Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Shopping List 2/10 – 2/16/13

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save’s) coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week?


  1. Sue says

    On-Going Deal:

    Maruchan Yakisoba $1.19 regular price

    $0.50/1 in 2/10 Smart Source (exp. 3/31)

    $0.19 after doubled coupon

  2. Jenny says

    Since there is such a huge difference thus week between the St Paul and MPLS paper can you make sure to note which paper the coupons are in. St Paul has 37 different coupons than the MPLS and they are high value ones. MPLS has 18 different coupons that are not so high in value Luke the Oreos cookie coupons it's 1.00off 2 in the MPLS and 1.00 off 1 in the St Paul.

  3. Dee says

    There is a coupon on coupons.com for publixs for 1.00 off of 2 red gold tomatoes will that work at rainbow it would make them .19 a can after double…

  4. Nancy says

    Hi everyone. Do they have gift cards value for lower than $50? If so would I be able to buy multiple gift cards to reach $50 and get the $10 back or does it have to be a $50 gift card? Thank you.

  5. Rachel says

    Does anyone else have trouble printing Smartsource coupons lately (when they didn't before)? It says I need to install Java, but when I do, it says the file is corrupt. I have IE 9 and Mozilla Firefox. Thanks!

    • Sue says

      I've been having problems lately too. It tells me I need to install Java. I've installed it probably 4 times over the past couple of weeks. Still doesn't work.

      • Trinity says

        Same for me!! I've never had issues in the past, but recently, I can't print out any smartsource whatsoever. I've updated the Java plenty of times and still no luck. :(

        • Martha says

          We had this issue a while back my nephew the computer guy worked on it for us turns out one of our it was related to our Firefox upgrade. He fixed it maybe this gives you a starting point.

    • Katherine says

      I think you may be right, it was not $5.50 on Saturday in Eagan, so I didn't do that deal. It was back up to $7 or $8 something.

  6. Amanda says

    Did anyone use the $1/1 Huggies Wipes coupon this past Double Double Daze? Just wondering if it doubled so I can plan this weeks list. Thank you!

  7. GinaG says

    I just want to say Thank you so much for these lists. I took part in Saturday's double double daze and it was the first time I broke my order into 3 transactions. I ended up spending only $0.66 for $85 worth of groceries! I was so excited and my grandma who benefited from the yogurt :) couldn't believe it.

    • says

      That is awesome! It seems like the more I plan my trip to spend the least mount…the more likely it is that I am not able to find the sale items on my list!

      I am impressed!

      Any suggestions or tips on how you planned your trip?

    • Trinity says

      I agree with Jennifer. I had well planned out trips but there were quite a few hiccups though. It's okay for the most part. I spent a bit more than I would have liked but it'll happen I suppose. It was my first time doing a DDD. I didn't realize how aggressive some other couponers were… so next time, I know. lol.

      I'd love to see your breakdown!! How in the world did you get your 85.00 bill down to .66 only?!!! Very impressive!!

  8. Nancy says

    Hi everyone. Last Saturday I had problems with my Lipton Brisk Iced Tea 2 liter. It was ringing up $1.99 not $1.25. And my Pns didn't have any sale sign up so I thought that maybe they just forgot to put it up but it was disappointing because I wanted to get a couple of them. The only Lipton or Brisk that was on sale was the 128 oz jug of Lipton for $2.99 each. So I did not get the 2 liters because they were $1.99. :(((((((

    • mary says

      Nancy – I see it on Rainbow's website for $1.69 on sale and the regular price is $1.99. I updated the list. Thanks for your comment.

  9. kimm says

    They have Applebee's for $25 and $50. $25 works perfect for Monday evening $5.00 burgers….a family of 4, 4 burgers, 1 soda and tax = $24.00

  10. Zach says

    FYI- Wholly salsa is no longer quite so amazing of a deal. They are now $2.49 on the low end at least at the Eagan store. So it's as low as $0.49 with the doubled coupon.

  11. Terri G says

    Thanks Mary I got the coupon I was thinking I had to register my email address to get the coupon. Yahoo! $.49 Lays Chips.

