Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Shopping List 2/17 – 2/23/13

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save’s) coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week?


  1. sara says

    In some of the pampers boxed diapers are $45 in coupons. Does anybody know what those coupons are? I just want to know if I could pay a couple dollars more per box if I will get the money back using the coupons. Thanks for any help.

    • Katie says

      When I've gotten coupons in Pampers boxes before, they've been for a variety of things including Bounty, Charmin, Bounce, Duracell, Align, Ivory – all different P&G Brands. And, they've been slightly better/higher amounts than the normal coupons you'll see in the monthly newspaper P&G coupons.

      • Amanda says

        I haven't bought a box with the $45 coupon book, but I did buy a package last week that was marked as having a $25 coupon book. It wasn't really a book at all. Just two coupons – one for $20 of free Shutterfly stationary cards and another for $10 off something else that I threw away because it didn't seem like something I would ever purchase. I was disappointed because in the past the coupon books inside Pampers have been great. Hopefully the $45 in coupons are better!

  2. Sue says

    The $1.25/1 Peanut Butter Toast Crunch Cereal printable link says:

    Sorry! You have already printed

    this coupon the number of times allowed.

    But I haven't printed it.

  3. Anne says

    Check the math on the Axe deodorant deal… Should be as low as $.83 each after coupons and cash back because you can only use two identical coupons.

    • Jen says

      Another site I go on said it was confirmed March 2nd is double double days for Roundy's, will have to wait to see if it is accurate.

  4. Intchina says

    Wisconsin/Milwaukee couponers – were there any coupons in this week's Sunday JS (2/17/2013)? i did not receive any, it is the first time this happened to me.

  5. Jenny says

    On the Oreos Cookies the St Paul Pioneer Press has 1..00 off 1 coupon Fri 2/10 SS, the Star Tribune had the 1.00 off 2 coupon.

  6. Sue says

    An On-Going Deal:

    Nesquik Powdered Chocolate Milk Pouches $1.00 (regular price)

    $0.50/1 Nestle Nesquik Powder from 2/17 Red Plum insert (exp 4/14)

    Final price: Free after doubled coupon

  7. Jenny says

    One of the coupon sites I follow announced double double days at Roundys stores for March 2ND. Can someone else confirm if this will included Rainbow Foods.

  8. mark says

    Heads up on the Brew Pub Pizza deal. The frozen pizzas are priced $9.99 and $8.99. You save $4 instantly when you buy 2 and there is a $1 off one pizza manufacturer coupon in the weekly Rainbow ad. It should double on Wed. and Sat. . But this seems pretty high for a frozen pizza even with the discount. Unless , this pizza is in the same league as Heggie's frozen pizza. It would be nice if someone would review the taste and quality of this brand to see if it is worth purchasing.

  9. mark says

    I went to Rainbow to buythe Roundys 24 pack of water specially priced at $1.99 for Mondays President's Day sale. The shelves were all cleared at 2:30 PM . The cashier did substitute the Ice Mountain brand for the same $1.99 price. FYI .

  10. Jennifer says

    Westpac Classic Vegetables (16 oz.) $0.88 (Limit 1, thereafter $1.00)

    Use Roundy’s coupon from booklet

    Plus, use:

    $0.50/1 Flav-R-Pac/Westpac Product printable

    Final price: Free after coupon and doubled coupon

    I don't see that coupon there anymore.

  11. Kristi says

    How do you get the Contadina coupon? Is it out of prints or did it come in the newsletter? I can't find it on the website after registering.

  12. Allison says

    I had a single sheet in my newspaper last week. I live in Plymouth and shop at the Rockford Rd store and buy my newspaper from the store or the Holiday station in the plaza. I always bring in my ads with me because sometimes I can't remember what the sale items are. In the single sheet ad it had Klondike Chaco Tacos B1G1. The lady at the cash register was like "this isn't our ad, did you get this from the Brooklyn Park store" I said no, it came from the paper around here. She was hesitant to give me the deal but did accept it because I had my ad with me. Guess that ad was supposed to go in a paper for the South Metro, not Plymouth area.

  13. Julie says

    I have never had any of the morton coupons double (from the ad's or printable). Last time the cashier even warned me that they would not double. It's still better than full price though…

  14. kim says

    I am new to couponing. I am looking for any helpful advice, tricks, or suggestions. I am a single mother of three who can finally provide not only the basics, but treats for the kids as well. Thanks to couponing and this helpful site :)

    • says

      Welcome, Kim! A great place to start is the links in the "Are You New Here?" section on the home page. Plus, keep asking questions and someone will step up to help you out – we're a helpful community like that. :)

  15. Mikey says

    A week or so ago, I was in the Walmart by Northtown (can't recall if it's Fridley or Blaine there) and they had lots of jars of Jif Hazelnut spread on clearance for $1.50/jar so with a coupon it would be a great deal. Of course, I didn't have my coupons with. Maybe someone will enjoy this nice deal!

