ecoATM: Get Cash for Recycling Electronics

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If you’ve upgraded or changed your mobile phone, you might wonder what to do with that old one. It shouldn’t be thrown out because it contains metals and chemicals that shouldn’t sit in a landfill, and besides – it might be worth something. Well, there’s a new, easy option for recycling electronics, and you can even receive cash instantly for them: ecoATM.

How ecoATM Works

ecoATM is a stand-alone kiosk that accepts your old cell phones, mp3 players, and tablets, evaluates the condition, and pays cash if you choose to recycle your old gadget. Values will vary, but you will get at least one dollar – and up to $250 dollars – for a cell phone, depending on the demand for the particular item. Instead of sitting in a landfill or in your junk drawer, the item will either be recycled or refurbished for sale.

Where to Find ecoATM

There are currently 400 ecoATMs across the country, most of them located in high-traffic areas like malls. In the Twin Cities, ecoATMs are located at several malls, including Eden Prairie Center and Southdale Center. Find an ecoATM near you.

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What to Know About Using ecoATM

There are a few things you need to know if you are going to give ecoATM a try:

Remember to erase your personal information from the device. Most gadgets have relatively simple processes for doing so, but you’ll need to Google the instructions for your particular device. If the device will end up being re-used, ecoATM and their partners will wipe your data from the item, but I’d recommend doing it yourself to ensure your data isn’t compromised.

Speaking of data, you’ll need to give some to ecoATM during the recycling process. You will need a photo ID/driver’s license and you will also need to provide a digital fingerprint. Because the kiosk is giving cash for electronics, ecoATM must do what they can to ensure people aren’t recycling stolen devices. They even have actual people verifying your ID photo against the image from the camera at the kiosk, just to make sure everything is above board.

And finally, the ecoATM transaction can be cancelled up until you confirm the sale. So if you stick your old phone into the ecoATM but you don’t like the price the machine offers you, you can get your device back easily.

ecoATM Advantages

Obviously, no one wants their old electronic junk sitting around in their home or in a landfill. Pocket Your Dollars has covered some of the common ways to recycle or trade-in electronics, including methods that give you some cash for your gadgets.

I think the ecoATM idea is a nice one for quick cash, and it avoids the back and forth involved with some of the other ways to recycle or sell used electronics. I have to admit I also love the “living in the future” element to the process. Who’d have thought I’d be able to sell my old gadgets to a machine in a mall?

Your turn: Have you tried ecoATM? What did you think?


  1. Amy Windus says

    I have to say that having the Eco ATM’s are a wonderful invention because alot of places don’t have boxes for used gadgets. Get costly to send them to the Lions Club!

  2. Edward Shank says

    The machine at The Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville, Ohio did not even give me a lousy dollar for my cell phone. Not really worth the time to go through the whole process. What a joke!

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