Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Coupon Book 2/14 – 2/27/13

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Roundy’s shoppers, check your mailbox for a new coupon book. We’ve matched up all of those store coupons with available manufacturer’s coupons in this list.

Your turn: What other coupons did you find to go along with these store coupons?


  1. Kristin says

    Wouldn't the S&W Beans be all 3 free after booklet and doubled manufacturer coupon? 3/$1.98 (booklet) – $2/2 doubled MF coupon = 3/$0

    • Sarah says

      Mine were free and I bought 4 cans with 2 MF coupons. Wish I would have worked it differently as I lost part of the value of my doubled coupon as I looked at my receipt!

      My Rainbow (Maple Grove) was out of all but the black beans however.

  2. Carla says

    I have 2 of the $2 off 1 sea cuisine. do you think that the coupon from the booklet that lets me b1g1 free would work twice so i can use both $2 off coupons?

  3. Janice M says

    Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges

    On a cardboard in-the-aisle display, there was a tear-off pad with Laughing Cow coupons, $1 off 2 (x 4/30).

  4. Katrina says

    I'm wondering…..I have the buy one get one free Hormel Marinated Pork Filet coupon from Rainbow, and I was wondering, can i use two different manufacturer's coupons with this? I mean, I have one that I cut out of the coupons in the paper, $1.00 off one, expires 4/8/13, and one that I printed off online, $1.00 off one, expires 3/19/13. If I'm buying two with the buy one get one free, shouldn't they accept two manufacturer coupons with this? It's still a good deal if I can just use one manufacturer coupon, but I'd love to use two. Thanks.

    • Katrina says

      I just saw it on another product. I guess Roundy's prohibits using a coupon on the item you get free on a buy one get one deal. So, no I can only save $1 not $2. Bummer. But it's still worth it.

      • vudolo0 says

        I was able to use my $2/1, & $1/1 SEAPACK coupons on the BOGO deal. I just made sure to hand them all my manufacturer coupons first before any of the booklet ones. It worked fine.

  5. Carla says

    It worked! I bought 4 packages of sea cuisine, used my 2 coupons for $2 off 1, and then handed over the store coupon and it took off $6.99 twice! I paid $9.98 for $27.96 worth of yummy, frozen seafood! This is the only fish my husband will eat and my 3 year old daughter loves it too.

  6. Katrina says

    Just wanted to share that I went to Rainbow today to use my coupons, was not able to use two manufacturer coupons on the buy one get one free pork product, but still, I saved $10.23 on that. Plus, I had a coupon for the 12 count Quilted Northern product (can't recall the sale price on the coupon), but there was a sign up that said due to the extreme popularity of this, they were experiencing a shortage of that exact product. They allowed people to use that coupon (same price) for two other types of Quilted Northern, and so I took the larger 18 count product, and still got to use the coupon, so I ended up saving a bunch there too, I think $6.80 or so. Total savings in the end on the toilet paper and the pork loin was $17.54. I've only recently started getting more serious about using coupons, so this was exciting for me.

  7. Shawnee says

    Purchasing the Gerber Good Start baby formula (on sale for $19.98) will trigger a Catalina coupon for $8 off of Enfamil formula! You can purchase 1-8 jugs, per store coupon, but I believe only 1 coupon will print, even if you purchase 8.

    Also, there are 2 coupons available For Gerber formula at http://www.couponnetwork.com.

  8. JT says

    Something happened to me too with this deal and I have to make sense of my receipt. Pic N Save is making so many mistakes on receipts it is getting old. The biggest is that you put your card in and for some reason, the registers didn't apply it. Instead of the clerk questions why the coupons don't double, they put them thru manually, only to find out that all the prices are off. Really watch clearance items as one of two don't register correctly. I got charged .20 more per pound on apples lately. The buy 1/get 1 freee fish sticks never ring up correctly, and you don't get the second one free. Happened three times to me, and I keep bringing it up….so many would have gotten overcharged on that deal so read your receipts carefully, and know that Pic N Save has a double back the error policy so ask for it in the hopes this stuff stops.

  9. says

    Katrina – Thanks for sharing! Roundy's coupon policy does not permit you to use a coupon on an item you get free in a buy 1, get 1 free sale (that's what happened with the pork offer). Very cool about the Quilted Northern deal, though!

  10. says

    Laura – Yes, it is. Sometimes you can get a better deal at Menards since they sell a 50 lb. bag rather than a 40 lb. bag, but this is the deal I usually get when we're running low.

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