the number of identical coupons you can use in one day.

    • Shannon S says

      I PERSONALLY would not. However, that’s how I interpret the wording and being reasonable with how much I buy so others can also do the deals is the way I go through things.

    • Tanya says

      Yes, you can do it again in another transaction. I did two transactions yesterday but I bought different products in both orders so I didn’t wipe anything out. Two transactions shouldn’t be a problem just use your best judgment.

  8. Jenny says

    For the Mio deal you would be better off buying 2 at a time when you factor in the 1.00catalina doubling they would only be .50 each and you would have an additional coupon to double :)

  9. Lisa says

    I bought 6 Suddenly Salads at the Bloomington store this morning. They were supposed to be .98 (limit 2) and $1.49 each for all others. I was charged $2.39 each and didn’t notice it at the store. I did the math and I figure I was overcharged by $6.42 for those! I’m definitely going back there after work. Unfortunately, I now I have to make a special trip there that I wasn’t planning, but I guess it’s worth it for that much money.

  10. Kris L says

    For the Kraft $5 off 5 in-ad coupon deal, I didn’t think you could use any other manufacturer’s coupons with it since that IS a manufacturer’s coupon. So I got 5 packs of Kraft Singles and planned to use the $5 in-ad coupon. Making them 99 cents a piece. Good deal.

    They had peelies on them for $1 off of 2 that the cashier pointed out and said I could use those IN ADDITION TO the in-ad coupon, and peeled them off for me. So I paid 19 cents a piece for the 5 packs of Kraft singles. What a deal…especially since I have to make lunches for two kids everyday!

    This was in Maple Grove this morning. LOVE double double day on a Wednesday!

  11. Sam says

    I am unable to find this coupon in the insert: Did Minneapolis not get this??

    Pillsbury Biscuits or Crescents (5 ct.) $1.09-$1.59 (regular price)
    $1/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods Products from 5/19 Smart Source #1 insert (exp 7/13)
    Final price: As low as $0.09 each after doubled coupon

  12. June Cole says

    **NEW** ***Deal idea #1***
    Buy 2 MiO Liquid Water Enhancer for $3.50 each
    Use two $1/1 MiO Liquid Water Enhancer from 6/9 Smart Source insert
    Spend $3, get $1 off a future purchase
    Then, double the $1 coupon on your next purchase
    Final price: $0.50 each after doubled coupons and money off a future purchase

    I think the final price on these would be $1.00 each?

      • Alison says

        In the above senerio you would double the 1.oo cat in another transaction so the 1.00 would be 2.00 and the mio would be .50 each.
        Here’s another way to look at it:
        Buy 2 Mio 3.50 each (7.00)
        Use 2 1.00 doubled (4.00)
        =3.00 and get 1.00
        In another transaction double the 1.00 cat (2.00)
        The Mio would wind up being .50 each

  13. Jen says

    A general Rainbow question… Which Rainbows are known for the best organic and gluten free selection? Mine (Roseville) is ok, but not great. Maybe that is as good as it gets though? And it is SO expensive, but maybe the prices don’t vary much.

    • Terri says

      There is a natural food store off of Lexington and hwy 96 in shoreview. The whole store is natural, organic, or gluten free. They have a great selection too. I go there all the time for stuff I can’t find at the regular grocery store.

  14. Chelle says

    Not very many of the GM cereals included:

    Trix Cereal, Swirls
    General Mills Cheerios Cereal
    General Mills Cocoa Puffs Cereal, Frosted Corn Puffs
    General Mills Golden Grahams Cereal
    Kix Cereal
    General Mills Multi Grain Cheerios Cereal

    *I got this off the PNS website and haven’t shopped yet today so maybe there are more included?

  15. Mikey says

    Anyone know which GM cereals are included in the sale? I’ve been meaning to stock up and now we are almost out so I’d better get some. That’s my buy price (with coupons of course)!

