Open Mic 5/9/13

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    • Molly says

      I had an American Exteriors come to the house today and he was rude and walked through my house like he owned it. He talked to me like I did not know a thing about any thing.

  1. JoAnnaM21 says

    If you like kiddo sample sales there is a great one today:

    $3.00 RACKS
    $5.00 RACKS
    1/2 OFF RACKS

    EDINA, MN 55436
    Take highway 100 to
    50th St./Vernon Ave.
    West to Interlachen, turn right on Interlachen and William Ave. is the 2nd left.
    (Close to Jerry's in Edina)
    Look for the neon signs.

      • mnsally2011 says

        Kohls 10% on Wed.
        Culvers I think is 10% but I will check. It's 7 days a week.
        so far that's all I have.

      • sheepy says

        I think the Albertville Outlet Mall has discounts for seniors but not all stores participate.

        Also, "senior" means different things to different retailers. I know movie theaters have discounts but every chain uses a different age.

  2. mnsally2011 says

    I shopped at Target in forest Lake and Lino Lakes in the past 2 days and want to let everyone know the cashier is instructed to hand your Target coupons back to you to use again.

    • Terri G says

      WOW…that is interesting…I will have to give this a try here in the Cities..I would love to get back Target coupons to use again. Thanks. Terri.

    • Therese_S says

      I've had this happen to me at Rainbow and Walgreens. Store coupons must not be tracked the same way manufacture coupons are….or some cashiers are not doing what they are supposed to. :)

    • Sarah says

      Sounds like they are a bit confused especially since the coupons also says one per customer? That would sort of defeat the purpose of that wording. (not that I'm complaining or anything :P)

  3. mary says

    I have a friend visiting this summer and she has Celiac disease. Does anyone know of restaurants near the Target Center with good gluten free menus?

    • PYDfan says

      Most restaurants will have a gluten-free menu available and sometimes they can be viewed online. If they aren't online, it is best to call and ask if they have one, and then ask for the GF menu as you are seated.Good luck! (Celiac disease can seem overwhelming at first.)

    • jodi byland says

      I've sold both at The Gold Guys at Mall of America and whatever it's called at Burnsville Mall. Not sulre which is better

  4. Penny Lee says

    What was the name(s) of a on-line discount for eye glasses? I know we have talked about them before…… just can't remember….. :(

  5. pennywisewags says

    I am in the market to get a new (king….75lb pooch who likes to sleep with mom and dad!) mattress set and know that May is supposed to be a good month to purchase. However, I haven't (yet) come across any better deals than I have seen in previous months. Does anyone know if I could expect to see better deals as we approach end of month? Also, suggestions on best locations to look for mattresses. Thanks!

    • Carol L says

      I recommend The Original Mattress Factory. The quality is extremely good and the prices cannot be beat.

    • Christine says

      I agree with Carol L. We purchased two mattress sets from The Original Mattress Factory (in Maplewood). They were very respectful of our request to check out the mattresses first and ask questions later. No pushy salespeople. Also, we took a tour of the factory where our mattresses were made. Woo Hoo! Made in the U.S.A.

  6. Brenda says

    Is there a list somewhere that shows what gift cards Rainbow and/or Target carries?
    I'm looking for Build-a-Bear, but don't want to trek to the MOA, and don't have time to do the mail order… need it tomorrow.

  7. mnsally2011 says

    Carrie, when I posted my first comment this morning I clicked on all comments and I'm not getting any.

    • JoAnnaM21 says

      I have received 2 comments via email–was surprised to see more posts than that. I chose "all new comments" and the 2 I received via email had nothing to do with my comment this morning.

    • says

      Sally – I found this article on Intense Debate’s website about this. They suggest checking spam (I assume you did this) already. If not, emailing them to let them know of the issue. I will email them on behalf of Pocketeers and point them to your and JoAnna’s comments in this thread.

        • says

          I’m at a loss about it so I have escalated the issue to Intense Debate’s technical support. I’ll keep everyone posted. PS – in the meantime you can always subscribe to the RSS feed of comments.

  8. JoAnnaM21 says

    I was wondering if I was receiving comments from registered people but not from unregistered. It is true that I haven't received any from non registered but I have only received some registered comments.

    • says

      Hmmm…interesting hypothesis JoAnna. I pointed the Intense Debate folks to this comment thread and maybe they will have an insight about registered vs. non-registered.

  9. Jen says

    Just got a iPhone, was woundering what coupon app people use. I started shop kicks but not sure how it works? Also have ibott a and target mobile.

      • sheepy says

        I have done well using Shopkick, but I still don't understand how to negotiate the app. Sometimes I can't get to where I want to go and keep ending up with the screen telling me to select a gift card.

  10. mikey says

    Just saw a post on craigslist under garage sale listings for a "stockpile sale". It appears that someone bought lots of stuff on sale and/or dirt cheap and now is having a garage sale with the items. Pretty sad. No wonder shelves are often cleared of items. Most of us just want a couple deals to replenish our shampoo, toothpaste, etc to save a little money while struggling to put kids thru college,etc. This is very sad to see!

    • Allison E. says

      Did you see the one by Ridgedale Mall? It says call once you reach my place… What is it…a top secret sale? LOL. I can see it now.. You call and get out of the car.. The garage door opens to let you in… The garage door then closes…haha I might check it out just for some afternoon humor. Will give you all a report. I wonder if they will let me use a coupon on the items?

    • Tami says

      Just stopped at a garage sale this morning that had a whole 8ft table of products that I know were almost free for couponers and drove away thinking how sad it was that someone was trying to make money off of it. If they have that much extra they could have donated it to people in need or just left it on the shelf.

  11. Ann says

    Does anyone know where I can find information about kids clothing consignment sales? I seem to recall that there are a couple of them in the Twin Cities that run every few months. I don’t recall the exact process, but something like you bring your clothes and they tag them for you, and it is all nice brand names good condition items?.I just had a garage sale and all my heavily worn inexpensive things sold but hardly a single Gymboree, Polo, etc. (used socks were the big seller – who would have guessed?)


  12. Aga says

    When I first open this open mic, it says 47 comments, then the 47 changes to 1 comment. I’m guessing that’s not right, but wanted to mention it. I’m accessing site from my phone. (And typing under a pinit banner now so apologize if there are typos)

    • says

      Aga – Thanks for the head’s up. We have been having that issue since we switched to Disqus as our commenting platform. I see all the history here in the back-end of the website, but it isn’t always showing up on the front end where you see. We will continue troubleshooting it.

      Thanks for your patience.

  13. Christine says

    I have started to receive student loan statements for my husband and they pretty much exceed our ability to pay those plus our other bills. Anyone have any ideas on how we can either reduce payments or even consolidate?

    • mikey says

      Our young adults have student loans as well. There are usually several options for paying them back and it seems to me that one of the options was paying them back based on a percentage of your income. I would start with looking into your payment options. Some of the ways will ad much more in interest and the length of the loan, but for now it may be a better option for you. Once your income allows, I would speed up payments to pay them off sooner. There is no way to dismiss these loans not even in bankruptcy so check into your payment options.

    • says

      Christine – Spend some time going through this government website to understand your options. There is information about loan forgiveness programs, consolidation, deferment, forbearance and other repayment information.

      If you still come up short, then I’d highly recommend that you and your husband connect with a NFCC-endorsed credit counseling agency. Someone from that organization can help you guys walk through your entire financial picture and provide a road map for navigating these rocky waters. Here’s the NFCC website;

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