Say What?! A Self Stirring Mug {New Feature}

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Around here we spend a lot of time deal-hunting online. As we traverse the web we routinely spot things that make us “Say What?!” Laura and I email each other when we spot one of these bizarre products or deals that aren’t a deal at all. They inject some humor in our day. Last week it occurred to us that you might enjoy them too and so our new “Say What?!” feature is born.

The first installment of “Say What?!” is {insert drum roll}…..a self-stirring mug. For real.

My first reaction to this mug was a question. “If I fill this mug with cream and turn it on, will I eventually end up with a mug full of butter?” I wondered. If anyone knows, please leave a comment and let me know. I’m curious.

{Follow-up thought: As I thought more about this product, yes, I’m sorry to admit that I gave this brain space in the last few days, I also wondered what happens if you bring it south of the equator. Will the coffee spin in the other direction??? :)}

The Self Stirring Mug Pseudo-Deal

As if the product itself isn’t enough to make you “Say What?!” check out this great deal…ahem pseudo-deal.

Self Stirring Coffee Mug Tippr deal

On Tippr, a daily deal site, you can get your very own mug for $25 shipped through 2/28/13! Tippr’s deal is so exceptional {hear sarcasm} that each person is limited to 10 mugs because they need to manage the mug supply against incredible demand. The best part? That $25 price point is $7.39 more than what you’d pay for the same self stirring mug on Amazon. I couldn’t find a self-stirring mug anywhere on the internet near the claimed $80 price point.

Moral of the story: Never believe something is a deal because the retailer calls it a deal. Do your homework.


If you spot a crazy product or a deal/pricing mistake that cracks you up, then let us know about it. Email us at info AT pocketyourdollars DOT com along with screen shots and/or photos of what you’ve found. We’ll continue to share the things that make us “Say What?!”


  1. angie says

    this is a nice idea guys! plus, you'd be surprised at the random stuff people will pay full price for.. I bought these "coffee touches" that look like chewing tobacco, just cause I saw them on Shark Tank.( AND I bought these hand warmer ( cause I saw them on fox 9 news.. but you know how I was able to spend $60+ on these random things? PYD!! buy NOT wasting money on diapers, catfood, and other food.. just sayin ;) lol

    • Therese S. says


      Love Shark Tank…they do feature some crazy products.


      Great new feature on your website. I especially like your comment about "doing your own homework". Just because a website states that they offer the lowest price, may not always be true.



  2. Sheri says

    This sounds weird but the coffee being swirled looks a lot like a giant bellybutton….

    Okay yeah I see things in clouds too. I'm that kinda gal.

    Plus would you really want "self stirring mug" on the side so the world can see how lazy you are.

    'Can't stir your own coffee? Have we got a mug for you!'

    HAHAHA okay I'm done being silly.

  3. Sheri says

    Okay. Banana Bunker? I'm afraid to search for this on my work computer *grin*s o someone's GOTTA tell me what it is. :-P

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