    • Mikey says

      I see you just posted an answer to my question right after mine posted to the site. Thank you. Was it all varieties of Cheerios or only certain varieties?

  16. Chelle says

    If you have a Piggly Wiggly near you they are running a similar deal to the $5/5. If you have the $1/2 Capri Sun coupon to pair with the deal you can get 5 for $1.95! Piggly Wiggly’s deal is an instant store savings. There’s no coupon so we should be able to pair mfr. coupons with this. And if your store doubles (mine does not) you could possibly get 5 for free. The prices are very similar to the $5/5 Rainbow/PNS deal, but some are better and some are worse. Even if we can’t use mfr. coupons with the deal (I feel like this has happened in the past) they are still only $0.79 each when you buy select items in multiples of 5. **Happy dance**

    • Lynn says

      I called my local Piggly Wiggly and they said you can use the manufacturer’s coupon from the Copps/PNS ad of save $5/5 along with their sale of saving $6.25 instantly when you buy 5 Kraft products! Make sure you call your local Piggly Wiggly and ask as I know each store is independently owned.

  17. Laura says

    Has anyone been able to find the Enjoy Life Plentils Gluten Free Crunchy Lentil Chips Grab & Go Size in store? It’s been on the ‘ongoing’ deals list for a while now. I’ve looked a couple of different times, at a couple of different stores, and even asked someone once (no idea what I was talking about). I’m wondering if anyone’s been able to find them, and if so…what store and where in the store were they? Thanks!

  18. Terri says

    Catalina did not print for the Morningstar Farms Veggie burger. I did three transactions so I went to customer service and they refunded me $12 when I showed them the deal on coupon network. I don’t know if it was just my store/register or if it for all stores.

    • Amanda says

      Unfortunately, I don’t think Rainbow is a participating store for this catalina. When I put my zip code in to search for stores in my area participating it says none are available. I can’t seem to pull up which stores are participating to be sure.

      • Terri says

        It said rainbow was under zip code 55113. I showed the customer service worker and that’s why she gave me a refund. She was confused as to why it didn’t print. It could have been that I had a new cashier and he didn’t know he had to replace the paper in the catalina machine if it was out.

      • Deb says

        I got a 3.00 catalina when I bought 4 Morningstar on Wed. It looks like there are 2 different offers for these products. The one that is good at Rainbow requires 3 or more items. There is also an offer when purchasing 2 that doesn’t appear to be valid at Rainbow.

        • Deb says

          Just a reminder that if the offer states “or more”, you will probably only get one catalina per order if you buy any amount over 3. If you are planning to buy more, you might want to do them in separate orders of at least 3 (4 is optimal if you have mqs on 2).

        • Deb says

          Can’t figure out what the deal is on these. I got my catalina, no problem, on Wed. Went back today with the great qs from the early edition Trib. Bought 3 and got nothing. Even went to customer svc and asked if she would scan to see if something popped out, but nothing. I did buy different products today. Maybe some don’t count? (Maybe I should have had c/s scan multiples of each of them.)

  19. Carrie says

    I thought I had a great deal today only to be held up at the register then shot down. I bought 5 Organic Gerber Squeezable Fruits. I had 2 coupons for $1/2 and 1 coupon for buy 4 get 1 free. I thought, since I bought 5 total and my other coupons were for 4 total, I would get the 5th one free. But they said I could NOT use the B4G1 coupon with my other coupons. Not a huge deal but I would like to understand how this particular situation works. Does anyone know the rule on this?

    • Jen says

      Those are two Manu q’s on the same items. In other words, you can’t use two coupons on one item. In the same way, you can’t use b4g1 on items you already got a coupon discount on.

      • Jen says

        Ok so that was not a clear explanation. A coupon for b1g1 is technically a coupon for both items, and you can’t use another coupon on top of it (you can if it is a b1g1 sale vs coupon). So a b4g1 is also a coupon for all 5 items.

