Complete Set of National Geographic Magazines: Every Issue Since 1888 for $29.44 Shipped

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Calling all history buffs, collectors and curious minds. Today only (3/15) you can get the complete set of National Geographic Magazines, every issue since 1888, for $30.99 shipped. Plus, use the code yousave5 at checkout to save an additional 5%, dropping the price to $29.44. This is the lowest price on the web right now, plus this is better than the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Amazon for this same set; by comparison, this set is currently $43.95 on Amazon.

What’s Included with the Complete Set of National Geographic Magazines

In this complete set of National Geographic Magazines you’ll get 7 DVD-ROMs including 1,400 issues, 8,000 articles, 200,000 photographs, and hundreds of digitized classic maps exactly as they appeared in print. These are not compatible with a DVD movie player. They need to be played in a computer.

In addition to the magazines you’ll have Geobrowsing capabilities so you can look up info about any specific place. You can also test your knowledge with trivia questions (so not my forte).


My history-loving husband saw this deal and has already asked for a set. The articles and photos would be really cool to look at with our kids, but I think the advertisements would be fascinating too. I’m not a homeschooling parent, but wonder if these would be useful for those who do school at home?

Speaking of National Geographic, here’s my best related story: before I moved to the Peruvian Amazon I checked out every available National Geographic magazine with any Amazon-related stories in it. As I read one article, my eyes saw a full page photo of a hairy spider. My eyes told my mind, “SPIDER!” and in a knee jerk reaction I screamed and threw the magazine off my lap on to the floor. Courageous is my middle name :)  Am I the only one with a noteworthy National Geographic story?

Which history buff in your life would like these?


  1. Christine says

    Thanks Carrie! I was having a hard time thinking of something to give my dad for his birthday. He has kept every issue since he started subscribing in the 60's. Hopefully my mom can have some of her storage room back.

    • says

      You're welcome. I've heard gratitude from a few people specifically because they hope it allows a loved one to throw out/recycle/sell old copies. That's a benefit that I never would have anticipated.

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