  16. Shelly says

    Hormel Marinated Pork Filet — Buy 1, Get 1 Free (2/$6.99)

    At the Rainbow Riverdale in Coon Rapids last Saturday, these were $6.99 lb not $6.99 for one. Did anyone else experience this at their Rainbows?

    This is not a very good deal even after adding in the coupons!

  17. Ella says

    Hello everyone,

    How do you get the Roundy's coupon booklet? I only receive the weekly paper with coupons in it. I haven't seen it laying around at the store, either. Is there a way to sign up for one to receive in the mail? TY!

    • Shelly says

      You can usually go to the customer's service counter and ask for one. Or if you know which coupons you want, you just ask the cashier if they have them.

      Also, when books are available, mine come in the Saturday USPS mail flyer that either SmartSource or Red Plum puts out. The Rainbow ad usually is include too.

      • Ella says

        Thanks! I will check out the service desk and asking a cashier. They never come in the mail, maybe because there is no Rainbow in our town but is in an adjacent.

  18. Sue says

     **UPDATED** Kikkoman Stir Fry Seasoning Packets $0.89-$0.99 (regular price)

     Kikkoman Sauces $1.99-$2.99 (regular price)

    $1/1 Kikkoman Product printable

    $1/1 Kikkoman Product printable

    $1/1 Kikkoman Product printable

    Final price: As low as free after coupon

    These $1/1 coupons will not work for the $0.89 packets since Rainbow's coupon policy states the value of the coupon cannot exceed the price of the item. I tried it today and they won't adjust the coupon. The told me that was illegal which I doubt, but they will not do it.

    • Shelly says

      I have heard the "Illegal comment" at Walgreen's too. One Walgreen's would not let me by the item, another one did a price adjustment. Something to do with they can't get more money back on an item, then someone actually paid.

      It all depends on where you go and who you get.

  19. Amanda says

    For the $3 off General Mills (resulting in 4/$7), there are very few varieties actually included in the sale. Many of the coupons listed are for products not included. According to Rainbow's website, these are the items included in the sale, and that appeared to be the case at the store on the tags as well. It did work out to a nice deal with four of the Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch coupons since that is included.

    General Mills Nature valley chewy yogurt variety pack

    General Mills Milk 'N Cereal Bars, Variety Pack

    General Mills Chex mix treats chocolate chnk

    General Mills Cinnamon TOAST CRUNCH 12.2OZ

    General Mills FIBER 1 Nutty CLSTR ALMNDS CEREAL

    General Mills Honey Nut CHEERIOS MEDLEY CRUNCH



    General Mills Peanut Butter TOAST CRUNCH

  20. says

    Had a VERY interesting trip to Rainbow today!

    We planned on 3 transactions of completely different products.(many of which were rainchecks)

    Our first transaction was with a VERY NICE cashier and we had Mccormick taco season raincheck that was problematic because the instant it was scanned the register was $900+ in the NEGATIVE for some reason. This turned out to be a big laugh for us and the cashier and the manager! It got fixed quickly and we went back and dropped out stuff into the car and went back in to do our 2 other transactions.

    THEN the store became BUSY…but we had our 2 separate transactions in the cart separated and the store became very busy when we were ready to check out. I suggest to my boyfriend that we actually wait in the longest line because we like the cashier but instead he decided it was worth it to go to the shortest line with a WITCHY cashier! (Who I remembered fighting us on using STORE and MANU coupons to get an item for free and the manager was called over and she was FURIOUS when the manger told her BITTER butt that we were correct and she was WRONG!)

    So we went to the WITCHY cashier[Carrie here: name is edited out] for the checkout and sure enough our first of 2 transactions went smoothly coming to $23.something BEFORE coupons because the store basis it on regular price. That transaction went fine!

    Then with the second transaction with her she thew a FIT and demanded we buy more stuff before she scanned our coupons because the total before coupons was $19 something! Rainbow goes on REGULAR prices to reach the $25 threshold for 'DOUBLES"! We had almost $40 regular priced items with that transaction but she threw a fit even after we told her the coupons would scan and double and she REFUSED to even scan the coupons and told us it was a 'GLITCH' in the system that and that we needed to buy more items. (GLITCH???) Rainbow has ALWAYS worked this way and we didn't even have a subtotal of $25 with you for our first transaction you horrible(insert expletive here)!