  20. Chelle says

    Yup I did that one too. I love it when I don’t have to give my kids margarine so I always snag a few when I have coupons. Some kids now days don’t know the awesomeness of real butter (even if the SB brand is mixed with canola oil and fish oil) I think you mean Smart Balance right? I just realized it said Smart Source. ;)

    • Katie says

      Someone completely bought out the Smart Source Butter in Apple valley. I guess “ll try again on Saturday!

  21. Sarah Burrill says

    Question: Is it 6 or 7 transactions on a Double Day per household? I should know this, been a Pocketeer for years, but so seldom do I do more than 4 transactions per day– it’s just a really good week! Thanks again PYD and carrie for all the good work!

  22. Wenon says

    Is anyone able to find the Kraft Mayo coupon? I’ve tried a bunch of zip codes on coupons.com and I cant see it on any of them. If you see it please give the zip code you are using.


  23. Lisa Morse says

    I went to customer service to get a raincheck after my double double day Wednesday and saw the flyer on the counter with the $5 coupon for KRAFT CHEESE. I had just bought 6. I gave them my receipt and asked if they could do a missed coupon for the $5 off flyer coupon. They marked it as a missed coupon and gave me $5 Cash Back! Rainbow in Eden Prairie, MN

  24. Betsy says

    The Kaukauna Cheese (14 oz) tubs are no longer on sale….BUT, the Kaukauna 8 oz Cheese tubs are now on sale @ 2 for $4.00. Using the $1/2 coupon from 3/17 SS = $1 after doubled coupon.

  25. Jenny says

    So does everyone know that Rainbow is considering the 5off 5 Kraft coupon a store coupon and you can use other manufacturer coupons with , I was there tonight and one is the cashiers and I were talking about it . Happy shopping for free stuff in the morning :)

    • says

      Whether the cashiers consider it a store coupon or not, it IS a manufacturer’s coupon because it clearly says so on the coupon. Kraft will reimburse Rainbow for the $5. Rainbow is NOT paying for this promotion out of their own coffers. So, please do NOT consider it a store coupon and combine it with other manufacturer’s coupons because using two manufacturer’s coupons on a single item is against the rules written in the coupon’s fine print. In the long run it’s consumers who will pay higher prices when the store is not properly reimbursed for discounts given in error at the register.

      • Becky says

        Carrie, I’m just wondering why you didn’t post this earlier in the week? There seems to be alot of people who have been using additional manufacturers coupons along with the $5/$5 Kraft coupon. And they have been talking about it on your website for days now.

        • says

          Becky – Great question. I didn’t post it earlier because I hadn’t seen it in the comments earlier this week, even though others have been talking about it, and just noticed it this morning. As soon as I noticed it I responded. Forgive me for not having followed the Rainbow comments closely enough this week to have jumped into the conversation earlier.

          Typically someone else on the PYD team monitors the comments, but that person is on leave right now so that duty falls to me. I didn’t do a very good job at it this week.

        • Becky says

          Ok, I was just kind of waiting to see if anyone actually heard back from corporate on this coupon and not just store employees. I have been using the ones my friends and relatives gave me from their papers at Festival. But now I’m seeing that Jenny is saying that corporate did ok the use of other coupons along with the $5/$5. So I’m still confused??

          • says

            It’ll be after-the-fact, but I just shot off two emails to my two Roundy’s corporate contacts about this. Frankly, they are notoriously slow in responding, so even if I’d emailed them earlier I’m not sure we would have had a timely answer, but I’d like to hear their perspective on this. I could be wrong, but I cannot imagine that they would authorize that since it takes money directly out of their own pocket. But, we’ll see what they say.

        • Becky says

          Well actually it won’t be after the fact for some because the $5/$5 Kraft coupon doesn’t exp until 7/4/13 and there are those that will have this sale until Wednesday. (sourthern region I think?) Also some may still want to use the $5/$5 next week even without the sale prices. (Or maybe they have rainchecks) They might also want to get the Kraft stuff if they can use both the $5/$5 plus other coupons with it. I appreciate you reaching out to them.

