Open Mic 6/13/13

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    • says

      Carol – Yes, a few options. If you are local to the Twin Cities, then buy $100 in Sears gift cards at Cub Foods. When you do you’ll get a coupon for $20 in free groceries on your next purchase. Also, use SEARS2013 to save $5 off a $50 purchase. If you’re so inclined this is my referral link if you’d be willing to click through it to get to Sears:

        • Emily says

          I’m not sure if this is correct, but a while ago, I remember something about this. Back then, people would write the card number down, wait, and then go check the balances online and then use them online for whatever the card was worth or less. That is why now they all have that gray strip on the back. now you have to rub off the strip to see the PIN number to look up your balance.

      • Carol says

        Several years ago, the public was warmed that some gift cards sold at stores other than their “own”, were compromised . Apparently people would copy the numbers and use the card without purchasing them. Has something been done to assure this is not still happening?

      • Jenny says

        Just went to cub and bought a $25, a $25, and a $50 gift card and it worked to get the coupon for $20 off the next purchase. Coupon expires 6/20. Other gift cards are part of the promotion too, like Applebees, JCP, Bass Pro Shops, Toys R Us and a few others

  1. Lori says

    We need to have a rear bumper repainted from an accident in our driveway :) Any recommendations/avoidances in Burnsville area for handling without insurance?

    • Therese S. says

      If you don’t mind driving out to Prior Lake…

      A few years ago, my husband brought his sports car to Wreck a Mended to fix a ding in the door. They did a great job and prices are very reasonable.

      Here is the address, phone number and website:

      17178 Adelmann Street Southeast
      Prior Lake, MN 55372‎
      (952) 440-1135
      www (dot) wreck-a-mended (dot) org

  2. mjw says

    It’s been near 5 months since the last Unlimited Double coupon day at Rainbow, when o when will you return Unlimited Double Day?????? I miss you soooooooooooooooo.

    • Sally says

      I agree mjw. Since Rainbow moved out of Forest lake I haven’t been to the store. It would have to be unlimited to make it worth my while. It would take 2 gal. of gas so dbl. of 5 coupons doesn’t work for me.

      • mjw says

        I agree Sally, I have to drive 55 minutes to my closest Rainbow so unlimited double days are WAY worth the drive. When Rainbow offers, double double I car pool with my mom and make at least 6 transactions at the store to get the best bang for my buck. The double days are nice and I appreciate that Rainbow offers them but I don’t make it a priority to drive there for only double of 5 coupons.

    • Teresa says

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. I read awhile back that they did those as a “test” and if things went well more would be added but haven’t read or seen anything since.

    • tag says

      Does it make sense for Rainbow to have Unlimited Double Coupon days when they’re closing stores, like the one in Forest Lake? That may be linked to why we haven’t seen any UDC days lately.

  3. Christine says

    My husband and I are thinking of dropping satellite to save some money. We would add a tower and attach to our TV so we can stream Network TV, and add HBO for movies. We also have Amazon Prime, so we can stream for free to our TV. We seem to have all our bases covered except for Sports. Does anyone know if we can stream (subscription or free) Hockey games? I just need to see the Wild. I’d rather not spend every hockey game at BWW, because that would cost us more in the long run.

    • Amy says

      I am pretty sure you can get a subscription thru either NHL live, or espn live for hockey games. Otherwise, sometimes if you just google “wild games streaming for free” the night they are on, you can usually find an out of the country link to watch the game. And it’s usually just the normal tv feed with foreign commentators. I had/will have to do that a few times for some of the play off games that were on NBC sports, we don’t have that channel with our satellite package.

  4. Jenny says

    Destination XL (The big n tall mens clothing and suit store in Roseville) is offering 10% off giftcards online through 6/16 for fathers day. My husband shops there anyway so we couldn’t pass the 10% off… Their clothes are really expensive, but they have a good rewards program where it seems they are always getting us to come back. We shop the clearance section for everything… and only pay full price for Jeans. They make my hubby look so handsome!

    • Jenny says

      Any other GiftCard deals for father’s day? ( I see your post above, Carrie for getting a sears GC at cub… thanks for the heads up!)

      • Heidi says

        Is it safe to assume that the “fathersday” discount code is only good through this weekend, or can that be used until the deal is done?

    • Mary says

      We stayed there last summer as part of our “Explore Minnesota” vacation. It was very cute and the kids got a big kick out of it. Continental breakfast was nice and they have a fire in the backyard with smores in the evening. I had seen a groupon deal for this last year but by the time I got around to booking, the larger room we needed for our family was booked but they gave me the deal anyway directly through them :) Family owned business and interesting story of how it came to be.

  5. says

    Does anyone have recommendation for an upright carpet cleaner? Our dog can’t seem to figure out where to do his business.

  6. Angie says

    We are looking to trade in my car (2004 Chevy Malibu) for a mini van. Any thoughts on places to go for best trade in value? We live in Robbinsdale. Any thoughts on good mini vans? I want stow and go seats, auto doors and a dvd player.

  7. Lori says

    Where do you put in the code “fathersday” to get the Two Harbors train car for $62.30? I have gotten as far as my paypal acct. but don’t want to purchase it if it is going to be the $89.00.

  8. Phil says

    Good deal on Milk thru June 30 at the New Circle K gas stations. 2 gallons for 2.99 (1.50 each) but you must buy 2, limit 2. The locations for these gas stations are: 1. Albertville Mobile at 94&Labeaux, 2. Blaine Mobil at Radisson and Cloud, 3. Blaine Exion at 65/Central& 129th, 4. Champlin Mobile at 169 & Elm Creek/114th, 5. Elk River Exion at 169 & Main, 6. Elk River BP at 169 & 197th, 7. Mahtomedi BP 694 & Century, 8. New Brighton Exion at 35W & E2, 9. New Brighton Mobile at Silver Lake and 45th, 10. Rogers BP at 94 & 101, 11. Roseville BP at 36 & Dale, 12. Shoreview Exion at 694 & Lexington, 13. Shoreview Shell at 35W & J/85th. Hope you have one close to you so you can get a good deal on Milk. It includes Skim, 1%, 2% and Whole.

  9. Michele says

    Anyone know if Valleyfair admission prices can get below $28.00 for adults? offers a great discount but I’m wondering if it’s the best price.

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