  12. Lydia says

    The Beechnut fruities coupon says that I have already printed it, which I did many months ago…is anyone else having problems with this?

  13. Tricia says

    My heart goes out to the family who lost their 10yr old boy in the parking lot of the Oakdale MN, Rainbow last night, due to a random shooting near by. May God bring peace to everyone who loved and knew him, especially his mother who was also injured in the shooting.

  14. Sue says

    Shouldn't these be $0.69 each after doubled coupon?:

    Purina Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats $1.69 (regular price)

    $1/2 Purina Friskies Cat Treats or Whisker Lickin’s Cat Treats Packages from 12/2 Smart Source insert (exp 3/2)

    Final price: As low as free after coupon

  15. Intchina says

    2 pick n save stores I go to have the 2.49 price for wholly salsa, and one has the 1.99 price. There may be another store by you that still has the 1.99 salsa.

  16. Sue says

    The $1/1 Glade Product printable link takes you to a Right at Home page that says:

    We're sorry. This page is no longer a working page on our site.

  17. scat says

    I had that problem for several weeks. NO matter what I did, I kept getting the message that I had to install Java, even though I had it. Then a couple of days ago, I got the message to install it and I went through the whole process again and it finally worked. I had tried it both on chrome and IE and when it finally worked it was on chrome.

    So just keep trying.

  18. Sue says

    I just finally got it! I've been trying for weeks or more with no success, but I really wanted that Lay's coupon! I did a search and found a program called Microsoft Fix It. It worked for me!

  19. Michelle Ahrens says

    The coupon for the Wheat Thins takes me to the Twitter page. Is there something I need to do – or where do I find the coupon? Thanks.

  20. Zach says

    I was happy to see that the milk coupon from last week applied $4 even when the milk is cheaper (Roundy's milk is $2.50 w/in-ad coupon).

    • drew says

      Yeah, the free milk Q from GM cereal deals usually works that way.

      When it is a kellogs deal, the cashier is forced to enter the amount.

  21. says

    Christine – Good question. I'm not a soda drinker so I'm probably not the one to ask. I have heard others here say that the soda taste differently than the name brands you buy at the store, so you need to confirm that you actually like the taste. I've never done a cost comparison, but your question makes me think that it would be a good TV segment at some point in time :)

  22. Zach says

    The S&W Beans were $1.29-1.39 at the Eagan store and not $1.09 as noted above. Anyone see the lower price at other stores? Still a good value with the doubled $1/2 coupon, but not quite so amazing.

  23. Cindy says

    Curiosity from 2 wks ago there was a post for the emergen-c for $10 & paired with the $6 mail-in rebate. Is that the Pfizer rebate that has Dimatapp & Advil Congestion, etc? I read the form & it doesn't state emergen-c on there or was there a different rebate for the same amount?

  24. GinaG says

    Here was the breakdown – This is not a normal shopping trip, but I loved it!!!

    Transaction 1 – 4 Glade scent & plug in warmers – with 4 $1 coupons = free

    2 chapstick – with 1 $1/2 coupons = free

    1 Excedrin Migraine – $1/1 coupon = free

    4 Activia yogurt – $1/1 coupon = free

    This transaction total after doubled coupons came to $.40 plus I got a $3 cat for the glade products

    Transaction 2 – 2 Knorr creamy garlic pasta – $.50/2 coupon = $1 cost

    – 4 glade scent & plug in warmers – $1/1 coupon = free

    – 2 Excedrin Migraine – $1/1 coupon = free

    – 3 Activia yogurt – $1/1 coupon = free

    – Roundy's Butter – $1.98 for 1lb coupon = $1.98

    This transaction total after double coupons and $3 cat from transaction #1 was $0.26 plus I got another $3 cat from the glade products

    Transaction 3 – 4 ortega taco seasonsings – $1/2 coupon = free

    – 2 Franks Hot Sauce – $.75/1 coupon = free

    – 6 chapstick – $1/2 coupon = free

    – 2 excedrin Migraine – $1/1 coupon = free

    – 2 pillsbury crescent rolls – $1/2 coupon = free

    – Roundy butter – $1.98 coupon = $1.98

    – 2lbs of bananas = $1.06

    This transaction total after doubled coupons and $3 cat was $0.