      • Jenny says

        Carrie I totally agree with you and I was not going to use there coupon at there store this week I had used it at cub but by the direction of Roundys Corporate all the stores were told this coupon through today will be treated as a store coupon not a nanufacturer coupon even there own employees are doing this because they were told they could by the store manager

          • says

            I understand that stores are saying they got this info from corporate, but as I expected my corporate contact said that they did NOT authorize the use of two manufacturer’s coupons for a single item. They said that a store manager may have made their own decision, but their coupon policy remains in effect which says one manufacturer’s coupon and one store coupon per item and that $5/5 Kraft coupon from the ad last week IS a manufacturer’s coupon. It says “manufacturer’s coupon” on it, plus it scans and works at other stores, which is further evidence that it is indeed a manufacturer’s coupon.

  26. scat says

    I went to the Midway Cub tonight to see about using the $5 Kraft coupon on items for which they had store coupons. I bought 2 Kraft dressing (advertised at 2/$3), two Oscar Mayer hot dogs (store coupon for $.99, limit 2) and one American wrapped slices ( using Cub coupon for $.99 limit one). At first the cashier was not going to take the coupon because of the Rainbow logo. I explained that as long as it said “manufacturers coupon” on top, it could be used anywhere. He called the manager over and I explained this to him also and he OK’d it. I don’t if he did that because he understood the point or was just being good to a customer. Anway, it was all free to me so it’s going to the food shelf. And I did not clear the shelves. They had plenty of all these items. It appears that Cub does not have a clear policy about such coupons, or at least some employees are not familiar with it. Both the cashier and manager seemed to be somewhat new. So it seems it still depends on individual cashiers and managers.

    • Merlene says

      At Eagan Cub the cashier just scanned the $5 Kraft Rainbow coupon with all my others and it worked without a beep or a word. Also, they had big pkgs of pork that was labeled “boneless country style ribs” and “perfect for pulled pork” on closeout for only 99c a pound! The pkgs were $5.50 to $9.00 and I had $1 off pork coupons I printed a while back so it was a fantastic deal. Happy, Happy, Happy!

  27. Rick says

    Yes it is true.
    You can use your MC with the 5 for 5 mix and match. I paid $.45 for my 5 kraft dressing, that was not even on double dazes. On double daze I got all 10 of my kraft mayo for free. Go to Wood bury Rainbow they have a big display when you walk through the door. You don’t even have to walk through the store to find what you are looking for. I have been in 4 times this week. Best deal ever. That’s not all, I also got the cheese for $.99 all five.

  28. Jason says

    I’ve been having trouble finding some coupons on coupons.com, specifically the hot dog and Jello ones. Is there an easier way to find them than scrolling through all the listed ones on the site??

    • Jami says

      you can go to the category pull down list (should be in the upper left corner) you will still have scroll thru the ones in the category you are looking for ie: ‘food’. You mentioned the hotdog and Jell-O coupons which I also wanted and believe are no longer available.

  29. Terry B says

    Watch how Rainbow computer system doubles your manufacturer Today at the Apple Valley, MN store my two Kikoman coupons did not double. The printable coupon does not state “Do Not Double”. I expressed my concern to Marianne, in-store customer service rep, and she said their system is not doubling the coupons for an unknown reason. She cheerfully apologized and refunded me $2 to cover the two – $1 coupons. Hats off to Marianne’s exceptional service!

    • says

      Terry – It didn’t double at all or it didn’t double the full $1? If it didn’t double the full dollar, then I bet it’s because the regular price of the product is less than $2.

      • Rob says

        I’ve always had issues with the Kikoman coupons. No matter the price of the product it will never double for any amount. All of the other coupons always seem to work, just the kikoman has issues. So now I just let the cashier know ahead of time.

  30. Jami says

    It seems all but one of the Oscar Mayer, all the Kraft items and the CapriSun coupons are out of prints :(


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