Target Shopping List 5/19 – 5/25/13

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Lots of great deals are to be had this week at Target, including awesome prices on Banana Boat sunscreen, ice cream treats, strawberries, and lots more. Plus, save on Coleman camping gear and get inexpensive flip-flops with Target printable coupons.

As you get started shopping at Target we’d recommend getting familiar with Target’s price matching policy and Target’s coupon policy. You may want to bring printouts of these with you to the store so that you have them in case you run into issues. If you are new to Pocket Your Dollars, learn how to read this shopping list or troubleshoot problems when printing coupons.

Remember that this is a starting list of deals for the week. As readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store or we get emails with deal ideas, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Target fanatics should check out the ever-changing supply of Target online coupons, be sure to sign up for Target’s text-messaged coupons, enroll in Target’s Cartwheel savings program, and browse Target’s weekly ad online. Plus, if you have a Target card, you can get 5% off your total bill when you use the card to pay.

Your turn: What other great deals did you spot?


    • Cheri A says

      I think you do need a smart phone. I just texted and it sent me a link that has all of the offers and barcode for the cashier to scan.

    • Jana says

      in the past I saw somebody say that they had received the text, then they went to the internet to look up the link and printed it from their computer… I’ve never tried it, but it sounds feasible.

      • Tera says

        I tried with my non-smart phone (does that mean it’s a dumb phone?) and got a text back saying my phone didn’t support the service…

        • mikey says

          I have a dumb phone and texted the key word listed. It sent me a link which I then put into my kindle fire and it worked. The cashier at Target was able to scan it from my kindle fire.

          • Sarah says

            I should try that now-I have a smart phone and this most recent set of texts just don’t work-the cashier tried scanning and then entered the code manually-but kept getting the message inavlid product. This was for the strawberries.

  1. Tera says

    I’m going to use the $2/3 chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow coupon printed in the Cub ad at Target to make my items $2 each, plus free marshmallows. My County Market had the same coupon printed in their ad, too.

  2. Sarah says

    Just a heads up on the flip flops- you have to buy 2 pairs to get the $2 price. The first rings up at $2.50 and the second at $1.50. The coupon takes $2.00 off the first but rounds down to $1.50 for the second. So in effect $0.50 for 2 pairs. Not free but still a great price.

    • Tera says

      I was so disappointed when that happened to me…flip flops hurt my feet so I was getting them to donate. Also my Target was out of the hershey bars for the free marshmallows with purchase of graham crackers and chocolate. There were other qualifying candy bars (like peanut butter cups, which are actually pretty good on s’mores, and snickers), but my coupon wouldn’t have worked with those. It was a bummer of a Target run :(

  3. Amy RS says

    Pepsi, Sunkist & More Can 12 Packs or Bottle 6 Packs $2.50
    $1/1 Diet Pepsi 12 Pack (Target Mobile)
    Plus, use:
    5% off Pepsi Next, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max (Cartwheel)
    Final price: $1.37 after coupon and Cartwheel savings
    I buy Pepsi Max, but cartwheel says regular Pepsi only, unless I am missing something?? Thanks!

    • Amy RS says

      Also, I have been getting $1/1 PepsiMax 12 pk Catalina’s the past month or two from Target at checkout to use on this deal as well! Check your Catalina’s :)

  4. christine says

    Not sure if anyone would be able to help. But I have downloaded the shopkick app. and it will find any stores and don’t know how to work it. Anyone has any suggestions?

    • GinaGol says

      Have you watched the tutorial on their website? Sometimes I find I also need to accept Target’s wifi to get the app to update my kicks correctly.

    • Anita says

      I have both the $1 off 3 and $1 off 2. I got them with different newspapers along with the other inserts

  5. Lee says

    Watch your receipts for the Banana Boat items. There were some 6oz Coolzone just like the ones pictured in the ad but they had bonus items included so I grabbed those and they rang up at 7.99 and 8.99 instead of 6.49. Didn’t notice until after I left the store so I had to go back and exchange them. When I went back they were almost gone, so I wonder how many people bought them thinking they were 6.49.

  6. Anita says

    I tried using the mobile coupon for the Hershey’s candy pouches, but it wouldn’t work for the Hershey’s Simple Pleasures Candy. My Target wouldn’t accept it

  7. Martha says

    iBotta currently has $1.25 rebate on Clear (shampoo/conditioner) products. Paired with the deal mentioned here, you can get the items free!

    • Martha says

      Ok, my math was bad on this one..but somehow I made money on this deal, even though I forgot to add this product to my Cartwheel. The cashier who scanned in my coupon automatically gave me $5.99 off. So I got the men’s for $4.99, the women’s for $3.19 and used the $2 off mobile coupon along with the buy one get one free coupon, then scanned for $1.25 from iBotta. I ended up making 6 cents for two Clear items (and it would have been 31 cents with Cartwheel).

  8. bcre8tive says

    I just signed up for and am just learning about Target “Cartwheel” so please bare with me if this is not correct but as I was looking through the “Baby Essentials” collection I noticed there is an offer for 5% on the Up & Up Baby Shampoo so…..

    couldn’t you use that with this post from above???……

    **NEW** Up & Up Baby Lotion, Body Wash, Shampoo or Detanglers $1.38+
    $2/2 Up & Up Baby Toiletry or Skincare Items Target printable
    Final price: As low as $0.38 each after coupon
    (Thanks, My Frugal Adventures!)

  9. bcre8tive says

    Looks like $1/1 Duncan Hines Brownie Mix 16oz+ cash back via Ibotta app expired (cannot find)

  10. Beth says

    I didn’t get the $10 gift card for Starbucks and I bought four bags of coffee. Anyone else have this issue? I am going to go back tomorrow to talk to customer service.

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