    I also used the $.05 bag refund 1 for each transaction.

    • Melissa W. says

      One of my cousins got one for Christmas. They said you have to adjust the amount of syrup to get the right flavor. They both like theirs a little differently.

  25. says

    Purchase 3 Pillsbury products and get free eggs — final price is listed as low as $1 each. With available coupons I can not figure out how to get down to that price.

    • drew says

      I believe the Pillsbury products are $2 each, with no limit on quantity.

      So if you bought 4, using 2 of the $1/2 Qs it would be $1 each plus eggs.

  26. drew says

    But Rainbow probably only has a dozen cans of each, so they will most likely be gone before I get there!

    I like it when the coupon booklets are good for 2 weeks, it seems like most shoppers use the Qs the first week, giving the store time to restock.

  27. Sue says

    There was a flyer in Rainbow today when I went – 48 Hour Coupon Craze

    Coupons are:

    Bananas $0.38/lb

    Chicken Leg Quarters $0.68/lb.

    Oscar Mayer Meat Franks $0.98 (I don't see this coupon: $0.55/1 Oscar Mayer Classic Beef Franks or Classic Wieners printable – is it gone?)

    Porterhouse Steaks $6.88/lb.

    Roundy's Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns $0.88

    Roundy's Sugar 4 lb. $1.48

    • Tracy says

      Sue, I'm not finding the $0.55/1 Oscar Mayer Hotdog coupon on coupons.com BUT I did find a $1/1 Oscar Mayer Hotdog coupon on Cooking with Kraft! http://cookingwithkraft.com/ It does state Redeem at Publix BUT not redeem ONLY at Publix. And it's a manufacturers coupon. (They top 2 bread coupons wyb on that page those are Publix only coupons) This will get us FREE hotdogs without having to use a double spot!!

  28. Tracy says

    PS I had touble printing the Kraft coupons with Internet Explorer. I had to use Firefox. Not sure if it is just an issue with my coupon??

  29. Laura says

    Java and Firefox are still not playing well together from everything I've been reading at Mozilla. Firefox is saying Java has security issues and has disabled it by default. I had to disable all add on's in Firefox, uninstall all previous versions of Java and then download the latest Java update. Then enable add on's again. This seems to be working for me for the time being.

  30. Kristin says

    I just noticed that Coupon Network has a Trop50 coupon 50¢/1 good through 4/13. Copp's has had a store flyer coupon for $2.88 pretty frequently (including this week) so that would be $1.88 for a 89oz jug.

  31. Lana says

    I went to Rainbow today and purchased the InnovAsian Frozen Entree at $4.88 and had the printed $1.50off coupon. Off course I understand the coupon would not be doubled but was told that the Apple Valley would not accept any internet coupon for over $1. I called the Rainbow customer service and she stated that this is Roundy policy. Anyone else encountered this? I read thru their policy on the website and did not see any information on this.

    • Tracy says

      Janice, Ibotta is just good so far at Pic N Save so if your shopping at Rainbow or Copp's you won't get the Ibotta deposit.

      • Janice M says

        Very true!

        I saw that you mentioned the Ibotta savings with the "Keebler Cookies or Crackers or Kellogg’s Bars or Fruit Snacks $1.98" listing, so thought I'd add the Del Monte savings with Ibotta, too.

        So weird that the other Roundy's divisions are not included in Ibotta.

  32. Janice M says

    Glad Food Storage Product printable after registering

    I cannot get access to the coupons. I have registered multiple times, but the coupon page offers me only "Join Us" and links me to the registration page. Any ideas?

  33. says

    Heather – It depends on how often you need it. I usually just wait for the pouches to go on sale and then use a doubled coupon to get it for free or nearly free, but my family doesn't eat a lot of tuna. I would recommend checking Aldi's everyday price for the variety you like and then try to beat that.

  34. says

    Lana – That is an old policy (at least two years ago, I think) so I don't know why the cashier and even the customer service person stated that to be true. There is nothing in the current coupon policy that has this restriction.

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