Open Mic 5/23/13

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  1. mikey says

    Any really good solutions for keeping the red squirrels out of my “squirrel proof” bird feeder? They just keep emptying it and I sure miss seeing my cardinals at the feeder.

    • Rene S says

      I have the same problem with gray squirrels, and I recently visited a higher-end bird store with that question. They sold me a hot-sauce type of product that you coat the seeds with. While it minimized the number of squirrels, it didn’t get rid of them all, and the sauce is rather spendy. The only other suggestion they could give me was to switch to safflower seed, which squirrels don’t like.

    • ella says

      How are the squirrels reaching your feeder? If they are jumping onto the feeder from above you may need to move the feeder to an open area far enough away from roofs or branches they can jump from. If they are jumping up from the ground the feeder needs to be placed on a higher pole. If they are climbing the pole there are baffles that can be attached to the pole that prevent them from climbing to the feeder. There are larger baffles that also prevent raccoons from climbing the pole.

      • Penny Pollock says

        my dad used a PVC pipe for the pole (hard for squirrels to climb) and then he took a plastic “saucer” type sled put a hole in it and put it upside down on the PVC pipe and then the feeder goes above that. That seemed to work for him!

    • TresOfReality says

      My in-laws battle the mighty red (and gray) squirrel every year as well. According to them, the reds are very aggressive and destructive. So they’ve been working on eliminating the red squirrel from their country home. Seems to be working, the birds are coming back.

  2. Leann says

    Is anyone else having trouble getting on to the Unilever site to print? I can’t get it to accept my password or even send me a ‘forgot password’ email.

  3. TresOfReality says

    My HP printer just died so we are in the market for a new printer. We are looking at a color laser printer to replace it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d like one that will print coupons in B&W.

    • Melissa Fetterley says

      We have a Brother Laser Jet and love it. You can always default your items to print in B&W if you want. It always does a nice job, I never have problems getting my coupons to scan.

  4. Christine says

    Anyone have suggestions for inexpensive things to do in Door County? We would like to stay in Door County, since we are familiar with Green Bay, Appleton, and Manitowac. We already have a place to stay in Sturgeon Bay and we will have almost 2 full days (Thursday and Friday). We plan to hit most of the wineries, but I’m looking for something else as well. One can only drink so much wine before one can no longer walk.

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