Rayovac Backup Charger for Your Mobile Devices for $9 Each (Compare to $24.90 on Amazon)

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Rayovac.com is having a great sale on two well-rated Rayovac backup chargers for mobile devices. You know, the kind of thing you wish you had when your mobile device’s battery is dying, but you can’t get it plugged in to recharge because you are in an airport, at your son’s swim meet or walking into a job interview. You keep this Rayovac PS60 backup charger or this Rayovac PS68 On-the-Go Charger in your purse, backpack or glove compartment and voila, you’ve got a recharge on demand without a power cord. Ingenious if you ask me.

There are two different deals happening now for different models. Let me walk you through each one.

PS60 Rayovac Backup Charger for Mobile Phones and Other Devices

Rayovac ps60 back-up charger

Get two Rayovac PS60 backup chargers for $9 each ($17.99 total). They’re on sale buy one, get one free so you’ll need to add two to your cart and use PS60BOGO at checkout (exp 4/1). Plus, spend $25+ at Rayovac.com and get free shipping. That’s a 65% savings over the $24.90 Amazon wants for the same charger.

The Rayovac PS60 is 5-star rated on Amazon and can charge your smart phone, mp3 player, gaming device or digital camera. Although results vary by device, Rayovac says that the PS60 can charge a smart phone for an additional 90 minutes of talk time. It comes with three different adapters including micro USB, mini USB, and an Apple device connector.

Rayovac PS68 On-the-Go Charger

rayovac ps68 on the go charger

This Rayovac PS68 On-the-Go Charger is only $9.99 right now, plus free shipping on Rayovac.com orders $25+. That’s almost half-priced compared to Amazon’s $17.98 price tag.

The Rayovac PS60 appears smaller than the PS68 (I don’t have either one so I can’t say for sure, but it looks pocket-sized to me). It only comes with 2 adapters, a detachable micro-USB and built-in Apple device connector, and is reported to charge a smart phone for 45 minutes of additional talk time.

Deal ideas

To qualify for free shipping you could make a combined order with friends or family like this:

***Deal idea #1***
Buy four Rayovac PS60 back-up chargers
Use the code PS60BOGO at checkout
Final price: $35.98 + tax ($9/charger)

***Deal idea #2***
Buy two Rayovac PS60 back-up chargers
Buy one Rayovac PS68 On-the-Go Charger
Use the code PS60BOGO at checkout
Final price: $27.98 + tax ($9.32/charger)

I need a charger like this, especially when I travel. It seems nearly impossible to find an available outlet in an airport these days. I might not be so sold on this concept, but it reminds me of the self-jumping car battery my husband bought me several years ago. Initially I thought it was a wasteful expense, but I was sold on it after the first time I jumped my own car in a not-so-hot part of town on my way to work. I’ve used it numerous times since and declared my husband brilliant each time. I bet I’ll think the same thing about a charger like this after the first time it saves the day.

Who else is notorious for running out of battery at inopportune times? (Sometime I can tell you about the two times, several years apart, when my digital camera died just as we approached the tourist lookout at the statue of the Christ in Rio de Janeiro.)


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