Say What?! Discount Private Jet Travel

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We’re back with another “Say What?!” item found as we traversed the web on the hunt for deals. I literally cocked my head to the side, squinted my eyes with a confused look and thought, “Huh? Say what?” when I saw this next deal.

But first, let’s imagine. Imagine someone who travels via private jet complete with leather sets and a stocked wet bar. This is a person who doesn’t have time and space to even ride first class, since waiting in airports and waiting for baggage takes too much precious time. “I mean, hey, I’ve got a busy life of luxury to live. I don’t have time to travel with all the rest of you,” they might think.

Now, back to reality. Do you think that person you imagined would be on the hunt for a coupon code or a discount? I doubt it. Hence, this next deal perplexed me.

Discount private jet travel via Rue La La

Last week at Rue La La you could get a discount private jet travel (no longer available, sorry). Spend just $7,700 on a $10,000 gift card for private jet travel. That saves you 23%. Please note, there is a limit of two per person since I’m sure there was a flood of customers beating down the door for this one.

I read The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire MindAmerica’s millionaires are not frivolous. They are frugal. They are coupon-loving discount hounds. As such, I imagine they’d fly coach not via private jet.

Really, help me out. What’s your guess about who would buy chartered jet time from a discount shopping site?

If you spot something online that makes you “Say What?!” please send an email to let us know about it.


  1. linda says

    phew! For a second there i thought you had gone loco! i like the "say what?!" idea…i'll keep my eyes open for more.

  2. AsUntoTheLord says

    Ok, the only way I see that being even REMOTELY appealing is some "average joe" who is determined to hire a private plane for some special reason (like an unforgetable proposal or fulfill a "make-a-wish" for someone special) and yet probably shouldn't because of the cost. I could see how this might enable such a person to justify the expense if they got it just.a.liiiittttlllleee.bit cheaper. LOL Other than that, I'm sure a bunch of folks got a good laugh a this one. I sure did.

  3. Ang says

    Maybe a celeb or business executive would use this. A good manager or staff person woud want to save his/her boss money. Just because the rest of us don't use jets for business doesn't mean its useless. Saving money is good at any income level…

  4. sheepy says

    I know people who would do that, but they would have to be made aware of the deal. They don't spend an hour every day looking for deals.

  5. Ebd says

    I don't personally buy chartered jet time but I know several people who do and have flown that way. Flying private doesn't just save you time at the airport waiting in line and waiting for baggage, if you are flying to a remote location you can often get much closer on a private plane which saves you time spent in a car. It can also give you greater flexibility in departure times and dates.

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