    The good news is my transaction that the WITCH refuses is still good on Saturday and even next week so I still plan on getting it.

    [Carrie here: edited out cashier's name again]

  21. ellen says

    I think it is hard to argue on this one. The rainbow policy is to double coupons when total reaches $25 after store coupons/sales. When I get a cashier like that I just don't argue because that is what the policy say.

    • Jennifer says

      I am surprised, I thought it was when your transaction reached $25, before store and manufacturers coupon,…but including sale prices?

      Would LOVe clarification on what ot means, and thankful we have never had anyone hassle us!

      • Kris L says

        I, too, thought your transaction total before coupons had to be $25. I guess if your total was $23…then the cashier has every right to put up a stink.


  22. Cheryl says

    I looked but can't even find Wisconsin Coupon Clippers…what's the website? I found Midwest Coupon Clippers but no mention of unlimited doubles. I live in WI and haven't heard anything.

  23. Jennifer says

    me too :) They are so much fun ! My husband even gets into the action when it comes to double coupon shopping…it's addicting!

  24. Jennifer says

    I recently got on the mailing list through the contact on the Rainbow website….you may have to go to Rainbowfoods.com to get on the mainling list.

    I live south of the metro, but it is worth it to make the trip to Lakeville, especially when there are double-double or unlimited coupon days AND a coupon book!

  25. Mikey says

    I think it depends on the cashier. If the coupon says good only at Walmart then you cannot, but if it says good at Walmart, I've had them accepted.

  26. Mackenzie says

    Can anyone tell if you donate food to the local food pantry and also how much you would have to donate in order for it to make a difference on your taxes to write off.

    • Merlene says

      At "The Pantry" in Eagan they weigh your donation and give you a receipt for how many pounds it was. You can itemize the receipt or attach a list of what you brought in for your taxes.

  27. Intchina says

    I agree with the cashier's decision, since it follows the store policy, but not with the behavior, however.

    My job has a lot to do with customer service, and as a matter of fact, over 95% of my interactions with customers result from the customer actually doing something wrong, not submitting the right paperwork, and, occasionally, lying about it as well.

    The key to making the customer experience a positive one is remembering the following:

    1) that even though you know the rules well and understand them, the customer may not, and that it is important to know the rules well and have them available for easy customer reference (I believe that the customer should not have to keep a binder with store policies handy, but that the cashiers should);

    2) that the duty of any company representative dealing with a customer is to ensure an interaction that can potentially result in repeated business/spread of positive company reputation;

    3) that it is possible to uphold the company policies AND create a positive customer experience;

    4) that it is important to stay consistent, otherwise the customer will be confused and dissatisfied (case in point – allowing one transaction under $25, but refusing to do the second one, it should have been yes to both or no to both);

    5) that it is crucial in all cases to stay polite and friendly, to ensure the customer understands why you are acting a certain way;

    6) that the individual customer in front of you may be representative of the group of customers who – unknowingly or knowingly – violate company policy, but she/he did not personally violate the policy all those prior times (many cashiers at PnS are against 'couponers' as a class because 'they' (couponers) do this, this and that, which is an erroneous approach, obviously);

    7) that it is irrelevant what you think of an individual customer and their behavior, personally, all that matters is how your interaction with that customer affects their experience and whether that interaction benefits the company and customer (other customers in line are seeing it all, btw);

    8) that sometimes a small battle lost is a big battle won (if the cashier used her discretion to allow the second transaction 'slide', the $2 difference in transaction total would not have earned Roundy's that much more money, but the transcation would have brought in revenue nonetheless at $23, plus it would have left the customer happy and coming back for more, which is the whole point!);

    I could go on and on all day about this.

    I have to say something like 'no, unless you follow the company policy' to customers multiple times a day, but I manage to do it in a way that (1) educates the customer, (2) gives them a positive experience of dealing with a freindly and cooperative company representative – and they do recommend my employer as a result of interacting with me, regularly.

    Some customers choose to take it up a notch and try to push against a clearly deifined company policy or be persistent/rude, but there is a policy in place for that, too ;). However, nobody has ever had the reason to refer to me as 'witch' ;)

    I hope that somebody at Roundy's corporate office is reading these blogs, because the whole chain has got A LOT to learn about educating employees on the subject of good customer service and on how using coupons is NOT ripping off the store, but rather brining in cusomers who would otherwise have been shopping at Aldi (me, for instance, if it was not for the Double Daze, I'd be going to Aldi instead, they are much, much cheaper ;)

  28. says

    Ellen – I agree; that is what the policy states. You can always just ask the cashier to scan the coupons anyway and state that you don't mind if they don't double.

    The cashier should accept the coupons on ANY transaction whether or not they double.

