Aldi Shopping List 5/5 – 5/11/13

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First-time Aldi shoppers, you’ll need to bring a quarter (not 25 cents, but a quarter) for the refundable deposit on your cart and bring your own grocery bags. They take cash or debit card, but not credit card. Find an Aldi near you.

If it helps you appreciate Aldi a little more, read Wikipedia’s article about them and learn that Aldi is owned by the parent company that owns Trader Joe’s. Don’t forget Aldi’s double guarantee too, where you will get a replacement product AND a refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

Your turn: What else will you pick up this week at Aldi?

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  1. I bought a nice looking hanging basket of fuschia with lots of flower buds. There were also pinks and petunia baskets. Japanese maple trees in 2 different varieties were on special for 7.99, those were marked as zone 5 though (unlikely to survive the winter in most places in MN). I could not find any 6 packs of annuals.

    The strawberries also looked great today.

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