Weekly Shopping List Update: 5/26 – 6/1/13

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To keep all the store-specific deals together and avoid a deluge of new posts with each individual deal, we continually update each store’s shopping list to include all the deals we’ve heard about across the blogosphere, that readers have left in the comments and that folks have emailed us about.

This weekly shopping list update highlights the new and updated items that have been added since the lists were originally posted earlier in the week. Along with links to the lists, we are sharing a sneak peek of what you’ll find has been added or updated since the lists were originally published earlier in the week. You will have to click over to the actual shopping list for the specific details, but this preview lets you know whether that’s worth your time.

Cash Wise Foods Shopping List

Food Club Potato Chips. Free after coupon and $10 purchase
Earth Friendly Hand Soap or Dishmate Dish Soap (17-25 oz.). $0.50 after coupon
So Delicious Coconut Milk (32 oz.). $1.39 after coupon
Mediterranean Lentil Chips. $1.44 after coupon
Lundberg Rice Chips or Cakes. As low as $1.49 after coupon
Nature’s Path Waffles. $2.38 after coupon
Malt-O-Meal Monster Size Cereals (22-36 oz.). $2.50 each after coupon
Nature’s Path Granola. $2.68 after coupon
Organic Valley Milk (64 oz.). $2.68 after coupon
San J Sauces. $2.73 after coupon
So Delicious Coconut or Almond Milk (64 oz.). $2.93 after coupon
Angel Soft Bath Tissue (12 double rolls). As low as $3.43 after coupons ($0.29/roll)
Kiss My Face Sun Care (2-8 oz.). $7.48 after coupon

Coborn’s Shopping List

Zevia All Natural Soda (6 pk.). As low as $1.99 after coupon

Cub Foods Shopping List

Fresh Sweet Corn. $0.30 each after coupon
KC Masterpiece Baked Beans. $0.63 each after coupon
Mission Flour Burrito Tortillas (8 ct.). $0.68 each, plus the cost of the Coke 2 Liters, after coupons
Garland Jack’s BBQ Sauce. $0.69 each after coupon
Wacky Mac Veggie Pasta. $0.79 each after coupon
Mrs. Dash Seasoning. $1.50 after coupon
Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts. As low as $1.50 each after coupon
Juicy Juice (8 pk.). $2.00 after coupon
Litehouse Salad Dressing. As low as $2.00 after coupon
Gold’n Plump Chicken Drumsticks or Thigh (24 oz.). $2.00 after coupon ($1.33/lb.)
C&H Granulated Sugar (4 lb.). As low as $2.29 each after coupon
Crystal Light Canister or On the Go (7-10 ct.). $2.38 each after coupon
New York Texas Toast. As low as $2.50 after coupon

CVS Shopping List

Neutrogena Beach Defense Travel Size Sunscreens (1 oz.). Better than free after coupons and Extra Bucks
Off! Clip-On Refills. Two free after coupons
Jergens Cherry Almond Moisturizer (3 oz.). Two free after Extra Bucks
CVS Body Wash. Free after coupon
Dentyne, Trident or Stride Singles Gum. As low as $0.14 each after coupon
Cheerios. As low as $0.94 after coupons
Culturelle Digestive Health Probiotic Chewables (24 ct.). $6.99 each after coupons

Lunds & Byerly’s Shopping List

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner. As low as $0.29 after coupon
Lever 2000 Bar Soap (2 ct.). As low as $0.99 after coupon
Earthbound Farm Salads. $1.24 each after coupons
Cabot Block Cheese (8 oz.). $2.00 each after coupon

Rainbow Foods Shopping List

El Monterey Burritos (1 ct.). Free after coupon
Eckrich Smoked Sausage (13-14 oz.). $0.50 after doubled coupon
Butterball Turkey Breast (9 oz.). $1.29 after doubled coupon
Welch’s Fruit Snacks. $1.50 after doubled coupon
Welch’s Refrigerated Juice Cocktail (59 oz.). $1.75 each after doubled coupon
MorningStar Farms Veggie Products. $1.99 each after doubled coupon
Whole Boneless Pork Loin. $1.99/lb.
Palermo’s Pizza. As low as $2.44 after doubled coupon
Roundy’s Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (3 lb.). $5.99 ($2.00/lb.)

Target Shopping List

Clear Men or Women’s Scalp Therapy. As low as $0.67 each after coupons, Cartwheel savings and cash back
Pillsbury Refrigerated Dough. $0.96 each after coupons and gift card
Bayer Chewable Tablets (36 ct.). $1.02 after coupon
Colgate Total Toothpaste and Mouthwash. $1.08 each after coupons
Pillsbury Toaster Strudels. $1.16 each after gift card
Cascadian Farms Granola Bars. $1.19 each after coupons and gift card
Hillshire Farms Lunchmeat. $1.53 each after coupons
Olay Fresh Effects Cleansers or Wipes. $1.66 each after coupons and gift card
Lever 2000 Bar Soap (6 pk.). As low as $1.99 after coupon ($0.33/bar)
Starbucks Frappucino (4 pk.). $2.49 each after gift card
Starbucks VIA Refreshers (6 ct.). $3.29 each after coupons and gift card
Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee (8 ct.). $3.79 each after coupons and gift card
Renu Twin Pack. $4.99 after coupon and gift card ($2.49/bottle)

Walgreens Shopping List

Maruchan Yakisoba. $0.37 each after coupons
Hamburger or Tuna Helper. $0.80 each after coupon and Balance Reward Points
Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue (3 pk.). $1.74 after coupons ($0.58/box)
Nair Face Cream (2 oz.). $2.34 each after coupon
Centrum Multivitamins. $2.74 each after coupons and Balance Reward Points

Walmart Shopping List

Curad Hydrogen Peroxide. $0.02 after coupon
Earthbound Farm Organic Carrots (1 lb.). $0.23 after coupon
Happy Squeeze Organic Fruit & Veggie Pouch. $0.74 each after coupon
All You Magazine. As low as $1.49 after coupon
Zulka Sugar (4 lb.). $1.82 after coupon
Minute Maid Lemonade (12 pk.). $2.98 after coupon

Your turn: What other deals did you find at any of these stores this week?

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