    • ellen says

      so let's say i told her that it is ok not to double, and then the cashier saw it doubled and then manually changed the coupon value so it won't double. Like $1 value is keyed in as .50. What do you do then ? You just lose the doubled value right ? since you can't argue anymore. Might as well get more items to reach the $25.

      • Sue says

        It's really not ok for them to change the value of a manufacturers coupon to half so the other half is taken as a store coupon.They are changing the value of the coupon. I had a problem with one cashier doing this. I sent an email, got a response saying cashiers were not supposed to do this and they'd talk to them about it. I haven't had a problem since. It is wrong from an accounting stand, as manufacturer coupons are accounted for differently than store coupons. It really messes things up when the coupon is for a taxable item because with the store

      • Sue says

        Oops, hit submit before I was done. Store coupons reduce the amount of sales tax you pay, but manufacturer ones don't so if they enter a manufacturer coupon as a store coupon you aren't paying the correct sales tax and that is illegal for the store to do.

      • sarah says

        I had someone do this to me at the EP rainbow and I'm glad you pointed this out. I'm fairly certain that she did this because she did not want me to go to CS and claim the value of the doubled coupon. (It said DND but it did double) I will complain in that case, because I'm sure I'm not the only one she does it to.

  29. says

    Cheryl – Midwest Coupon Clippers/Wisconsin Coupon Clippers is the same website (I believe it used to be Wisconsin Coupon Clippers). They probably mentioned it on their Facebook page.

  30. says

    Kris – The official policy is $25 off of sale prices and AFTER store coupons but BEFORE tax and manufacturer's coupons.

    However, many people have found that the $25 is calculated off of shelf prices before any discounts are applied. Like I said below, though, I wouldn't argue since that's the official policy. If it does work, I consider myself lucky. :)

  31. Tracy says

    On the Kraft Cheese that is 3/$6.00 do we have to purchase 3 to get the $2.00 price or could I just purchase one of them and the price would be $2? I don't see anything about having to purchase a certain amount to get the $2 price but I'm just double checking.

  32. Terri G says

    that would be so cool if it is true for March 2 double double daze although I hope they have another unlimited soon.

  33. Sue says

    Here is the reply I received from Rainbow. It was in April 2011, and I haven't had a single problem since then.

    Thank you for your comments regarding the double coupon program at Rainbow Foods. We are happy to hear that you enjoy the program. The $25 requirement is on the regular retail price. When you spend $25 in a transaction (regular retail value) before taxes and after scanning your rewards card, Rainbow will double up to 5 coupons valued at no more than $1 each. I have made the organization aware of your concerns. In regards to cashiers making their own judgement on doubling coupons, I have confirmed that cashiers have not been instructed to make their own judgement. We have asked the customer service manager at the store to address this issue with the cashiers at the Rainbow in Maplewood. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for shopping at Rainbow Foods!

    • says

      For all those who've wondered – Roundy's typically runs Double Double Daze promos for teh few weeks before Thanksgiving, then again at Christmastime, then again right before Easter (as evidenced by the one coming up…and I'd expect others before Easter), then again around Memorial Day and the 4th of July. Basically, they time then to the holidays where Americans spend extra at the grocery store to try and lure customers away from the competition.

  34. Lizabeth says

    Has anyone else had trouble with checking out more than two orders or $25 at a time. Recently at the Rainbow in Woodbury the sales person told me that I could not do more than two orders at a time. Does this apply to all Rainbow stores now?

  35. Tracy says

    Lizabeth, I shop at Copp's but my Copp's has an unwritten rule to stick to 2 orders at a time at the regular checkouts. I either stick to 2 or go to the scans if I have 3 orders. Since my store has 4 uscans I haven't have any issues of holding anyone else up. If I'm at a regular checkout and a line starts forming behind me I will do 2 orders and then go to the back of the line. IF it is really busy and their is only one checker I offer to go to the back of the line after each order. Normally they say that's fine to do the rest because I'm usually organized and so I'm quick at the check-out.

  36. JLA says

    Even though it was $6.99 / lb, with the BOGO and $2 off ($1 off, then doubled) it's a pretty good deal for the tenderloin from what I typically see. However, I was at the Rainbow off Hwy 55 and 24 tonight and the register wasn't accepting the $1 off coupon even though it was from an insert – not printed – and I was only using one, not an extra for the freebie. She eventually accepted it but they're real sticklers at that store even if you buy the exact right product(s) and follow all the rules.

    • Tracy says

      I don't think those coupons will ever work because the weight label upc code is different for each of them. So how can it match up then? I'm glad she saw you got the right item though and pushed it through.


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