Aldi Shopping List 3/17 – 3/23/13

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First-time Aldi shoppers, you’ll need to bring a quarter (not 25 cents, but a quarter) for the refundable deposit on your cart and bring your own grocery bags. They take cash or debit card, but not credit card. Find an Aldi near you.

If it helps you appreciate Aldi a little more, read Wikipedia’s article about them and learn that Aldi is owned by the parent company that owns Trader Joe’s. Don’t forget Aldi’s double guarantee too, where you will get a replacement product AND a refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

Your turn: What else will you pick up this week at Aldi?


  1. CJ says

    I am just wondering peoples' take on produce at Aldi's? I am contemplating starting to purchase our produce from there because they seem to be MUCH cheaper, but am a little unsure about the quality, taste, etc. Both of the Aldi's by me seem to be really run down, so I don't know if that has something to do with my perception of the food? Is there anything anyone would stay away from or definitely is a good purchase? I usually buy produce at Super Target and Cub. TIA!

    • sharon says

      My have always found great produce at Aldi. The only exception was one time when I got a bad bag of bananas. Others have commented that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, Aldi will both refund your money AND replace the product (for me, they offered one or the other).

      The strawberries (on sale this week – go early) have always been excellent and my kids LOVE the blackberries and blueberries. Their tortilla chips and pretzels are second to none, and their breads are great quality at a very reasonable price. Don't forget to bring your own bags.

    • Jennifer says

      Aldi's has great produce and prices! I struggled shopping there a little at first…but the savings is totally worth it for fresh produce. THeir spices are always 99 cents as well….and I bake a lot so love those prices. I buy a few other random things…but mainly fresh produce.

  2. ilene says

    While I go mostly to Rainbow my husband goes to Aldi's most every week. He has gotten the best and cheapest berry fruits around along with pineapple which we love . I am sure he will be back this week , especially for the strawberries and pineapple and maybe blackberries which have been so reasonable.

    CJ, I dont think you will be disappointed.

  3. ella says

    I get much of our produce at Aldi, but am picky, if it doesn't look great I don't buy it. It can be hit or miss on some items. Sometimes the strawberries have been over-ripe, smushed or even moldy, I've also passed on grapes a few times. Occasionally a few fruits I've bought have not ripened properly- pears and cantaloupe. Sometimes there is a bad onion or 2 in the bag. I usually avoid the sweet potatoes as they seem to go bad quickly. Sometimes the broccoli heads seem a bit rubbery- I cook those rather than serve fresh and they taste fine. Most of the time the produce is great. One thing I like is that much of the produce is pre-packaged. The broccoli is packaged so there is more crown and less stems. Even with having to discard a bad piece now and then, prices are still low enough on the rest to be less expensive than other stores. Other stores often allow you to choose your own pieces in your choice of amounts, but that can also lead to poked fruits and trampled greens. Usually the check-out staff is good about gently moving fragile items from the belt to the cart, but I often ask them to hand me those so I can place them gently in the cart.

    I wish Aldi offered more organic choices, and a wider selection of produce (more apple varieties, and kale, and fresh herbs, for instance). No matter where i buy produce I check it over before storing it.

  4. Leanne says

    Agreed, even with some questionable produce, the price is better. The cuties, pineapple, most berries are great and much cheaper. It tends to ripen quicker, so we just use it right away, like the peppers especially. Pears also have not ripened, not sure why that is, but it is. A few bad berries in the bunch, but sometimes they are just about perfect. My kids love the salsa and ice cream, and tortilla chips. Cannot beat the price. Best ham I ever had also was from Aldi.

  5. CJ says

    Thanks everyone for your input! My family just goes through so much fresh produce each week that I thought I would try an alternative to the $30-$40 I spend just on fresh produce every week. It is great to know what usually works and what to avoid, your feedback is truly appreciated :)

    • Drew says

      Definitely on the produce.

      Pineapples are usually Del Monte brand so they are exactly the same as what the other stores are getting, just a lot cheaper.

      Every banana at any store is an idential genetic clone, so why pay more for them somewhere else?!

      Sometimes things like nectarines appear to be "B" grade, so you just need to be more picky to avoid bad ones.

      I pretty much get all my produce at Aldi. For most other products, I can usually get a brand name version cheaper at Rainbow using coupons, but if I need a particular item immediately, Aldi is my go to store.

  6. Cheri A says

    I am also picky about produce and will only buy US produce, so that limits things sometimes. I find that it is hit and miss there sometimes. I generally go there first to see what they have and then fill in from the other stores.

    I am happy to see a few organic choices at Aldi now. I bought a bag of organic apples a couple of weeks ago. I usually buy lemons and limes there also.

  7. Melissa Denney says

    I'm a big Aldi fan. I've been trying to deviate just to see if I could coupon at other stores to make up the difference in brand changes, but really haven't found its worth it. On occasion I have gotten bad produce, but its more because I didn't pay attention when putting it in my card to check its status. As any store does, sometimes it gets bad 'batches' of produce, but in most cases, especially in peak of the seasons, the produce it great and well worth it.

    I have pit Aldi up against Walmart, Sams Club, Kroger, and Marsh, and almost every time, they win out with ratio of price and quality. Still have a few staples that I don't care for the Aldi brand on yet, but they are so few and far between I don't mind it.

    Milk is almost always cheaper except for occasion sales at other stores, but can goods and produce are worth going to Aldi instead. Can't even get myself to venture to other stores anymore.

  8. Julia says

    I do the bulk of my shopping at Aldi if I can. Their prices are just so worthwhile, and I've not had any problems so far. I know that they're all knock-off brands, but one of the biggest distributors is Kirkland, which sells very good quality stuff in everything they do. As far as the produce goes, I'm pretty careful about what I pick out. Also Costco has some delicious deals on fresh produce as well. I used to go to Stop and Shop for my weekly shopping and it sucked to know how much money I could've saved. My budget was literally cut in half. There are some things that my Aldi doesn't have, but whatever I'm missing I now go to Trader Joes or CostCo, which is almost right next door. I haven't gone back to Stop in Shop in almost a month, and I am glad for it. My wallet is even happier.

    The best case scenario I could think of was the mandarin oranges that I bought a couple weeks ago. They were about $2 at Aldi, but I needed to go to Stop and Shop for some corn syrup that Aldi doesn't have. They were also having a "sale" on mandarin oranges, but for the same size bag, they were selling it at $6.99! And that was marked down from $8.99! I couldn't help but giggle at the $5 I saved there from just one product!

  9. says

    I also have been doing a LOT of my shopping at Aldi with the occasional trip to Cub or Target (and very rarely Rainbow).

    Price and quality are big factors, but another big one is TIME. With two little ones at home and another on the way, I need a place that I can get in and out of quickly without a lot of fuss. My Aldi trips take me 20 minutes, tops, since I know where everything is and I usually buy the same things week after week. I love it!

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